Crap! Crap! Crap!

Not again.

I am so tired of these anti-social little pismires shooting up places before they have the common decency and courtesy to off themselves.

Matter-of-fact, the only thing I am more tired of, is the droning, bleached, I’m-pretending-to-give-a-damn pundits who are going to come out of the woodwork like beetles after carrion so that they may have their 15 seconds of fame blaming someone on national TeeVee.

Except the shooter, of course.

Oh, some’ll blame the guns. Trust me, Little Sarah One Note and her cronies are probably rubbing their pedipalps and giggling right now. And others will blame the gun manufacturers. Still others will solemnly blame society for not FEE-EEE-ling enough, or properly, or whatthehellever. Video games will catch their share, as will pornography, and whatever the hell else they can think of.

Doesn’t anyone ever blame the critter? Is there no one to stand forth and say: “I figgered as much. Thought he was a bad ‘un from the git go. Boy needed killin’.”

No. Hundreds of plastic-faced news anchors and reporters will solemnly intone about this “Good kid. Had some problems, but he was an angel.”

Bushwa. Bushwa, bushwa, bushwa.

If Mama’s little angel walks into a public area and starts shooting people for no good reason, you can bet your last bippy on two things: 1) Someone, somewhere at some time saw the demon inside the little bastard and chose not to do anything about it; and

2) The little sonuvabitch isn’t going to go start shooting people at the local gun show, Knob Creek, the local SWAT training facility, CHL class, LFI range, or anywhere else that someone is going to put a bullet between his running lights just as soon as he gets stupid.

Now let us discuss two things this isn’t:

1) This isn’t a “Cry for help”. Bushwa. A “Cry for help” is putting your godsdamned paw in the air and saying, “Help.” A “Cry for help” is walking into your local Crisis Center and screaming for help. A “Cry for help” is calling 911 and getting stupid, so that those of us who volunteered for violence can come discuss your fecking issues — away from innocents.

2) This isn’t a “suicidal gesture”. Bushwa. A “suicidal gesture” is going and taking a flying leap off a deserted bridge somewhere. A “suicidal gesture” is eating your sodding pistol in a motel room somewhere. A “suicidal gesture” is getting stupid with the Law on a deserted road somewhere and we have to shoot your dumb arse — away from innocents.

This act was craven, and cowardly, and contemptible. And for all that — and more — it doesn’t stoop nearly as far as those who are going to use this act and those dead folks as political fodder to advance their own agendas.

I weep with those who lost family today.

I hope the critter who pulled this stunt is roasting right now.

As for those who play The Blame Game, and those who feast on this for gain: Nothing but the back of my hand to you.


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11 thoughts on “Crap! Crap! Crap!”

  1. Wasn’t it something like this that got the Texas legislator (her parents were killed in a restaurant shooting) to push the concelaed carry law there?
    I’m in Colorado and have CO and FL carry permits; I stay out of CA, but – unfortunately – have to be in NJ at least twice a year. I really don’t want to wind up in a Newark jail.

  2. Especially in California, where it is virtually impossible to get a CCW permit in many areas.

    ( rates San Luis Obispo county, where the Denny’s is located, as ‘very difficult to obtain’. Most counties north of it are red- impossible to obtain.)

  3. I guess it’s a good thing that the Brady Bunch rated California as an A- in their “gun safety” ratings. Sure makes me feel safer when in California.

  4. Meanwhile, in my home state of Louisiana, an elderly man with a neckbrace was able to come to the aid of a police officer who was being attacked and beaten for making a routine traffic stop in Baton Rouge. He was able to take his concealed weapon, tried to just injure the assilant w/ the frist couple shots to get him off the officer, but when the idiot would stop beating the officer, he shot him in the head.

    I’m not saying that allowing concealed handguns would have prevented this act, however, it certainly coudln’t have hurt just in case the same change one of those potential carriers would have been inside that resturant.

  5. People don’t always see this coming, especially in the case of a sociopath. I’m sorry for his mother because she’s going to go through a lot of pain over this. I’m also sorry for the victims who were injured, one way or another. I’m sorry that the shooter is the way he is, but now there’s not much that can be done for him. The real problem is that society doesn’t see that as fact, and fails to provide us with a way to just put him down, the same way we have to put down a rabid dog. No one enjoys shooting the family pet, but it has to be done.

  6. Speaking of the state report cards, I did a little stat research myself. Here are a few fun facts:

    The “A” states run ahead of the “F” states in certain gun related crimes by 230%.

    Now, granted, the antis are at a disadvantage with the PRC with its 35 million inhabitants. But if they want to use raw numbers in their fact sheets, those numbers can work against them, too.

    But even from a POV of percentages, those that committed crimes with firearms make up about .01% of all the firearms owned in the U.S. Criminals in general make up for less than 1% of the total U.S. population.

    So you see, the Bradys are taking the usual liberal tack, but at a rather sinister angle: penalize the majority for the sake of a measly few.

  7. For those of you that didn’t notice, there were two more Denny’s shootings in CA in the same week- one was a bar brawl that migrated to Denny’s in gang territory, the other was basically a copycat crime.

    My previous statement still stands.

  8. Actually, it’s “he was quiet and pretty much kep to himself” when the neighbor finds out his next door neighbor is a serial(not cereal) killer. Also, the press is reporting that the guy in this story was homeless and off his meds. Welllll…don’t we know where to start kicking butts and fixing up the town, then.

    Kiki b.

  9. Video games are to blame as well. Im an officer and always carry just to be prepared for just this type of situation

  10. I’m a California resident. I understand that in all of Los Angeles County, with several MILLION residents, there are four–count ’em, four–CCW permits. I wish I lived in a civilized place like Texas. Sigh.


  11. To anonymous regarding video games…40yoa, active player in many online violent games. Yep, I shoot, stab, punch, and generally blow the living beshizzle out of many folks’ characters on a Friday night. I’m also an ex-LEO in FL, and guess what? It doesn’t translate into my reality.

    LawDog is right… some folks just need to be dealt with earlier in life, and meet their maker sooner than expected.

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