Low Intensity Conflict

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The U.S.-Mexican border has always been a violent place. Any meeting place between two different cultures is always a rough, chaotic area.

Friends tell me that in the last couple of years, the border has gotten worse. Used to be, there were rules.

Not many rules, true. And those rules were formed and forged by the people in the area, and everyone knew these rules and followed them.

Not any more.

I’ve got people who have seen this kind of thing before telling me that the U.S.-Mexico border has turned into a classic Low Intensity Conflict. There are folks down there – both local law enforcement and citizens – who are buying camoflage clothing and asking around for advice regarding weapons and training in the use of said weapons.

That’s bad enough, Gentle Readers, but things are going to get worse. We’ve got the local citizenry getting fed up, while very vocal, very influential, very loud special interest groups have taken notice of the border problem, yet at the same time our Government refuses to take notice of same.

You know what this a recipe for? Yes. You do.

Take one Low Intensity Conflict. Add several cups of Powerful Special Interest Group. Season with Irritation from Local Citizens. Bake slowly under Federal Government Disinterest.

Voila! I give you a High Intensity Conflict.

That’s military-speak for a war, people.

If Congress and the Executive Branch don’t get a grip on this thing right now, we’re going to have a full-blown blood war on our hands with the next five to ten years.

And, speaking from extensive personal experience, when your local good citizens start militarizing, you’re a hellua lot closer to the five year mark than you are the ten.

That’s LawDogs Gloomy Prediction for the day.


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  1. Unfortunately, I agree with you. I almost want to move away from here just so I’ll be farther from the front lines.

  2. I kinda got it in my mind that we’re about two years into the five year grace period. If someone doesn’t pull Dubya’s head out of his ass, it could get really interesting a lot sooner than folks think.

    Gerry N.

  3. Well how many illegals are in the states…how many are in your state…how many are in your town…how many are goin to take the american side over the mexican…? this is but one reason I have more guns then i can carry. ARMy THY NEIGHBOR. in all seriousness this sounds like a “tense” situation that is having the lid screwed down even tighter. I know that the minute men are calling in more illegals then the cops can pick up so when does it become a civic duty to stop those people from coming in? I am afraid that people will say (the dumb ones not the smart ones.) that its not your duty to stop anyone from coming into the country. now if i see 3 people carrying a damn nuke warhead accross my land im killin them. plain and simple and how do you know the ones that the cops dont pick up and its not your civic duty to stop are not here to sight see but to bomb something/someone??? I hate to sound parinoid but i would rather have a closed border and let anyone who wants to watch it and if they see someone crossing with weapons shoot first ask later.

  4. Recently they had a state government meeting here in Oklahoma City on what to do about all the illegals coming in/through the area. They had to post armed guards at the doors because of all the illegals & family protesting and threatening.

    First: we’re several hundred miles from the border, and they’re that bad here? Second: why wasn’t INS there asking for ID and hauling away every illegal in the crowd?

    I don’t doubt it’s that bad and getting worse on the border itself.

  5. “why wasn’t INS there asking for ID and hauling away every illegal in the crowd?”

    The Hispanic vote. It’s growing every day, and if they caught wind of an INS roundup at forums such as this (and they would, it’d be all over the front page of every major paper in the Southwest) all hell would break loose. What it would mean in terms of which party would benefit from that backlash, well, I have an idea, and that idea is what makes me think it’s all about the politics. I have been known to be wrong before, though.

  6. What good is the Hispanic vote when illegals aren’t supposed to vote? Besides, don’t those legally in the country despise those who didn’t “stand in line” like they did? Or am I being naieve here?

    The citizens of Washington state recently had some success when some local bloggers widely publicized the state government’s assistance to illegals in the form of IDs.

    More citizen activity is called for here.

    Here in Virginia we have citizens actively disrupting day-labor pick-up points by taking photographs of laborers and the vehicles picking them up. It’s not much, but it’s something.


  7. “don’t those legally in the country despise those who didn’t “stand in line” like they did?”

    Well, one would think so, but apparently many legal Hispanics don’t really ike the idea of tougher immigration laws. I can’t understand why…I’d see pandering to the illegal aliens as an insult to me and all the other people who waited in line and obeyed the laws to get in here. I would think it has more to do with racial loyalties than anything else. You know how strong those are. And, of course, it’s made that much worse by the special-interest groups such as LULAC, La Raza, etc. Somebody damn sure better pull Dubya’s head out of his ass, because I sure don’t see him doing it on his own volition…

  8. The problem isn’t only dubya. It’s those spineless b@st@rds in congress. They only think of political power, not what’s best for the country. They haven’t for decades.

  9. Dubya isn’t going to do a thing. Why should he? He isn’t up for re-election, and there isn’t any money in closing the border to Mexico. The politicos in Congress the billiam speaks of are only interested in getting re-elected and making more money for themselves. I wouldn’t count on them to help out.

    To try and give Congress a little credit, I don’t think that many Congress critters actually believe the problem is as bad or as serious as it is. Case in point, until they saw the video, most didn’t believe that the cops in New Orleans were confiscating firearms. Seeing is believing, I guess.

    I’m interested in anything Firehand would like to add about the meeting in Oklahoma City, armed guards and such.

  10. Its prolly gonna take a full on battle between some illegals and some locals before the feds get involved. And then they will prolly come down on the locals for defending themselves and their country (no I don’t care who fired first the people of this country shootin people illegal in this country is self defence every time)

  11. Well, on Thursday, there will be an official ‘strike’ of illegal aliens who will not report for work here in Milwaukee.

    THAT should be interesting.

  12. If it’s too difficult for anti-illegal immigration activists to stop aliens directly, then they should try to picket and protest the employers of said illegal aliens. Try to get laws passed that punish those businesses and people. That should be a lot easier than stopping aliens directly.

    (I think there’s someplace in the U.S. that already has a law like this, but I can’t remember where.)

  13. “don’t those legally in the country despise those who didn’t “stand in line” like they did?”

    dunno about any other legal immigrants, but i sure as heck do.

    i realize that some sort of amnesty might end up being the only practicable, realistic way of dealing with the mess (how do you evict and keep out several million people, anyways? the logistics of transporting them alone would be a major project, wouldn’t it?), but it still sticks in my craw to think of it. i spent years in the INS’ bureaucracy, and those guys just sneak across overnight and get something for nothing… it irks me, but what can you do?

  14. …of course, reading on downwards in the comments a bit, i realize i should have mentioned i’m not a Hispanic legal immigrant. i came from elsewhere, and in the context of discussion, that matters. sorry for any confusion.

  15. LawDog dead on analysis. Long time sine the rysher forums good to see you putting pen to paper.


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