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Note that the kidnapped peaceniks were rescued in a raid conducted by Coalition – read American – military forces.

Contrast this with the press release by the Christian Peacemeaker Team High Command:

See anything kind of missing in that there little press release? Like, maybe any mention of the military role?

No, according to Peacenik HQ their peaceable yutzes were “released”. Kind of gives the impression that Johnny Terr saw the light, joined in a chorus of “Kumbayah”, opened the gates and let the pacifistic granola gambol away with nary a care in the world, doesn’t it?

Now, granted, technically said granola was “released”, but one must admit that when captured bad guys are interrogated, intelligence is gathered, and knuckle-dragging kids with great big guns and bigger balls wind up kicking in the door and escorting unlawfully detained folks to safety, the word “rescued” fits the bill better.

However, let us not forget that we are speaking of pacifists here. To admit that the hated military pulled their peacenik heads off the chopping block is just too big of a pill to swallow.


George Orwell is reputed to have said: “People sleep peaceably in their beds only because rough men stand ready in the night to do violence on their behalf.”

A simple concept, and so very true. Let us tweak it a bit:

Pacifists are able to believe as they do only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

One of these days I’m going to get a pacifist to admit to the truth of that, at which time I will probably expire from sheer astonishment.

Don’t get me wrong. The Christian Peacemaker Teams live in a cotton-candy pink-ish fuzzy-bunny happy land, and I do not begrudge them this. Reality is a brutal, nasty, unfair place, and it isn’t for everyone.

I wouldn’t mind, however, if Christian Peacemaker Team HQ might see fit to offer a tiny tip of the hat to the kids who knowingly went in harms way to pull three granola pacifist asses out of the metaphorical fire.

I wouldn’t think a tiny bit of gratitude would be out of place in Fuzzy Bunny Happy Land.

Hah! I made a funny! Sometimes I slay me.



Great Jumping Horned Toads! Peacenik HQ has edited their press release!

“Our hearts are filled with joy today as we heard that Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember have been safely released in Baghdad.”

Has been changed to:

“Our hearts are filled with joy today as we heard that Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember have been freed safely in Baghdad.”

Those wanting to read the original, unaltered press release can read it here:

That is, you can read it until the Department of Truth at Peacemaker HQ remembers which publications they sent the original release to.


Tinfoil poisoning.

7 thoughts on “Meditations on pacifists”

  1. They still couldn’t find it in their tiny shrivelled hearts to say those two magic words…makes you wonder if they had a mother, and what that mother would think of their manners.

    “Thank you, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and even Coasties, for standing between US and THEM…and for saving those who wouldn’t have lifted a finger (except the middle one) if you were in trouble.”

    They proved again they aren’t anti-war, they are anti-American, anti-military, and anti-freedom.

    Doug in Colorado

  2. Lawdog … it’s distressing to see that the peaceniks can’t even find it in themselves to thank those who rescued their members. I suppose it would be too much to admit that the coalition troops are the reason that three of the four made it out alive.

    As a Canadian, I find the tone of the news item to be dishonest and self-serving. But then … what else should we expect?

  3. They finally broke down (no doubt reluctantly) and added an addendum thanking the soldiers who rescued them, noting that they had done so without firing a shot.

  4. It wasn’t just Americans who rescued them, read this:

    “The work of a secret team of Canadian soldiers, police officers, spies and diplomats in Baghdad came to a successful conclusion yesterday in a raid that rescued two Canadians and one Briton who had been held hostage for almost four months, federal officials say.

    Mounties and members of a Canadian special forces unit joined British and U.S. troops, who led in the rescue.

    The entire Canadian team, numbering at times more than 20, has been on the ground in Baghdad, working quietly since shortly after the kidnappings on Nov. 26.”

  5. “cotton-candy pink-ish fuzzy-bunny happy land”

    I’m going to add that to my liberal-baiting repertoire, if you don’t mind.

  6. I can’t stand this brand of “Pacifism”, and it’s a real blemish on the buttocks of humanity that it’s by far the most common and conspicuous kind.

    I am no pacifist, but I respect AUTHENTIC pacifists for their integrity and their courage. Yes, their courage. I think of Mahatma Gandhi. He, and the tiny minority of honorable (if misguided) pacifists around, recognize that violence happens and “pacifism” won’t stop that. Authentic pacifist journalists would have gone into harm’s way to report the truth and died unflinchingly if necessary, and fully accepted ahead of time that that’s sometimes the price of pacifism.

    The dominant species of pacifist is, quite simply, a physical and moral coward. He does is terrified of danger; does not want to deal with it; retreats from reality into a fantasy life that if only you just act peaceful, you will be okay. Now anybody who faces reality brings them to shame, and they hate them for it. They are so deep in this cowardly delusion system that they hate the people who protect them more than they hate the perpetrators they are being protected from. It’s truly revolting. It’s like the practicing alcoholic who has ruined his life and become a disaster to everyone in his vicinity, who refuses to admit that his own drinking is the reason for his problems; he may get mad at another drunk who steals his bottle, but the ones he truly hates are the ones who are not drinking irresponsibly and have their lives in better shape than his.

    These revolting “pacifists” even disdain the sacrifice of those who DIE so that they can have their safe comfortable irresponsible lives, sponging off those in society who face reality and put themselves in harm’s way. See how they dislike, say, old heroic stories that extol the sacrifice of soldiers and lawmen. The malign them by saying they “glorify violence.” It’s the modern amoral gorefests that do that. John Wayne and company glorify courage and sacrifice. But I could go on forever.


  7. Rather belatedly: I couldn’t agree more. The JTF2 guys, our special operators known now officially as 1st Bn Special Service Force, are some ferocious f*ckers, and if they didn’t fire a shot, it is I expect because they wanted it that way.

    A wonderful quote from this article here.

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