Pull the strings — watch them dance.

By way of the lovely Tamara from A View From The Porch, we discover this story.

For those of you who aren’t keeping score, Ms. Rachel Corrie was the brain-dead, umm – congitively-impaired, umm – what is the current term — Hero Of The Revolution? — who decided to listen to the advice of puppet-masters people who knew better than to risk their own pink skins, and knelt down in front of an Israeli bulldozer. The fact that said bulldozer was prepping to knock down a house being used to conceal a tunnel full of explosives, guns, RPG7V’s and spitball launchers not really being germaine to Little Miss Corrie’s thought processes FEE-EEL-ings.

Unfortunately, Little Miss Corrie chose to trust her companions. Which was the second worst mistake of her short life, because her little buddies then proceeded to videotape the slowly moving bulldozer as it turned Miss Corrie into crinkle-cut people patties.

Do note, Gentle Readers, the point about the bulldozer being slowly moving. (It must also be pointed out that since the bulldozer was being used in a war zone, the cab is armoured. the driver can only see out through a tiny slit, and was not able to view the area where Little Miss Corrie was placed decided to kneel. A fact that should not –and I will guarantee did not — have escaped those who planned this photo opportunity.)

Yes. Rather than taking three steps forward and jerking Little Miss Dumbass out of the way of the bulldozer, her Noble Companions decided that it was more important To The Cause instead to videotape her being killed. If they had taken the three steps and prevented her from becoming One With The Earth, it would have been, at best, a One Night Wonder. Her gruesome death is much more useful to The Cause.

Which leds us to the above referenced story. For those of you out there who aren’t as cynical as Your Scribe, the following may come as a surprise:

Those Who Chose Not To Get Sacrificed The companions of the erstwhile Little Miss Corrie have announced a memorial…

…wait for it…



Was anyone who has dealt with revolutions, insurgencies and/or subversive political movements in the past actually surprised by this? Are there any students of history, or Machiavelli fanboys, who didn’t see this one coming?

These critters were out of the news. Their cause didn’t even qualify as parrot age liner anymore. What better way to get back into the limelight than by outrage?

And do not doubt: This is outrageous. It is causing folks to wax eloquent about the insensitivity of this stunt: Girl flattened by bulldozer = pancake feed. Goodness.

The blogsphere is reverbrating with bad jokes concerning bulldozers, pancakes and Orange Crush.

All of which serves to catapult those who stood by and did nothing while a SLOW. MOVING. bulldozer crushed the life out of a sacrifical lamb, and those who ordered this to happen for the sake of The Cause, all of this punts them, and said cause, back into the public eye.

If I were running this op, I’d do the same thing.


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6 thoughts on “Pull the strings — watch them dance.”

  1. Know a good place near there that has reasonable rental rates on Bobcats?

    You know, counter protest and all that.

  2. I was over on Tam’s Porch and asked the question:
    “What is required to get the “Grand Slam Memorial”?



  3. Grand Slam… I think that requires stepping in front of a speeding convoy.

    Maybe getting yourself hosed with an M4 would gather a swiss cheese fondue party?

  4. I think the Grand Slam requires three crunchies in the same incident.

  5. Lovers of Islam Unite! – Pancakes for Mohammed, peace be upon Her

    Keep your calendars open for Sunday, March 18th, at 11 AM for the first annual Pancakes for Mohammed, peace be upon Her, Sunday Pancake Fundraiser at Dennys. This is a great way to raise money for our Islam saving cause while eating great pancakes. And remember, “Hold the sausage please!”

    For those of us who are trying to convince our Muslim brothers and sisters about the true gender of the Prophet, peace be upon Her, come out and speak up and bring a few shekels to donate. Also, be sure and bring your best drawing of the Prophet, peace be upon Her. I propose that each group vote on the best depiction of the Prophet, peace be upon Her and pay for the winning artist to eat for free.

    Now remember, drawing the Prophet with a bomb on Her head has already been done, so please, choose something else.

  6. The rite of St. Pancake happened 11 days after Abigail Litel (age 14) and 16 others were killed by a suicide bomber on a bus in Israel.

    Abigail was on her way to school and died with 8 of her schoolmates.

    Rachel Corrie was killed attempting to block a bulldozer sent to knock down a house in an Israeli campaign to eliminate tunnels allegedly used by Palestinian terrorists to illegally smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza.

    I only mourn one of them.

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