We don’t have to settle for mutant seabass after all…

Our nutty little geniuses at DARPA have created a “neural implant” that would allow engineers to do wild and wicked things to a shark’s think box by way of remote control.

Some folks figure that the DARPA boffins have been reading a skosh too much cyberpunk.


This is exactly what happens when you take three uber-geeks, one case of Ye Olde Panther Whiz, an Austin Powers DVD, and leave all of the above in a basement for the weekend.

The beta version sounds good. All sorts of detailed gobbeldy-gook about “detection capabilities”, “stealth surveillance” and other esoteric goodies.

I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that somewhere, buried in the plans, probably under a Three Letter Acronym, are designs for a “Frickin’ Laser Beam Attachment Point And Control Circuit”.

It’s there. You know it is.


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