Low Intensity Conflict, part 2.

In March, I issued a Gloomy Prediction that we’d have a full-blown shooting war on the U.S./Mexico border within five to ten years.

Today, I was paging through a copy of Guns & Ammo Combat Arms and discovered this interesting quote from Richard Venola:

“Observing illegal immigrants and their American shills at recent gun shows, and noting the violent opposition to the Minutemen, leads this observer to predict that there will be battalion-sized ops between Spanish- and English-speaking partisans within 10 years.”
Guns & Ammo Combat Arms, July Issue, page 8

“Battalion-sized”? Judas tap-dancing Priest.

While it is nice to have independent verification of something I have postulated, I wish it had been on another topic.


I’d also like to think that the U.S. government will actually do something to head off this impending war.

After all, that is what I am jolly well paying taxes for, yes? National Defense?

It may be that the U.S. government is actually naive enough not to see this coming, but if this is the case, they are too innocent to be entrusted with the keys to the treasury.

I have the awful feeling that the U.S. government sees this coming as clearly — or more clearly — than I do, and are hoping to stall it long enough to be Someone Else Problem.

Hell of a thing to dump in our kids laps, don’t you think?

Of course, the part of me that has spent the last four decades dealing with the Real World figures that most Congresscritters who are frantically trying to delay the inevitable are also hoping to make a bucket of monetary and/or political profit from those American citizens who are living in the famous cotton-candy pink-ish fuzzy-bunny happy land.


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6 thoughts on “Low Intensity Conflict, part 2.”

  1. That’s really frightening, especially when you consider that Mexico has already sent enough people across to man how many DIVISIONS? If a shooting war starts, we’ve already got millions of enemy troops behind the lines. Dang. – jhisaac1 (THR/TFL)

  2. Hard to tell reality from fiction or rabid imagination, as one reads these various notions of the future.

    As a border resident, I gotta admit to wondering about a rumor that crops up every five or ten years: “They” have plans to evacuate the rural areas within 25 miles of the border. (They who? FEMA?)

    Anybody heard this rumor? 🙂


  3. I’ve heard of the NAFTA international jurisdictional zone, where the Federales get to wave their badges around up to 50 miles inside the US, altho that should mean that the ATF and DEA could bust some skulls and burn some churches down there too. (Pls note, I said *should*; this was something I heard, geez, 10 years ago when NAFTA first reared its head. Haven’t heard much sincethen, tho.)

    I agree with Anon #1, when you’re being invaded by 10K a day does it really matter if they have guns or not, as your own gubmint doesn’t do a damn thing?

  4. I saw that myself. Could easily happen, but I don’t know about that scale.

    I also saw in that issue where France bought 250,000 SIG 2022s….

    I’m still trying to figure out why?

    Also I liked that the military is trying to buy back M14s from NATO countries and testing .45s.

    No more poodleshooters and europellets.

  5. This war obviously won’t be fought by the US army – it will be fought by American citizens in their cities, neighborhoods, streets, and homes. And I’m willing to bet that the government will STILL not let anybody fight the invaders. They will be fighting the citizens and ignoring the invaders – just hope the government doesn’t take your guns FIRST to prevent anybody from harming the poor immigrants…

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