Protestors defend carrying the Mexican flag.,2933,190831,00.html

For those of you who don’t wish to click on the link, it seems that the Mexican protestors have realized that the carrying of the Mexican flags by alleged American citizens is backfiring on them, and are currently trying their damndest to spin the facts.

Let us take a wee look at some highpoints from the above article, with commentary.

“But those who carried them [The Mexican flags], and scholars of the immigrant community, say that pride in their culture should not be misconstrued as a lack of patriotism in their adopted nation.”

That can be argued, and I’ll not second-guess what a stranger is thinking while carrying a flag.

How-bloody-ever, the burning of an American flag — as seen on national TeeVee — bloody well is a lack of patriotism. The fact that none of the so-called “patriotic” immigrants whipped the ass of the guy who set the American flag on fire is indicative of a lack of patriotism in the crowd as well.

The flying of an American flag upside-down and surmounted by a Mexican flag — as seen on national TeeVee — bloody well is a lack of patriotism. And, again, the fact that none of the on-lookers thought it appropriate to whip the ass of the guy who accomplished this, and actually actively cheered him on, speaks volumes regarding the “patriotism” of the crowd.

When a crowd pulls down and destroys a flying American flag in favour of a Mexican flag — as reported in national media — the message is sodding obvious, and no part of that message includes American patriotism.

“‘Nobody gets upset with the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day,’ said Gabriela Lemus, director of policy and legislation at the Washington, D.C.-based League of United Latin American Citizens, the group that organized most of the recent protests and is heading the dozens of marches and rallies scheduled across the nation Monday.”

Ever been to a St. Patty’s Day rally? The American flags outnumber the Irish flags by over ten to one. And those people who are carrying an Irish flag are usually proudly carrying an American flag also.

Something NOT sodding well seen at your little rallies, I might add. How bloody many American flags — you can’t count the ones that were on FECKING FIRE, either — how many non-immolated American flags did you fly?

“[The Mexican flag] definitely does not mean separation or nationalism in the sense that we want to go back to Mexico.”

I don’t give a flying fling at a rolling doughnut where you ‘want’ to go. Take your Mexican flag, and your lighter fluid, and your matches, and get your arse back to Mexico. Leave my country’s flag behind, if you please. Unburned.

Need help? Contact your local Border Patrol, or Immigrations office.

“Lemus said her organization is encouraging protesters to carry both the U.S. and Mexican flags to show their pride in both countries.

‘The American flag is a symbol of what they are trying to become — a U.S. citizen,’ she said.”

Let me get this straight: the flag that they are carrying is a symbol of what the are trying to become. So, those carrying Mexican flags are trying to become Mexicans? Fine by me.

All right, gentlemen, you heard the heifer: Anyone carrying a Mexican flag is trying to become a Mexican citizen. They can best do that in-bloody-Mexico. Toss their ingrate arses over the border.

Happy, Ms. Lemus? No? Tough.


That was a bit startling.
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5 thoughts on “Protestors defend carrying the Mexican flag.”

  1. I’m from Boston, I’ve been to 20+ St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston. If anyone ever burned an American flag at one, they’d be beaten to a pulp by the crowd.

  2. I don’t care what flag or how many, they only make a comment on themselves. However the sign of ” reconquesta ” has never been covered by anyone and it needs to be!!

  3. “How-bloody-ever, the burning of an American flag — as seen on national TeeVee — bloody well is a lack of patriotism. The fact that none of the so-called “patriotic” immigrants whipped the ass of the guy who set the American flag on fire is indicative of a lack of patriotism in the crowd as well.”

    LawDog, it seems your devotion to free speech is somewhat selective.

    Ethnic insults, even in the course of your law-enforcement duties: OK.

    Desecrating the U.S. flag, which the Supreme Court has ruled is a valid exercise of free speech: Not OK.

    Refraining from assaulting someone validly exercising his/her free speech: Also not OK.

    Look, not only do I agree with you regarding the hoisting of Mexican flags on our soil, but I do believe – as do most other people defending the right to desecrate the U.S. flag – that flag desecration is disgusting and generally uncalled-for.

    But like many other things that some other people would call disgusting – such as preaching radical religious views, marrying someone of a different race, even calling for Communism – it’s a right.

    And that means not only that the police must not actively interfere with people exercising it, but also that they owe the same – if not more – protection to those exercising it as they do to the proverbial person sitting on his front porch minding his own bidness, complete with wholesome glass of milk and Bible.

    Otherwise you have what happened in some parts of this very country just a few decades ago, where the police and sheriffs made a pretense of respecting blacks’ civil rights, and then turned the hapless blacks over to the tender mercies of the private Ku Klux Klan. (Not to mention that Klansmen often owned various town governments lock, stock and barrel back then.) Said blacks, I’m sure, were no more loved then than flag protestors are today.

    Last time I checked, in this country patriotism to a great extent a matter of remembering our forefathers’ struggles for the rights many of us take for granted today.

    Rights are not mainly for people and things that are really popular. They’re precisely for those people and things most commonly despised, but which our better selves know must be protected. Like free speech – if it was only for what most of us already agreed with, we wouldn’t need it, would we?

    Jeff Deutsch

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