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For any readers currently herding sheep in Outer Mongolia and thus have missed the news, Congresscritter Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has done gone and gotten herself into an altercation with the cops.

The Capitol Police, actually.

Seems that Ms. McKinney bypassed a security check whilst entering the Capitol building. Ms. McKinney has admittd to not wearing the security ID pin that all Congresscritters are supposed to wear to enable them to bypass security.

Things get a little murky from there.

Apparently, a Capitol Police Officer then attempted to detain the un-ID’d Ms. McKinney, at which point she dotted him one.

The Capitol Police state that the officer asked Ms. McKinney to stop not once, nor twice, but three times. When she ignored this, he moved one step up the Use Of Force Ladder and grabbed her arm.

She states that he “inappropriately touched” her.

Oh, wait, new day, he actually “body-checked” her.

Check fire, new statement, he “assaulted” her, and she was defending herself.

Sweetie, make up your addled litle mind, okay?

Of course, Ms. McKinney, being an honorable type of person, the thought of playing the Race Card ExcuseTM was the furthest thing from her mind.


I’d like to add two things from my law enforcement experience:

1) Capitol Police must be some laid-back, diplomatic type officers. Last time someone attempted to punch me when I was trying to get them to stop, said individual got arm-barred into the gravel, handcuffed, and bodily tossed into Holding.

Kudos to that officer for keeping his wits about him.

2) Every permanent security checkpoint I’ve ever manned had a least one security camera overlooking it.

I seriously doubt if the Capitol Building is any different.


Let us see the camera footage.

Camera footage of officer actions is released to the Press every day. This shouldn’t be any different.

Let the public take a look — like we did with Rodney King, like we did with Robert Davis, and like we have done with countless other officer Use Of Force videos for the past several years.

I’m sure that Ms. McKinney, having been “inappropriately touched”, err, “body-checked”, err “assaulted”, would have no problem with the video evidence of this perfidious action by Capitol Police being broadcast to the Public.



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14 thoughts on “Release the video”

  1. According to this, the video exists — and “will not be released.”

    Now, why might that be, would you imagine? I’m sure I can’t think why.

  2. If you missed her press conference, there’s a replay of her ‘speech’ on “I’m a BLACK, FEMALE, CONGRESSWOMAN!”

    Nahhh… she’s not playing the race card- is she?

  3. Puh-leeze. She’s a piece of work from way back. I knew the minute this news first hit the airwaves that she’d wind up making it about the color of her skin. It’s just too much to ask her to wear the stupid pin and/or follow instructions issued by a law enforcement officer.

    It is truly astonishing to me that this woman keeps getting herself elected.

  4. The only footage I saw of her scared the daylights out of me. She’s a congresswoman?? She looks more like she belongs in a mental institution. Actually, she looks crazier than that. Maybe we could let her room with Charlie Manson. I bet they would get along great!

    Kiki B.

  5. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that two members of the Capitol Police died trying to stop a gunman – who went past a checkpoint. So she’s attacking someone who would take a bullet for her. OldeForce

  6. I haven’t seen eyes like that since the local Fat Fe-lyin’ got stuck tryin’ to squeeze between the fence picketts into our yard.

  7. The people whut elected her are idiots. Don’t they have tar and feathers in Georgia?

  8. “Now, why might that be, would you imagine? I’m sure I can’t think why.”

    Because it probably includes important security details on one of the nation’s most important security checkpoints – the Capitol Building. Making the footage public would make Capitol security layouts public. The Capitol Police aren’t going to do that just to score political points against Crazy Cindy McKinney.

  9. I saw the McKinny rant about having to submit to security on the air the other night. She’s stupid, egotistical and mad as a hatter. This one makes every other Congress critter we’ve got look like the next salvation of the US of A by comparison, and that’s saying something. She ought to be disqualified on general principals.

  10. The Constitution contains the qualifications for Congresscritters. Nothing in there about sanity, unfortunately. Nor anything that says we have to let idiots and lunatics vote, so maybe the problem should be attacked from that end.

    On the other hand, it sounds like that punch was delivered to the policeman’s chest, with her cell phone. If she hurt the cop enough to be worth talking about, I want to know where she bought that cell phone…

  11. I have two concerns with this story; (1) who determined that Congress members are above suspicion and are discriminately given permission to avoid security devices that the rest of America are forced to endure, and (2) when will the Capitol Police arrest this woman or will she be given a pass due to being a triple qualifier (black, female, mentally handicapped)?

    Good report Lawdog! Keep us informed!

    Anony Mouse

  12. This just in……

    Asked Monday why she didn’t stop as the uniformed officer asked, McKinney framed the matter in terms of race.

    “The issue is racial profiling,” she said on CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

  13. Since you have a law enforcement experience, enlighten us:

    What does it usually mean when the cops say they are right and that they have evidence to prove it but they for some reason can’t release it?

    In your law enforcement experience what has that meant?

  14. I bet this incident is one of the reasons she was left without a job in '07.

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