Shame! Shame! Shame!

You know, when I first heard the rumors of gun confiscations in NOLA during the aftermath of Katrina, I figured it had to be part of the hysteria.

I mean, who the hell would take guns away from citizens during a full-blown, full-on collapse of society? In the middle of Deepinahearta the Southern States?

And given the number of reporters, and the wide availability of digital video recording devices, the lack of published video seemed to back up my thoughts.

Then the Patricia Konie video surfaced. That was bad, but I figured there had to be more to that savage little scene than what was readily apparent.

Boy, was I naive.

After a lawsuit by the NRA and the SAF, plus contempt of court citations, NOLA jackasses reluctantly admitted that they were in possession of a thousand-plus confiscated firearms.

Thousand. Not ‘tens’, not ‘hundreds’. Thousand.


Those knuckle-dragging, nit-witted, mouse-dicked, pea-brained, lard-arsed, desk-driving, cork-screwed little dacoits with delusions of adequacy must have been running around stealing guns at warp speed!

Did they bloody well organize shifts for this? “You , you and you: loot Wal-Mart. You, you , and you: steal guns from any citizen who’ll let you get by with it.”

That’s … that’s … I really don’t have words to express how I feel towards public servants (who are sworn to protect the citizens) stealing from those citizens their only means of protection. WHILE, I might add, LOOTING EVERY FECKING WAL-MART IN SIGHT. ON CAMERA.

Sweet evil Loki, y’all blotted your Eternal Copybook something fierce, I’m here to tell you.

And now, I find, it gets better.

After being forced — let me repeat that — after being FORCED to admit to taking lawfully-owned property (we call that ‘Stealing’ here in Texas), NOLA officials are reluctantly arranging to return said property.

As long as the owners are willing to jump through intricate and complicated hoops.

Want your lawfully-owned firearm back? Bring a bill of sale.

Bill of sale???!!! I don’t fecking well keep the receipts of the guns I’ve purchased, you sodding ignorati! My grand-father and great-grandfather didn’t keep the bills of sale to the guns they passed down to me!

And even if they did, you rat bastard sonsabitches, y’all just went through a BLOODY FLOOD! How in the name of all that is holy are the citizens supposed to find a bill of sale in a house that was UNDER 14 GODS-BE-DAMNED FEET OF WATER??!!

You buggered this whole thing into a cocked hat, YOU FIX IT. Don’t dump that responsibility on the citizens who were merely in possession of LEGAL SODDING PROPERTY.

Yes, Gentle Readers, as you might have guessed the track record of Biblical level, pure, grade-A, arse-covering, institutionalized incompetence demonstrated by the officals of NOLA in the past is holding true: it looks as though 25 people showed up to retrieve their lawfully-possessed property — and 8 received that property. 17 people did NOT get their lawful property returned to them.

What’s the difference between a pack of Rover Scouts and New Orleans?

Adult bloody leadership, that’s what.

8 people had their legal property returned. Well, hell, that only leaves a thousand or so stolen guns to be returned, doesn’t it? Sodding incompetent muckwaddles.

I swear to God, if I worked for NOLA, I’d tell my mama that I was the mop man at an adult theatre and spare her the shame of knowing one of her off-spring had fallen far enough to actually accept employment from the likes of NOLA.

Where the hell is the ATF during all this? Why the hell isn’t the ATF six feet up Nagin’s butt with a microscope like they are with gun-dealers who mislay guns?

NOLA officials should be horsewhipped around the courthouse square for this.

Shame on you. Shame on you all.


You know...
Buy one, get the next free.

31 thoughts on “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

  1. Geez, LD, I don’t think you’re angry enough.

    Honestly, your lil’ tirade there mirrors EXACTLY how a lot of us feel. Someone really should ram a ball of barbed wire up Nagin’s butt over this.

  2. Well said.

    I used to think I lived in the South to avoid that kind of crap. Oh, well…

  3. I am sorry to say that it just wasn’t the NOLA PD doing this. It was California Highway Patrol as well as National Guard soldiers from all over. This whole thing is more than a little disturbing.

    Semper Fi

  4. Keep it up, LawDog! I couldn’t have come close to saying it any better. It’s good to hear from Law Enforcement types on our side of the fence. Too many cops think they’re the only ones who should be armed. I’ve yet to read of any that refused to disarm citizens during that debacle.

  5. Agreed, everyone involved with this jackassery deserves a wuppin’. They screwed the whole thing up on so many levels that they can’t even restore a person’s property to them. Throw them in jail and lose the key.

  6. LawDog, I was the one of the first people to post about the National Guard also doing confiscations, from about 4 days after Katrina on. No media coverage, no newspapers, nothing. My posts on Geek’s site reflect the lack of coverage. I was the ONLY one posting about it a week later (see archives) A close friend, “G” is an Army Guard officer who was on the ground in N.O. 4 days after Katrina. I spoke with him every other day or so for several weeks, and listened to him agonize about taking guns away. He’s very pro-2nd. He was given lists compiled by the rescue and city people as to the address location of firearms, and detailed to go and get them. He was also ordered to confiscate ANY firearms he saw, anywhere. A week later, he was given part of one of the worst wards to control. He was relieved because he saw only criminals from then on, and had NO problem taking such down. The NRA contacted me around Katrina+25 to learn who “G” was, and would he be willing to talk to the NRA lawyers. Serving officer? No way!

    Nagin’s city disaster plan is online, but I’ve lost the link. It goes into detail about who will drive which busses and where. When Nagin ordered the city evacuation, the busses where high and dry. Only after the levee had been down for a day were the busses underwater. If 50% of the cops fled the city, how many city bus drivers where left?

    The problem with returning the arms is, only the Guard made records of who and where the firearms came from. N.O. has NO IDEA who they belong to.

  7. Yep … the NOLA dickheads never thought that a judge might make ’em return the stolen goods. Like good theives, they made no record of who their victims were.

    And any record the victims may have had ( if they were dumb enough to keep records of firearms where a politician might get at them ) were swept out to sea.

    They should just buy every one who claims his firearm was stolen a firearm. And the taxpayers should not have to pay for this. Maybe everyone who participated in the gun-grab should just sell a kidney or something.

    Or maybe have the NOILA “ghost” police pay for them … you know, those imaginary NOLA cops who were drawing patriot act funded paycheck, but mysteriously “deserted” after the flood.

  8. Oh, my goodness.

    Pure poetry.

    Thank you for expressing so eloquently how so many of us feel.

  9. Other than what you said about producing the bill of sale, I read elsewhere on a normally reliable gunblog they were requiring background checks as well…which probably means they were wantin to charge a fee to return their own property to ’em…Look into it and see if that isn’t so.

    By the way, if you look up “Righteous indignation” on Wikipedia, this rant is the definition youget…or it damn well should be! Well wrought!

    Doug in Colorado

  10. I never ceases to amaze me when people say they didn’t read about something in the paper so it probably didn’t happen.

    What makes people think they’d read in the paper about cops refusing to seize lawful firearms from non-criminal citizens? No officer is going to ruin his career by running to the media telling them what they’d refused to do.

    It boggles the mind that people who normally question anything coming out of the media now question something BECAUSE they DIDN’T read about it in the media. Somehow believing the absence of something in print means it didn’t happen.

    Get real.

    The media is VERY selective in what they print in the first place, and even then frequently get it wrong.

    Excellent rant LD! I hope you don’t mind if I spread it via email, with proper attribution of course.

  11. BEAUT Post Bro!

    Although I was deployed to LA after Katrina (four months worth), I’m VERY happy that my orders weren’t to confiscate any firearms. From my experiences, France can have LA back. All of it… France owes us money? hmm…nah. Let them have LA back, free of charge. Of course, that means THEY will be responsible for it, and everything that happens to it. Hell, the amount of money it would SAVE us, should well off-set any monies France owes us…and it won’t take long either…more hurricanes are comin!

    Nagin wants a chocalate, gun-free, city? HA! Only under French rule will he get half of that. *BG*

    I should get off my butt and post something NO related on my blog space. Some day…maybe soon. *shrug*

    Keep the tirades comin Dawg! Your words shine brighter than any neon sign I’ve ever seen.


  12. There was a reason Mississippi didn’t have problems with looting, violence and crime in general after Katrina, unlike NO…they got to keep their guns.

    Kiki B.

  13. Heh.

    I loves me a good righteously-indignant LawDog rant.

    I had to go pop some popcorn and read it a second time. While copyi… er, taking notes. 🙂

  14. Well said. It’s amazing the number of people who still deny this happened, even now as NOR is forced to return stolen property.

    The NOR rebuilding effort (and lack thereof) begs for MSM coverage, and nothing is happening. I think the local government is going to confiscate a lot of the property that the rightful owners are still being denied access to and sell it to developers, who will then rebuild at a huge profit.

    Thanks for your succinct description.

  15. As far as the California Highway patrol being involved in this crime,it doesn’t surprise me.
    99% of the California cops I have had any contact with or heard about give the other 1% a bad name.

  16. Anyone see the video of the police and the military seizing the weapons from the folks defending their homes and neighborhoods from looters and mobs? Had them cuffed while they stole their property and then turned them loose to the tender mercies of the mobs as the police and military beat feet with the weapons they had just stolen from the homeowners. Look around the footage is out there. Who were those homeowners really in the most danger from? Guess they weren’t shooting at the wrong people but needed to expand the target set given the circumstances. Who knew the “good guys” were going to turn out to be the “bad guys”? Guess they’ll know next time.

    Personally I think any LE, Military, Elected Official or Bureaucrat who assisted in the disarming or confiscation of those people is guilty of violating the most sacred of constitutional rights. Not only that but did so in the most desperate of circumstances and left those at the mercy of murderous mobs. I think they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Life in prison without the possibility of parole for assisting in subverting of the constitution perhaps. I’d rather see every single individual LE, Military-soldier or officer, Elected Official and Bureaucrat even tangentially involved in this perfidy hanging from the end of a rope. I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it if I was the one who was selected to be the one who had to tie the noose and kick out the support from beneath each of them.

    Then again a firing squad made up up the gun owners who had their lives put at risk using the actual weapons they had confiscated would have a certain poetic justice.

    Certainly would make the next agent of the State who was sent to illegally take an American’s weapon think twice about ever doing so again.

  17. ‘Dog,
    Darlin’, {she said in her best drawl} I think you are bein’ a bit naive. I mean this is N’ frickin’orlins. The Big freakin’Easy. The city with possibly the most corrupt police force in the entire US of A !!!! The police force who will earn extra money ON DUTY guarding drug dealers, or their stashes, or killing their rivals, or witnesses.
    Why should we be shocked that a city government that tolerates that behavior ORDERS the violation of 2nd amendment rights?
    I like Thunder’s idea of giving it back to France.


  18. Can you please send me a link to your source? I have some blog friends who would love to know about this, but they’ll also want to see the proof (and I do too, for that matter). I looked for links on the post, but I didn’t see any.


    (GREAT RANT- I would LOVE to see it linked all over the damn place)

  19. Here ,Here! Well said.

    Now us’ns here in Texas have 2 battle cries: Rmemeber the Alamo , and Remember New Orleans!

  20. [i] Dennis La Fortune said…

    As far as the California Highway patrol being involved in this crime,it doesn’t surprise me.
    99% of the California cops I have had any contact with or heard about give the other 1% a bad name.
    Dennis [/i]

    You’d think with that kind of a contact record, perhaps the problem is NOT with California cops. Maybe someone needs to look in the mirror?

    However, there’s a reason other LEOs in California call CHP: “CalTrans with a Gun”. Appearently, CHP sent their 10%’ers to NO to get them out of their hair, and now look what happened. I seriously doubt they sent their top officers /cynical laughter.

  21. LawDog, you are not a dog, but a god! This opinion so perfectly resembles my feelings I am printing it to show my wife and other people.

    All I have to say is, AMEN.

    Oh and…check out this thread where I’m spreading the word on our forums about this post. It’s amazing how many people are oblivious to all the hype over the NOLA. Blogs like yours educate us to the serious things in life.

  22. Not only are they requiring an NCIC Background check as if they were buying it. At least one of the 8 people who DID get thier gun back got it back sans an expensive scope. Thieves and criminals, the lot of em!
    LD I have only one thing to say about your rant…

    F*cking A!

  23. Mike,
    When I call in a report of hearing what sound like gunfire a block away(a man was shot at a stop light)and then get served a bogus search warrant for being a good citizen.
    When I get told in a restruant by a nearby officer that ,”Don’t put it in your car since WE consider it a weapon” when I mention to a friend that I purchased a three cell Mag Light.
    When I get my car searched by CHP under the guise of an “agricultural Inspection” on my way back from the first Crossroads gun show in Las Vegas after they were kicked out of Pamona. With the officer “joking” about not having expected anybody from the show coming back so early, and telling me that ,”thats okay, WE know you will be bringing it back into the state and will pay you a visit some night” after I explained that I had shipped my purchases to my brother back in Michigan. (My purchases were legal gun parts and some holsters and cases for firearms he is storing for me until I retire.)but he didn’t ask what I had bought.
    I don’t have to look in the mirror unless I want to see if one of them is sneaking up on me

  24. Proof????? Just search google and find all the proof and videos you need.

  25. This Gun Confiscation took place while the USA is Actively at WAR, and when the Articles or Any Element of the Constitution of America are broken, DURNING A TIME OF WAR it is called a A Crime of Treason to the People AND Constitution of America! Any of those types of crimes are PUNISHABLE BY DEATH! I demand they be punished and made an example of for future HITLER TYPES and GUN CONTROL ASSHOLE TYPES that think they can pull some DICTATORSHIP ACTION like this one.

    Any person who enguages in this type of action EVEN if it is a direct order from above is a FULL AccompLICE of the entire crime! That person is also such a low life that he or she has NO RIGHT to live in this country!!! SHIP THEIR ASSES OFF TO DEATH ROW OR OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!!

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