Thursday afternoon ruminations.

Went shooting some time ago, just got around to cleaning the pistols today.


I shouldn’t do that, but more often than not I wind up making excuses to myself and not cleaning my guns until I have to.

Except for my carry gun. That thing gets cleaned religiously.

Anyhoo, my buddy has been trading around, and wound up with a Springfield M1911 Government Model.

I carried a Colt Lightweight Commander early during my law enforcement, and was fairly fond of that pistol, but I wound up trading it off in a deal that I don’t really remember the details of now.

Later on I briefly toyed with the idea of putting together a court gun out of a 9X23mm Colt clone, before setting the idea on the back burner in favour of other things popping up here and there.

Other than those times, I’ve never really had a hankering for any version of Old Slabsides. John Brownings later design — the Browning Hi-Power — has always been more to my taste.

That Springfield that Buddy got is sweet. Couple of days after I shot it, one of the other officers at work heard me talking about the Springer, and let me coon-finger his 4-inch Kimber CDP.

I don’t remember the Colt off-shoots feeling as good in the paw back in the day as they seem to do now. I don’t know if the pistol design has been subtly modified over the last 20-30 years, or if my perceptions have changed, but that 4-inch Kimber sure did handle well.

Settles in my grip like it was custom-made for me; bring it up with my eyes closed, and when I open my eyes, the sights are on target. Comfortable, and (more importantly) comforting.


Time to set aside another Play-Pretty Fund, I guess.


Open letter to my readers of the distaff persuasion.

7 thoughts on “Thursday afternoon ruminations.”

  1. Oh ‘Dog,
    You’re breakin’ my heart! Abandonin’ high powers for a KIMBER (shouting on purpose)!!!! And here I thought you had good sense. I tried shooting the one my Evil Step-Son has. Nearly beat my hand to death. But then I AM a delicate example of Southern Womanhood, Yeah right, me and Tam! ROFLMAO

  2. Dog, you need to check out the CZ/Dan Wesson 1911’s. SWEET! I have a CCO and love it. If y’all are ever back my way, lemme know & we can go over to CCGR and try out some stuff.

  3. Dog – Kimber makes a good gun. Had several of them. Ran about 60,000 rounds through the last one over about 3 years or so and other than breaking the thumb safety and occasionally having to retension the extractor, the gun ran error free.

    Never did like the BHP – damn things always bite me in the web between my thumb/index finger, and the muzzle flip is nasty for a little 9mm. The CZs I’ve shot do the same – lots of muzzle flip for no reason I can discern.

    I’m a 1911/2011 man myself. Love em.

    Now the new Springer XD’s are proving to be nice too – I’ve got a nice one in .40 that shoots really soft with some customized hand loads.

    Have fun with the Kimber!!

  4. LawDog, your post of 18 April still has me boiling mad. I have a saved video clip from MSNBC showing 2 black female NOPD’s looting in a wallmart, and threatening the news turd when he asked them about it. I don’t see an email address for you, so I apologize for posting on this thread. I will send it to ya, if you’re interested. Just email me. I seriously hope those bitches were prosecuted for this shit, but you know they were not. Hell, they are probably still NOPD.

    *GOD DAMN IT!!!! I just looked on MSNBC
    and found that the fucktard cops got 10 day suspensions and ARE STILL COPS and were exonerated of looting. You have GOT to see this video, MSNBC doesn’t have it posted anymore.

  5. I was on my way home from work one afternoon and saw a new ad on the reader board of my favorite gun shop.

    Springfield .45 milspec $395

    Best four bills I ever spent that year.

  6. ‘Dog,
    I owe you an apology. I should not have said you had taken leave of your senses in my above post. I am most sincerely sorry if I offended you. It’s just that my high power is the sweetest shootin’ thing I’ve ever held this side of a Gold Cup, and the Kimber does beat me up, I couldn’t imagine likin’ it over Mr. JMB’s creation.
    So, I wanted to apologize in the same place I impugned your good sense and explain my thoughts. Oh and I quit smoking, that always puts me a little on edge.

  7. Bought a Kimber Compact some years ago, and aside from changing the recoil spring after a while have had to do nothing to it. I do my part, it puts them where I want, over and over.

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