We’re going to get shafted on Illegal Immigration


I feel it coming.

Congress is going to show their true selves and roll over so that the illegal immigrants and the Mexican government can scratch their fat little yellow politician bellies and tell them what good little gringos they are.

Hell and damnation.

The only good thing to come out of this, is the illegal immigration issue is going to do to Congress what the Assault Weapon Ban did to Congress in 1994. Whole bunch of Congresscritters who happily voted for the Assault Weapons Ban got tossed out on their treacherous asses at election time. Same thing’s going to happen to anyone who votes in favour of illegal immigration this time around.

I hope.

And, like the sodding Assault Weapons Ban, we may get rid of the traitors who stick us with bad legislation, but we’ll still have that fecking bad legislation hanging around our necks. And we’ll still have that simmering pot of shooting trouble down on our border.

Friends of mine are hinting heavily that I need to vote Libertarian this time around. Check me on this, but isn’t “Free and open immigration” one of the main planks in the Libertarian Party platform?

Seems like we’ve got “free and open immigration” as it is. Matter-of-fact, I want Congress to sodding well do something about the “free and open immigration”. I should vote for someone who’s been proudly campaigning for “free and open immigration” since before Ham goosed the moose?

‘Course, that describes most of Congress these days.


On the humor front, we had our very own protest march/boycott today. The only impact that I saw from the illegal population walking away from their jobs was a bunch of high school kids happily mowing lawns for $20 bucks each. I’m pretty sure the football team probably wouldn’t mind a couple of more months of boycott so that they can build up their bank accounts before going to college.

So much for “shutting down the local economy”.

Ah, well. Time for a couple of fingers of Maker’s Mark over an ice cube, while watching the sun-set from the porch.


Low Intensity Conflict, part 2.
The rockets red glare ... the bombs bursting in my hair.

9 thoughts on “We’re going to get shafted on Illegal Immigration”

  1. I accidently found my way onto your blog. I don’t mean to spam you a comment, but perhaps you could consider this much. I hope you will.

    On March 21, near the Iraqi port town of Umm Qasr, 28-year-old Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez was one of several U.S. soldiers who, as required by the Geneva Convention, motioned to accept the surrender of a group of Iraqi “soldiers” who had just raised a white flag. When Gutierrez and several other comrades were exposed, the Iraqis suddenly opened fire, killing him and several comrades.

    On March 27, near the Iraqi city of An Nasiriyah, 21-year-old Marine Corps Cpl. Jose Angel Garibay also motioned to accept the surrender of Iraqis. But what had happened to Lance Cpl. Gutierrez now happened to Cpl. Garibay. It was no surrender, but an ambush, and Cpl. Garibay lost his life. …

    Both of these soldiers died within the very first week of the war in Iraq, but what makes their deaths all too important to the immigration debate today is this…

    The sacrifice of these young men is no different than that made by any of the other young Americans who have given “the last full measure” in this or any other war, except in one, very noteworthy respect – at the time they died, neither was an American. Gutierrez was born in Guatemala and when he was 14, entered this country as an illegal immigrant. Garibay was born in Mexico and moved here as a child. Neither man was a citizen at the time of their deaths. …

    These men died for us.

    They died for chimpy’s lies, yes, but they still died serving for our country, and they were illegal aliens.

    And they weren’t the only ones either…

    Even though his coffin was draped with the American flag, U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Riayan Tejeda, 26, was not a U.S.citizen. Tejeda, who was killed in combat in Iraq, was a native of the Dominican Republic. (…)

    There is no law prohibiting illegal immigrants from joining in the army but the armed forces representative says anyone without proper documents is rejected, according to a report in the New York Times.

    Tejeda and at least six other U.S. servicemen killed in the war in Iraq had not yet become citizens. Six of these immigrants were granted citizenship posthumously but their relatives did not receive the benefits that would normally go to the families of the citizens. (…)

    More than 36,000 service members are non-citizens, making up about 5 percent of active duty service members. About a third come from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries and the rest are from China, Vietnam, Canada, Korea, India and other countries. …

    5% of our military are not US citizens.

    That ought to count for something in this debate.

  2. All libertarians don’t toe the same party line.

    “5% of our military are not US citizens.

    That ought to count for something in this debate.”

    Why? There’s a world of difference between enlisting in the military and coming to the country illegally, not paying taxes and sponging off social services, medical services, and public schools. Lets not allow emotion to get in the way of logic.

  3. As for “chimpy’s lies”:


    There’s more than enough to criticize Bush (immigration, spending, “police” state, apparent lack of knowledge on the existence of the Constitution, etc…) over without having to fall back on trite talking points. Name calling on such an elementary level leaves the impression that one can’t form a cogent argument that deals with the facts rather than emotional hot points.

  4. The youg men and women currently serving in the United States military as part of their citizenship process are here legally.

    They, as my ancestors did, have chosen to follow the law and immigrate to this country legally.

    I have a problem with those who enter this country illegally and then have protest marches to demand that we reward them for breaking our laws and violating the sovereignity of the United States.

    They are demanding that we put them ahead of those young men and women who have chosen to immigrate legally.

    No. I don’t think so.

  5. “and they were illegal aliens.”

    No, they weren’t.

    The U.S. military will not accept a recruit who does not have proper documentation. In plainer language, the U.S. military will not accept an illegal immigrant as a recruit.

    Therefore, the young men who died in your examples were legal immigrants.


    You either don’t know the difference between a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant, in which case there is no use debating you; or

    You didn’t bother to check your facts before shooting off your cakehole, in which case you should change that habit before one of your incorrect “facts” turns around and bites you on the ass.

  6. You might want to consider joining the Neo Libetarian movement which does differ considerably from the old libertarian party. And, open immigration does not mean illegal immigration. It is means do away with the quota system.

    The neo libertarians are an option that I am taking. I am sick of the democrats who I consider socialists and the republicans who worry more about whether od should be a part of government then protecting the borders.

  7. Another libertarian here …

    Secure the damned border. Then make it easy for honest people to stay, and for assholes to be thrown out.

    This stuff isn’t hard….

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