What, Cynthia, again?!


That sound you hear is the Democratic leadership chasing Rolaids with shots of Mylanta.

To quote from the above linked story:

“A private security guard in McKinney’s entourage got into a shoving match with Scott McFarlane, a reporter from WSB-TV in Atlanta, McKinney’s hometown. The security guard threatened to throw the reporter’s ‘a– in jail.'”

It gets better. The quick-thinking reporter asked the $60,000 question, quote:

“‘Sir, do you work for the Capitol Police?’ asked McFarlane, to which the guard replied ‘no.'”

“‘Who are you a police officer with, sir?’ McFarlane asked as McKinney, the guard and an aide quickly climbed the steps.”

All of this just seconds before Ms. McKinney made her “formal apology” for the smacking of the Capitol Police Officer last week. Something we will discuss in a moment.

*scratch, scratch*

Someone enlighten me — 1) is it a felony to impersonate a Peace Officer in D.C. and 2)do we have enough Probable Cause here to arrest?

Just out of curiosity, of course.

Now, on to the “formal apology”.

“I come here before this body to personally express again my sincere regret about the encounter with the Capitol Hill Police. … There should not have been any physical contact in this incident,”

Highlighting is mine.

Since Ms. McKinney is/was accusing the Capitol Police Officer with “inappropriate contact” you have to wonder which “physical contact” Ms. McKinney is actually referring to — when he grabbed her arm, or when she smacked his chest.

I’d like to believe that Ms. McKinney isn’t trying to be cute with her apology, but I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday.


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8 thoughts on “What, Cynthia, again?!

  1. (Totally unrelated to this post.)

    I’m part of the online forum for TAPS (the ghosthunting folks on tv,) and I would LOVE to post your story about the ghost swat team on the forum (with a link to your blog and credit to you of course.) Would that be alright? I didn’t want to just yoink it. Please email me at CnABarry04@hotmail.com.

  2. “Yes” to probable cause, I think…

    But “no” to the probability of it ever happening.

    Ms. McKinney needs to be sent to her room… at home, in Georgia, and away from the People’s House, where she is a joke and a distraction from the real work that needs to be done.

  3. Oh, and for what it’s worth, your reaction to her apology is exactly the same as mine. Didn’t sound like much of an apology to me.

  4. hmm…

    Let me get this straight… She holds a high, or relatively high, position in government and yet she is only entitled to a “private security guard”? Interesting. I thought, at the LEAST, it would be a contingent of State LEO’s assigned to her. Anyway…

    As far as the Guards comment about throwing the reporters “a– in jail” go. The answer is maybe. Not being there and seeing for myself what actually transpired, it IS very possible (i.e. Media hack shoves guard, guard shoves back and issues said statement). Though *chuckle* it wouldn’t be the GUARD that did the transport to the federal holding facility, since he isn’t LE. BUT, he could press for criminal charges.

    Another way that statement would hold water is one I, personally, have used over the years… the mere act of “physical contact” (don’t you just love how much of that surrounds this woman?) to ANY member of the security team may, depending of course on who started it, be viewed as a threat to the guards’ protectee. Considering the office she holds, regardless of her credibility or likeability, an arrest could likely hold up. Of course, considering the politics surrounding her at the moment, the likelyhood of prosecution could be slim. But then again, maybe not. THAT, I don’t know. I’ve never had a protectee that was that…um… well known *ahem* before. *chuckle*

    Like I said though, I wasn’t there; so I’m not absolutely sure. I just gave a couple examples to show you that yes, his statement, although it sounds a bit odd coming from a “private security guard”, COULD be factual in theory and not just an empty threat.

  5. ‘She holds a high, or relatively high, position in government and yet she is only entitled to a “private security guard”?’

    Thunder, I think you are onto something here. A proper guard for her should consist of at least one person from every federal police agency there is, plus calling on state and local help as appropriate. This special task force will thus include someone who knows every law in existence, and can arrest anyone seen violating it – especially the wacko congresswoman. If she didn’t know about that obscure law, maybe she should have read it before she voted for it…

    After she’s locked away for a few decades, we can see about assigning similar details to the rest of them.

  6. You don’t ever hit a policeman, ever! Even if you don’t like what he saying or doing or insinuating. If he’s doing his job and doing it to the best of his ability, you shut your mouth, do what he tells and then complain to his chief, sheriff, Director, Inspector, but you don’t ever, ever, ever put your hands on an officer of the law. Besides, he might shoot you……..
    BTW, I work for one of the most liberal public defender’s offices in the US and I still say, YOU DON’T HIT A LAW OFFICER OR POLICEMAN, EVER!

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