You know…

…When my legions of flying monkeys complete my Quest for World Domination, there is a short list of folks slated for a BASE jump sans parachute.

Well, short for me. Maybe not so short for others.

Anyhoo, Mr. and Mrs. Cruise’s baby boy is working his way up that list on sheer “Ick!” factor.

By way of Phlegm Fatale, we get Too Much Information regarding Tommy’s dietary decisions.

Katie, honey, come by the house. I’ll let you borrow a spare Meditation Stick and I’ll even provide simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to properly adjust your Pookie’s headspace and timing. No charge.


Don't make me hurt you, Bubba.
Shame! Shame! Shame!

5 thoughts on “You know…”

  1. It’s all over the place that her was KIDDING (whether you believe it or not is another matter):

    “Tom, it turns out, is quite the prankster. He insists he was just joking when he (Warning! Breakfast-spoiler alert!) told GQ that he planned to eat his child’s placenta.”

    and here (they’re all over):–name_page.html

    “TOM CRUISE is backtracking on his reported comment that when his baby is born, he plans to eat the placenta.

    In a later interview with interviewer Diane Sawyer on US television, he made light of the remark, telling her: “Yeah, we’re going to do that – a whole family thing. Isn’t that normal and natural? No, we’re NOT eating it.””

    He’s still a freak anyway. He needs more exercise on Oprah’s couch.

  2. I think he was serious … this is some kind of Xenu-Scientology-Clam thing, I’ll bet.

  3. wOW – I never knew you posted a link to this frightening post I did a year ago. I’ve only been reading your blog, oh, 6 months or so, and I’ve been meaning to peruse your archives for ages- hidden gems and what not. Thanks– however belatedly– for the link. Oh, and my July 3 ’07 post will be a flying monkey event. I thought of you.

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