Bit of a puzzler.

As a drift through Blog World, I am noticing the occasional:

“I won’t vote for Bush again”

announcement popping up here and there.

I have to wonder…is this wry humor? Is it a poetic statement about policy, or is the punchline to a joke I’ve not run across yet?

Since this is President Bush’s second term, and since the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is, to the best of my knowledge, still in force, it tends to go without saying that no one is going to be voting for Bush again, so there must be something else at work here.

If anyone knows what I’m missing, please let me know. In the meantime, investigations will continue.


Mission creep

10 thoughts on “Bit of a puzzler.”

  1. I kinda think it’s the same boobs who write that Bush should fire Cheney.

    The ignorance of how our government works is rampant and pervasive.

  2. “If anyone knows what I’m missing, please let me know. In the meantime, investigations will continue.”

    Rumor has it “American Idol” has replaced Civics in School.

    I wouldn’t know, I do not personally own a TV…


  3. Well, Maybe he will run for dogcatcher or sumthin so people can say, ” I won’t vote for him again!”

    I reckon that if presented with the options I was presented with the last two times I would vote for him again although I would have to take a big dose of Pepto Bismo to keep from puking. svkayghc

  4. They might mean they won’t vote for A Bush again (there still is Jeb wandering around in Florida), instead of George Jr. Or they might be congenital idiots. Either way -shrugs- what are you gonna do. It reminds me of the people wandering around on my campus who refuesed to vote on the grounds that their preference wouldn’t win. I stopped trying to argue with them by the third day and just tried to soothe myself with the knowledge that each one that refused to vote got my guy that little bit closer.

    Boy. Being a moderate on Kent State campus is a trial and a half. And while there are times I am forced to look down and shuffle my feet before admitting, yup I voted for Georgie… I’d do it again if the only other option was Kerry.

  5. Either it’s a complete lack of understanding of our Constitution, which wouldn’t surprise me, or, it’s a subtle way of saying they won’t vote for anymore “compassionate conservatives”. I happen to subscribe to the former.

  6. “same boobs who write that Bush should fire Cheney.”

    Whew, yeah! I hate it when those fall on my keyboard and write things that I am not aware of.

    Kiki B.

  7. Don’t be suprised if King George doesn’t throw the Constitution out the window and declare himself President for Life. And don’t say it can’t happen–it can. . . .

  8. No, just someone who either doesn’t understand the world we live in, or the world the conspiracy buffs live in.

    In order for Bush to declare himself President for life, he has to have a political powerbase to act from. Where would that base come from in the real world? Which military units will stand with him, in the face of the Supreme Court declaring the act unconstitutional, Congress impeaching him, and the FBI standing ready to arrest him once his term ends on January 20, 2009, and he ceases to be President as a matter of law? Who is going to support him?

    That’s the real world answer: no one. The kooks will say that big business will support him, and throw money behind the effort. Yet, big business likes safety and security, and such an illegal act would cause

    People also forget that our government has changed hands during shooting wars many times, and has Presidents far more “totalitarian” than Bush (Roosevelt was not a particularly nice guy, but one who did far more to consolidate power in the federal gov’t than Bush has dreamed of) and not once did someone declare themselves El Presidente for Life.

    What he have here isn’t a failure to communicate; it’s a failure to think beyond the sound bite of the day.

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