The Cornered Cat.

When it comes to guns, I have a gaping blindspot regarding training the ladies in firearms-related things: I approach firearms from the military and law enforcement/SWAT perspective. Heading right off into Introduction to Basic Combat Pistol is not what 99% of the ladies are looking for when it comes to learning about guns.

Alas, this isn’t the biggest part of the blindspot: I am a male of the species. This doesn’t sound like much, until you realize that there are some aspects that I have no practical knowledge of, and will never gain any practical knowledge. This means that it is very difficult for me to honestly answer some questions — heck, sometimes it’s impossible — regarding guns from the distaff perspective.

For instance, I’ve never worn an evening dress. I have no earthly clue where one wuld conceal a CCW in a formal dress. I use inside-the-waistband carry a lot. Which works really well for jeans and slacks. I’ve never had to consider IWB carry in a sundress. Purses? Umm — don’t they usually hold some stuff…forget it.

Female physiology? I appreciate it, but from a very male viewpoint. I’ve never had to deal with the hips-bigger-than-waist issue– which means the world when it comes to hip carry of a handgun.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a whole world out there, of which I — and a lot of other hairy-chested males — have no practical experience with.

Fortunately, my friend Kathy Jackson has a new web-site, The Cornered Cat , which is dedicated to women and the shooting sports.

If you are on the female side of the species and are interested in firearms for defense or for sport — or if you have female students — you can’t go wrong by taking a look at her site.


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  1. Thank you for the great link! My wife has just started showing interest in carrying a gun, which thrills me to death. We’re taking safety-instruction classes together, and later a CCW class before buying a “his and her’s” set of Kel-Tec P-3AT’s. She will be thrilled to see this site!

  2. Nice piece, Lawdog! Hey, you have any suggestions on how to get a group of women from my church together for a range trip? I’d like to have a “ladies night” at the range.

  3. Hooray!

    (For those unaware, Kathy completely rocks. I’ve been a huge fan for years. 🙂 )

  4. thank you SO much for the link. I’ve always had a weapon at the house (and my late husband was a KS Highway Patrol officer.) Kathy is RIGHT ON for the ‘how to gun proof your kids’ part. Said kid is now almost 20 and a Marine.

    With the recent changes in the local laws, my son wants me to get a concealed carry permit. Just skimming Kathy’s site has given me a lot to think about re the practicalities. Bookmarked and emailed to home address, locked and loaded *G*.

  5. As another long time fan of Kathy’s – Excellent Job!


    Have men do any and everything to allow ladies to attend. If it means babysitting at the church nursery, using the church kitchen to cook a meal, watch a movie…any age group of kid that needs watching, provide a means to take any pressure off the ladies.

    Have men at the range to assist as well, do a cookout for the ladies and have guys wait on the ladies hand and foot.

    Make it safe of course, then again make it fun. If any Ladies members are top notch shooters, have them come out and do a show.

    If you can find a lady speaker, that is humorus to speak during the meal…get one.

    Yes I am a male, still I could not help but crack up hearing how men run a house different that women, especially with kids.

    “Honey, which setting for the dishwasher is used for jammies and spit up clothes…”

    Thank you so very much for Cornered Cat.


  6. This is a great link. I really like the idea of encouraging women to be able to defend themselves, but like most women, I despaired when it came to concealed carry and my feminine frills. I found a couple of nice handbags that have hidden holsters built into them. However, I have really stopped carrying my firearm everywhere with me for two reasons: 1) There are states on either side of me that I travel within that have completely assinine carry laws, and the second reason is that I found myself counting on the firearm rather than my intuition, brains and wisdom to protect me and to get me out of sticky situations that I might not have even gotten into if I hadn’t been so cocky. In other words, I am more paranoid and alert, and utilize my primary weapon, my brain, rather than counting on my firearm.

  7. My sister is an amazing shooter, she love guns specially the ones that snipers use, she have the Dakota T-76 Longbow, beautiful and deadly rifle.

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