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We’ve finally received some rain. Which, I guess, is a good thing, however the moisture has caused whatthehellever plant I’m allergic to, to burst into full glorious bloom.

And, since my blood pressure is barely controlled as is, I get to take the “special” allergy medicine. “Special” because it doesn’t work worth a damn.


I can’t see, my ears are stopped up, and my snot locker has developed a direct patch into the Niagra Falls of mucous production.


And you know, you wouldn’t think it would be possible to have a sinus infection with three hundred cubic feet per minute of nostril slobber passing through your sinus cavities hour after hour after hour — but I do.

We have more storms building our West. I know this, because I’ve either got a pressure headache building, or there’s a hippopotamous in the lotus position meditating on top of my head.

Nobody is pointing and laughing, so I’m guessing on the pressure headache.

Right now, I’d rather the hippo, thagk yew bery much.


Well, let’s see … The Great Illegal Alien Siesta took place Monday. I may have to wait for more detailed study, but early results indicate that me and mine weren’t affected the least bit.

Pretty much what I figured. Others, on the other paw, learned a valuable lesson or two from Monday’s activities.

Such as, if you happen to be an “undocumented worker”, and you make your boss irritable because you didn’t show up Monday, your not-very-legal status means he can do more than just fire your protesting butt.

If you do your very best to make the point of the protests by costing your employer money, your employer is liable to make a counter-point by dialling 1-800-LA-MIGRA and giving the happy INS agent on the other end of the line all of your pertinent contact information.

On Tuesday morning, the local INS, excuse me, ICE agents were walking around like they’d just discovered the nice difference between boys and girls. Big grins all around.

And on that note, I’m going to go see if I can steam my schnozz open.

Later, all.


Now the fun starts.
Open letter to my readers of the distaff persuasion.

17 thoughts on “Cranky LawDog”

  1. Lawdog,

    Please excuse my ignorance, but do you mean to say that any law enforcement organization in the US actually targets “undocumented workers”?

    With about 12 million illegals currently in-country, that has got to be the worst enforcement record in the history of humankind.

    BTW, you might want to ask your doctor to give Flonase a try for your allergies. It’s not systemic so you can probably take it, and nothing else works for my seasonal allergies.

  2. LawDog,
    Sorry to hear about the sinus infection. Runny nose is bad enough, but getting an infection is all the much worse. My folk remedy for clogged schnozzes and runny noses is to eat the spiciest damn thing you can get your hands on, and just keep chowing down till all the snot runs right out.
    My personal favorite is spicy buffalo wings.

    As for the “undocumented workers”, ne, illegal immigrants, yet another liberal plan that fizzled instead of firestormed. Leaving work yesterday was a great way to out yourself as illegal, so any smart illegal would’ve stayed on the job. And those citizens who skipped work yesterday showed us which side of the line they stand on, and it’s not the Norte’s side they’re on.

    I always thought those illegal alien rallies were a great oppertunity for ICE to do their job.

  3. Another suggestion for your honker infection, which may sound crazy. Stand under a lukewarm shower and cup your hands so you have a fair quantity of water in them. Plunge your nose into said water and inhale deeply. I’ll warn you, it burns like hell, but it helps clean all that nastiness out. Do it every day till breathing is bearable again, should shorten your recovery time. Good luck, and get better. Your fans missed your commentary!

  4. LawDog,

    As a person with 43 inhalation(enviornmental) allergies, 8 known food allergies, as well as some food intolerances, and 4 fungal allergies, I can honestly say that I understand where you’re coming from. I also live in one of the worst places(1st last year and 3rd this year) in the country for allergies. I have year-round allergies, so I don’t know what it’s like to be fine, and then get really sick and miserable from them. I do have more problems right now with everything blooming out at once, though. I have found that about the only antihistamine that works well for me is Allegra. Since it is non-drowy, I take that during the day, and supplement it with Benadryl at night. Allegra has just recently become available as a generic, too, so I can finally afford to take it on a regular basis. As a suggestion for the future, as some allergy medications need to build up in your system for a couple weeks, try starting your antihistamines, etc. a few weeks before a major pollen season. You could probably ask your doctor, or an allergists office in your area when that would be.

    I was also sick a few months back with bronchitis and a sinus infection. I tried the Sudacare Shower Soothers. You place them in the bottom of your shower, let the hot water run over them(don’t touch them), and breathe in deeply. They were wonderful! They helped with both my nasal and chest congestion.

    I have also used the water/saline up the nose trick. My doctor actually prescribed some solution for me, as I had a sinus infection I couldn’t get rid of a few years back. It really did help alleviate some of the symptoms.

    Good Luck, LawDog, and I hope you feel better soon.

  5. A one day walk out? Why be half-assed about it? Why not a week, or several weeks? Heck, go for broke, pack up and move out of the country for a year. That’ll sure teach us gringos a lesson (although maybe not the lesson that was intended).

  6. Lawdog: Hate to hear you a fellow allergy sufferer!!!! Here on East Coast we get lost of the stuff which causes allergic reactions and my wife and I found a sure fire remedy… Go and collect samples of all that ails you… buds, dust, spring pollen, etc. and put it in bowls and cups around your house…. after a time your body will build up immunity to said pollens within what you collect and next year you won’t suffer a bit… works well… proven path to immunity is building it up in off-season…

    best wishes…


  7. LawDog,

    I have found NasalCrom nasal spray to be a lifesaver. It’s available over the counter and doesn’t affect blood pressure.

  8. Probably the best thing for the allergies would be the distraction of a good ol’ Mexican Revolution…you know, the Pancho-Villa, use mercenaries, steal the guns from the train, we-don’t-need-your-stinkin’-badges type of Mexican revolution.

    Why try to make America into Mexico, when Mexico could be made into America.

    Where are the guys south-of-the-border who will pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to create a prosperous, free, and fair Mexico? (Don’t answer ‘making money in LA’)

    Build the fence, tighten up the border, stop the money transfer, stir gently, let stew for a bit…and there you go. An instant Nuevo Mexico.

  9. I know you are ’bout ready to shoot the computer full of holes for all the home remedies your getting, but mine does help, even if it may not be a cure-all. If you are partial to Chinese food, like I am, you might try a bowl of hot & sour soup. I know, it has tofu and strange stringy things with rubber consistency in it, but I do have a bowl about once a week when the allergies hit. The local place I go to knows not to ask when I walk in the door blowing snot rockets into my hanky. It may take a while to find a decent restuarant with a chef who knows how to make it right, and when you find it, relief is instant and last a couple of hours. Great homeopathic remedy, and tasty, too.

    Get better, Dog.

  10. Dear LawDog:

    Sorry to hear about your allergies; up in this part of LaLaLand (aka L.A.), between the industrial pollution and CalTrans’ insanely stupid policy of planting only male plants and trees in the freeway dividers, my allergies, and my nasal sinuses, have been in a state of flux for the last few months now. Claretin D cuts through the nose sludge for me.

    As regards los illegales, doubtless you’ve seen the news about the million or so yoyos in downtown L.A. What they haven’t reported is that the emergency rooms, retail businesses, and freeways were finally clear of the deadwood for the first time in years. It’s making a lot of citizens and business owners do some serious thinking.

    (800) LA-MIGRA, eh? Thanks for the tip.

  11. Here’s another plug for the warm water nose douche. A cranky ole flight doc prescribed that to me almost 20 yrs ago for allergies. He said I’d cuss him like hell immediately after but I’d be thanking him after that. He was right on both counts. It does get easier over the years tho.

  12. Try Flonase or any other of the nasal spray type cortico-steroid
    meds.It is delivered right to the spot in your body that is inflamed-your sinus cavities-and works wonders.I wouldn’t bother with any of those other home medicine ideas,nasal douches or chinese soups-wackos? Don’t confuse these new nasal meds with the old patent
    poisons that we used to get over the counter at the corner store.It’s a whole new ballgame with these.The others are to be avoided.

  13. Heya Lawdog

    I just finished having brochitis, so I know how’re ya’re feeling as regards to “honked up” nostrils..was prescribed a nasal spray which worked wonders!
    Also whiskey with lemon juice seemed to help too!!

    Oh yeah about the rain…sorry that’s our fault…we seem to send it up to you fellas over there in the US…but then again, we get it from those dang Aussie buggers!!

    Hope ya’re feelin’ better soon..bring on more of those rotflmao stories…


  14. As a fellow hay fever sufferer here’s my two cents. Go get accupuncture for it. That’s right accupuncture and no I ain’t a tree huggin liberal. Those Chinese folks have been curing worse stuff than hay fever with it and it just plain works, don’t know why just does. I used to get the nose fawcett runnig every spring and summer, but not anymore. Early spring I go get accupucture a few times and it does the trick. Sometimes I need another treatment late summer but it is well worth not having to take pills that make me grummpier than a badger. Good luck to you.

  15. Here in Houston, the cops are not allowed to even ASK a person’s immigration status and if they find out they ARE illegal, unless it is a really violent felony, they aren’t allowed to even call ICE. And more often than not when ICE IS called, they can’t be bothered to do anything.

    everybody heard about the raid on IFCO systems? almost 100 illegals were rounded up, but guess what ICE did with them, they gave them a ticket and told them to come back for thier court date. I’m sure most of them said “Si El Hefe, no problemo” on thier way out the door where they then tore the ticket to shreds and just went to the local flea market and got a new fake SSN card and TXDL under a new variation on thier name and went on down the road to another emloyer.

    I can’t blame ICE all that much, they used to raid bunsinesses more often than they do now, but then the businesses would call thier pet congresscritters and complain about how hard it is to get us americans to work and could he have a word with the head of La Migra and tell him to cool it? Si Senor, No Problemo! Suddenly La Migra finds it can’t get a single budget request through congress and every raid brings more irate calls from congresscritters, so why fight it? Punch the clock, do the minimum and call it a day.

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