6 thoughts on “Disquietude, part 2 – references”

  1. Completely off-topic: In light of your recent post about “former Special Forces” poseurs, have you been looking in on the story of Jesse Macbeth and his claims? Your bit on the SF180 was a wee bit prophetic.

  2. Thanks Lawdog. You have no idea how much safer I feel after looking at all those sites.

  3. What’s frustrating to me in all this stuff is that it comes about in response to public outcry for more safety, more security, more government protection against boogers and goblins.

    As a society we don’t want to allocate tax dollars to more “beat cops”. We’ve set up a legal system that’s inefficient at giving any real individual protection, and we’ve a social system which reduces consequences for minor wrongdoings during one’s early years–which leads to a disregard for consequences in later years.

    Entrepreneurs operate on a “Find a (perceived) need and fill it.” basis. Add technology and stir vigorously…

    The hazard to all of us who regard ourselves as honest citizens, aside from the invasions of privacy, is that more and more activities have become criminalized–and there’s no end in sight.


  4. Im wondering if their is something to put over the plates to disrupt the readings.

    I’m all about using the information to get the bad guy, but as you said the misuse of things like this scare me.

  5. Sanctified fecal matter, doesn’t anyone in these companies or in the law enforcement realm (b’sides our eye-open and brain-working LawDog) not scratch his chin and think “Ya know, even though this is handy, it could end up violating the privacy of innocent citizens. Maybe we shouldn’t be marketing/buying this”?

    This is one thing that worries me about law enforcement; that they get the idea they’re above the law because they’re enforcing it. How we non-law enforcement citizens go about stopping the abuse of power, well, that I dunno.

  6. Quite aside from the high potential for abuse, I can’t belive someone actually named their product “Tag-Nabit”. Dag-gumint anyway.

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