I am … disquieted.

I have been exposed to an off-the-shelf technology that is designed to be installed in police cruisers, and if what I have been told is correct, has been installed in cruisers.

Not to put too fine of a face on it, I am disturbed by this.

I am familiar with the concept of ‘vapourware’ — a company promising a technology that it is not yet capable of delivering — so I shall hold off on a full-blown rant, until I have: 1) Gotten a nights sleep; and
2) Received independent verification of facts I have been given.


I am for bed, full report to be made sometime tomorrow.


Disquietude, part 1
Don't come crying to me when history repeats itself...

5 thoughts on “I am … disquieted.”

  1. Sorry. I was exhausted.

    After reading the post above, and the list of attendant companies above that, was that worth the click?

  2. LawDog I think it was the best click of this mouses life. thanks for the heads up, I dont look for things like this too often. I keep gettin big brother syndrome and jumpin in my underground bunker and making sure my foil hat is on real snug. but it is disturbing what we (good meaning policritters) can do to cut down on crime how bout this scenario:
    In order to make sure that no felony commitincritters buy a gun lets take those biometrics that are on everyones license to drive and make a reader that will scan every individual that walks into a gun store and uploads that info to the local pd 1500 names a min. you wouldnt have to register your gun they did it for you and kept the bad guys from gettin them. 🙁 lawdog this lunacy is killin me.

    Renegade 6

  3. rThere’s almost always someone who comes up with a gun that shoots through the armor. I’ve heard of a spray coating that renders license plates invisible to cameras.

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