7 thoughts on “Does Blogger do this often?”

  1. Theres been a large increase in traffic on blogger in general, and a bunch of muzzie fuckers setting up repeated DOS attacks.

    To deal with it google has been upgrading the servers, and they’re having some integration problems.

    Oh and yes, this happens every few months.

  2. LawDog (and to Chris/Anarchangel as well),

    Have you considered getting your own hosting account and running your own blog software rather than using blogger.com?

    I’ve had my own domain for awhile and recently installed WordPress to run my family web site (mostly photos–we’ve got two kids and lots of family out of state who want to see pictures frequently).

    I’ve been really impressed with how easy it is to use. I spent an afternoon installing and tweaking the look to meet my wife’s demands, and that’s about it. It was pretty dang simple and even auto-generates RSS feeds.

    Anyway, I’m surprised that you two individualistic types wouldn’t have your own domain. For me, it’s a control thing.

    I use a shared hosting plan for about $5/month. I’ll probably move to one of the hosts recommended on WordPress.Org sometime this summer. I’ve had no problems with my current host, but I’d like one that is available via phone as well as email (my current one is email/web only support).

    Check out WordPress.org. My site is www DOT texaseagles DOT net.

  3. I own and control a BUNCH of domains. I have my own co-lo server. I also have a spot at .mu.nu.

    I’m still on blogger because I’m trying to figure out a way to move all my content and comments over to word press or MT intact.

  4. I am a county employee. Blogger is free. Free is good.

    Actually, seeing as how it is free, I really ought not to whinge about it, but I’m really kind of getting into this blogging stuff.

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