HOW much?!

Fox News.



1.4 billion dollars.

That doesn’t sound too altogether bad.


One billion, four hundred million dollars.

Sweet Shivering Shiva. I honestly don’t know whether to spit or have a stroke.

For those of you who’d rather have the synopsis: That one billion, four hundred million dollars is the amount of YOUR money and MY money that was supposed to be used for disaster relief after Katrina/Rita, but was, apparently, not.

It seems that, pardon my aneurysm, that this one billion, four hundred million tax dollars was spent — not on food, water or the necessities of life — but, rather on such items as:

Season tickets to New Orleans Saints football games;
One week vacation in the Caribbean;
Various sex toys;
“Girls Gone Wild” DVDs; and
The services of a divorce lawyer.

On top of the other things like double-billed housing assistance and other aid fraud.

There are no words to describe my feelings on this matter. None.

I want to know, and I want to know right bloody skippy now, how much of this fraud has been committed by genuine victims of the hurricanes. In other words, I want to know how many people took their legitimate aid cards and bought non-essential things.

I realize that I shall never know these figures, because some-sodding-body is going to declare the results to be racist.

I’m going to tell you what: Between that jackass in his New York Holiday Inn, and the other jackasses relecting Ray “The Fed Gov’t Needs To Get Off Their Asses And Save Mine” Nagin, and now this little jewel, I have just about HAD IT with the Katrina/Rita debacle.

And don’t go blaming this crap on FEMA. Too many Congress-critters, Senate Things, Black Caucuses, commentators and other folks who think they’re actually important were flaming FEMA for delays at the time, there was no way this side of Annwyn that FEMA was going to take the time to properly check each applicant, causing more delays and catching even more grief.

You insignificant flyspecks decided to get six-feet up FEMAs fourth point of contact with your politicized horse manure, you ought to have to deal with the consequences, you insufferable little oiks.

Instead of accepting their part of the responsibility for this One Billion, Four Hundred Million Dollar goat-rope, Congress is suggesting, and I quote:

“Prosecutors from the federal level down should be looking at prosecuting these crimes and putting the criminals who committed them in jail for a long time.”

Yeah, that’s going to happen. About five minutes after my legions of flying monkeys complete my quest for World Domination.

Jail, my furry chapped butt. I want to see public floggings and crucifixions, Godsdamnit.

I want to see the dirty, rotten, worthless sack of trash who used a FEMA card to buy “Girls Gone Wild” get that DVD nailed to his forehead on national TeeVee.

I want to see empty Dom Perignon bottles kicked up until the oxygen thief who purchased the booze with disaster relief money — MY DAMNED TAX MONEY –chokes on the foil in the back of his throat.

I want to see … This … You have no idea …

One. BILLION. Four. HUNDRED. MILLION. Tax dollars.

My dollars. I sweated, bled and worked my arse off for those dollars. Forty, fifty and sixty hour work weeks, so the Gov’t could take the money out of my pocket and give — GIVE! — it to the poor, starving survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Caribbean-sodding-vacation. Dom-bloody-Perignon. Shagging toys.

I’m here to tell you, some people can officially GO TO HELL on this one, and you know who the hell you are, too.


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12 thoughts on “HOW much?!”

  1. On one NPR report that I heard yesterday they also said the list included a sex-change operation.

  2. You honestly think this wouldn’t have happened had any other major city been evacuated? Especially a city with a permanent underclass like New Orleans did? (And Houston now has… Of course, now we’ve got most of your illegals.) I’m suprised the number isn’t larger. What were they expecting to happen when you drop two grand in the lap of someone who gets $4-500 a month? Lawdog, you can kick the snot out of what’s left of them after I and the rest of us actually working to rebuild the city get done with them. This is what I’d call “Not Helpful”.

  3. Welcome to OUR reality.

    That being the observation that there is no one to help pick YOU up, if you fall, but you damned well better pick up others if they fall.

    I sincerely hope the shagging toys were worth it, because everytime he/she uses them the rest of us are ‘getting it’.

    Champagne and Caribean vacations? should have stayed in New Orleans, done a favor for the American people and the human race.

    And to think I ACTUALLY gave extra money and my time to help these idjiots!

    Never again! NEVER Again! I’m leaving OKC, going back to Kentucky, I will find a large hill with a big cave in it and make that my home. Time to prep those 671 grains of welcome and introduction for the first person to step un-invited ontoo my land!

  4. Good post Lawdog…

    Those that abuse the aid (both personal dollars and federal dollars) during the Katrina disaster spoil the compassion behind the benevolence on behalf of millions of Americans. Those that abused this aid can rot in hell.

    For my part I will no longer give to charity during such disasters and I will direct my local political representative that I specifically do not want state and/or federal dollars to go to such aid. This is sad for the truly needy but since there are a small minority that spoil such aid, steps need to be taken.

    You’re on your own next time… don’t ask us again for compassion or financial aid. Ever.

    We expected such low life vermin to accept the financial aid as benevolence in their time of trouble. They abused the aid.

    You’re on your own next time. Don’t ask us again for compassion or financial aid. Ever.

  5. If you evacuated and came back as soon as possible, the possibility of any financial aid to defer costs was diminished. Otherwise, you probably were S.O.L. and enjoyed 100 deg heat, 90% humidity, mosquitos and the overwhelming task of picking up the pieces while you searched for food, water and fuel for the chainsaw. No shower or electricity. Returning to work meant can until you can’t every daylight hour with the hope someone else would show up and give some relief.

    If you made a phone call as soon as you found a place to stay, you were the recepient of $2,000 cash and, within days, had the tab for your hotel paid. Otherwise, air conditioning, three squares, a little sight seeing and a pool to soak in after the “hard day” of searching for more free money.

    I could rant for hours about the FEMA fiasco. I could rant for hours about how irritated I am about still paying unemployment and rent for people that have no intention of returning or of paying their way.

    They need to get rid of FEMA. The military and the locals can handle it. Let Walmart disburse food and supplies. Walmart did more in one week than FEMA did in a month.

  6. When there is money and there are no accountability controls there will be problems……. You tell em LawDog.

    There is a lot of common sense missing in this generation. If you see and hear or feel a train coming, get off the tracks.

    Wow, 1.4 Billion. Really pi—- me off.

  7. Having lived there, I can say that New Orleans had/has a welfare state of mind. I love that city, but there is a significant portion of that population that exists for the sole purpose of sticking its hands out. I am hugely offended by what has happened, but not at all suprised.

    Noah Bergeron

  8. I swear lawdog, the next damned hand I see stuck out might just get it cut off, and I do so hope you and others of similar mindset arrest and try me. I suspect I’d be walking free shortly thereafter.

  9. after all, isn’t that what they do on the other side of the planet with thieves? lop off a hand or two?

  10. And yet they say it STILL isn’t enough! They want more. They just passed an appropriations bill with more money for them.

    Even before Katrina I’ve always said that if I was going to give America an enema I’d stick the hose in New Orleans. A rotten place with little redeeming value.

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