Man, I wish I could’ve gotten…

…some copper wire and a magnet or twelve near some liberals today.

Independent counsel has decided not to summons Karl Rove for any further grand jury sessions; and will not seek to get a grand jury indictment against him.

President Bush hopped off a plane in the middle of a war zone for a chin-wag with the new Iraqi Prime Minister, and to deliver an ‘Atta-boy!’ to the troops on the pointy-end of things over there.

You know, the man has his faults, but he darned sure clanks when he walks.

On the Liberal side of the house:

Young Patty Kennedy, son of Teddy “Frogman of the Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, pled guilty to DUI today. When Papa sobers up, he’ll probably be very proud.

Annnnd … Zarqawi is still dead.

You know, with properly wrapped and synched liberals, we could’ve supplied the energy needs of the Left Coast for about six months off the head-spinning and running in circles.

Ah, well. Water under the bridge, and all that.

Let’s see — what else have we…

I’m pretty sure that in a safehouse somewhere in the Iraqi desert Abu Hamza al-Muhajer is banging his forehead off the wall, mumbling, “Dammit, dammit, dammit.”

Hey, Hamza, you do realize that your spear-carriers are probably running a pool as to your life expectancy, right?

By way of the lovely Michelle Malkin, we discover an Arizona cartoonist with nothing better to do than slander each and every one of the U.S. Marine Corps from the first leatherneck to sign up to the latest boot-camp graduate.

You know, I’m just a hick, red-neck, small-town cop, but I figure if the U.S. military has been investigating these allegations since the story broke, then ‘cover-up’ doesn’t quite fit.

Unless, of course, by ‘cover-up’ you are actually referring to the Main Stream Media’s continued use of a picture of innocents who had been slaughtered by insurgents (not Marines) half-a-year beforepaw as the tie-in for any Haditha stories, then you might have a point.

By-the-by, would someone ask Mr. Benson if the correct phrase is: “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” or is it: “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”?

I always kind of figured it was the former, but Mr. Benson obviously has it pegged for the latter.

Anyhoo, if you’ve got feelings about this one one way or the other, drop by The Arizona Republic and leave a note.

Until tomorrow, y’all be safe.


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