Mike Luckovich can pack his bum with salt and go piddle up a rope.

I’d like to introduce y’all to a lick-spittle little jelly-fish name of Mike Luckovich.

Mike seems to think he is somewhat of a talented editorial artiste. Shall we peruse one of his works? Why the hell not.

The “cartoon” in question is under the title “Book On Torture”. This isn’t the original title, originally it seems to have been “Pot To Kettle”, but seems Young Mikey discovered he had done hauled off and shoved his wedding tackle into a hornets nest, so he did a little crawfishing.

I thoroughly and completely wish that I actually lived in Atlanta, so that I could exercise my First Amendment right by buying every copy of this piece of filth and using it to stoke a bonfire for the purposes of burning an effigy of Mike Luckovich on the front lawn of the news office.

Mind you, that doesn’t come within 10% of demonstrating just exactly how PISSED OFF I am about this cartoon.

For those of you who might have blood pressure problems and should probably stay away from that link, allow me to describe it to you.

We have a cartoon drawing of two men, both wearing executioner hoods, the one on the right holding a knife and wearing a shirt labelled “Al Qaida”, the one on the right with a bullwhip and a PR-24 baton wearing a shirt with the American flag on the chest.

The American is reading from a book, titled “TORTURE ETIQUETTE” and instructing the Al Qaida, “I direct your attention to page 17, paragraph 9, line 4 …”

I see.

Seems that Mike Luckovich thinks that when Americans put panties on a prisoners head, it’s just as bad as Al Qaida CUTTING OFF A HEAD.

So. American violate procedure, put panties on inmate heads, let dogs bark at them and force them to deal with unveiled American women.

Al Qaida cuts genitals off. Cuts heads off. Breaks bones. Sets living people on fire.

The Americans who do the above get investigated, tried and sentenced to prison.

The Al Qaida who do the above are GODDAMNED HEROES.

Yeah. This is equal.

I swear to God, if I were kin to an American soldier who had had his genitalia cut off, been cut to ribbons, and had his arms broken before having his head sawed off, I do believe that I might consider the penalty for taking a horsewhip to Mike Luckovich on the front porch of the newspaper to be worth the jail time.

And I’m bloody well certain that were I on the jury deciding that case of horsewhipping, I damned sure would nullify the case and go out for tea.

I cannot fathom the mind that could believe that putting panties on a mans head is the moral equivalent of sawing off a mans head.

I seriously can’t.

Furthermore, I can’t understand how something that ought to be a man could be callous enough — depraved enough — to consider publishing that piece of garbage less than a week after those kids that Al Queda slaughtered were finally identified. Have those kids even gotten back home yet, much less been laid to rest?

Yet here is Mike Luckovich, ostensibly a man, making a black-and-white statement that what happened to those kids is the moral equivalent of what happened at Abu Gharib.

Hey, Mike, you pismire, tell me do, are the people who were tortured at Abu Gharib dead or alive?

Were there investigations and punishments?

Now, you worthless sack of skin, are those kids who were tortured by Al Queda still alive, or are they going home in boxes? Are the funerals going to be open or closed casket? Why?

Were there investigations and punishments?

You insignificant waste of DNA. You worthless oxygen thief. You two-bit, twinkle-toed, pansie-assed, boot-licking, split-tongued catamite. You are an inbred, gauch-eyed, boorish, ill-mannered honyock. Horsewhipping is too good for you.

You should get down on your goddamned knees and beg forgiveness of the families that are burying their dead for your unspeakable crime of comparing the torture and murder of their precious children to what happened at Abu Gharib.

Come near me, you insufferable little bastard, and I’ll spit in your face, I swear to God.


Thank you, Mr. Bush
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10 thoughts on “Mike Luckovich can pack his bum with salt and go piddle up a rope.”

  1. I have to live with him and Cynthia McKinney. Good thing I don’t bother with the AJC and stick to WSJ. Luckovich wouldn’t last long if the AJC weren’t the east coast representation of Kommiefornia. Thanks for the comments.

  2. I am right there with you – what a piece of shit. As a friend of mine is fond of saying “If you won’t stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front”

  3. Thanks for the piece, LawDog…I followed your link and read Luckovich’s defense of the cartoon. His bleat about the importance of not losing our “moral authority” was touching, but got me to thinking. What was the last war that “moral authority” won? Um, yeah. That’s what I thought.

    People like this disgust me.

  4. Spit in his face is awfully mind compared to what I had in mind if he comes near me!

  5. ‘Dog, you need to quit holding things in. Try saying just what you think some time and you’ll feel a lot better afterward.

    BTW, I agree with you 100%.

  6. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this FOOL!!!

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