An international team of scientists is excavating an Egyptian tomb and find an unmarked mummy.

The German scientists get it first, study it for a month, finally release a study proving it’s from the Middle Kingdom.

The US team goes in, does their thing for a week, then announce the mummy is from the 19th dynasty.

Then the Russian scientists go in, come out a day later, and announce it’s Amenhotep the III, 19th Dynasty, 53 years of age, ruler of Egypt for 37 years.

Everyone is stunned. “How did you discover this?” they ask.

The Russina wave a piece of paper, “He confessed.”

I post this joke, because the Russians have done had enough.

Last weekend, the Mujahedeen Shura Council, a group with ties to al-Queda, distributed the video of themselves murdering some Russian diplomats.

In response, the Russian president has, and I quote: “…ordered the special forces to take all necessary measures to find and destroy the criminals who killed Russian diplomats in Iraq”

Not, “Find them and arrest them”

Not, “Find them and bring them to trial”

Not, “Find them, but don’t violate their civil rights in the process”

Our boys hve been hampered by International opinion and embedded journalists.

The Russians flat don’t give a damn about that stuff. And when the Russians start asking questions, you can bet your last bippie that there aren’t going to be any of that panties-on-the-head kindergarten bushwa.

I realize that the Russians have been fighting insurgents in Chechnya, with aruable results.

I also realize that the Russians don’t have the American technology, assets and intelligence networks in Chechnya that are present — and accessible — in Iraq.

They may not know it yet, but it just started sucking to be involved in any way with the Mujahedeen Shura Council. And I have every confidence that they’ll be discovering that fact for themselves pretty quick.


Hey! Part 2...
Hey! Get out of there!

8 thoughts on “Whoopsie”

  1. You know, Law Dog, I was discussing this very subject with the Dearly Beloved the day we heard this story on the evening news.
    I was of the opinion that the Russkies were gonna kick some major a$$, if only they still had the resources they had back in their KGB heyday.
    The Dearly Beloved opined that we could do the same thing if we weren’t so darned concerned about the opinion of the liberal media and the rest of the world.
    I think its time to tell the liberal media and the rest of the world, who are not risking their human resources to help the Iraqis establish a democratic government, to taake a flying…leap at the moon, and do whatever is necessary to teach the insurgents other terrorists a lesson. If they pay in blood for the atrocities they commit, they may start to have second thoughts about committing the next round. Especially when their leaders start paying with their own blood!.


  2. I recall hearing about some Russian officials captured in the Beirut Invitational Hostage Olympics back during the Lebanese civil war. Certain worthies from the KGB and the spetsnaz flew in to…discuss matters. Four members of the militia suspected of organizing the abduction ended up beheaded, and one of the sheiks who heaed the milita got a visit that *strongly* suggested the diplomats be released.

    Said hint was taken, apparently….

  3. One can only hope – – Nay, one may only fervently PRAY that when the Spetsnaz arrive in-country they are extended every professional courtesy by all branches of the U.S. armed services and intelligence agencies present.

    And one further beseechs one’s Supreme Being of Choice that our people don’t climb up on their respective high horses and make noises about this being “Our” area of operations; that the striped breeches crowd don’t even THINK of insisting that the Russian SF types “clear” any sort of activities through them, the Iraqi military, or the civil authorities.
    I – – uh, ONE additionally hopes that any logistical or informational assistance requested — even HINTED for by the Russians be rendered in a prompt, cheerful, albeit low-key manner.

    Amen, so mote it be.

  4. Its’ about durned time someone with the muscle to back it up finally says this is not OK. If every country that had their people treated this way responded correctly (like the Russians), the sandbox may be a safer and nicer place.

    It would be nice to see the US military have the opportunity to respond to similar incidents with the correct degree of overwhelming force.

    Maybe we could learn something as a society from the Russians, like how not to be a bunch of pansys. Or maybe how to look out for our own.

  5. We used to know exactly how not to be a bunch of pansies and how to look out for our own. And then the multiculti, diversity-loving, God-is-dead crowd got a good grip on the levers of power right here in the good ole US of A and planted enough doubt about our right to prosper, nay exist, that too many of us now cannot and will not muster the confidence to stick out the chin and say “..and your point is?” while acting in our own best interests.

  6. I believe I had heard a story about several Russians taken as hostages…with one killed.

    Various relatives of the hostage takers were convinced to donate body parts which were then mailed to the concerned parties…and the remaining hostages were released.

    Yeah, it would be nice if we could help them out with the type of support they used to get from the KGB, but I don’t think that would happen.

  7. With all the talk of torture bandying about the internet, I haven’t seen the charming little interrogation technique known as the Coke-up-the-nose, used by our colleagues South of the border.

    After two or three iterations of that hydration technique, you’ll talk about everything. I’ve often wanted to use it stateside.

    Hopefully the Russians aren’t bothered by the ACLU.

  8. I recall reading a book on Soviet Spetsnaz training and operations and the interesting things they were trained to do with their version of the lowly shovel.
    One technique involved splitting a 4 to 6 inch diameter sapling part way down the trunk and wedging it a couple of inches apart. They would then insert soft personal items into the split and release the wedge holding the trunk open. When applied properly, the other members would become quite forthcoming with information rather than having their own soft personal items being inserted next. This was done with the full knowledge by the people undergoing interrogation that they were going to be killed upon completion, but it would be quick.
    The spetsnaz would rarely have to do this more than once per group.
    I doubt the Russian special forces will have much trouble getting answers.

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