Ah feel, Ah say, Ah feel faint.

You know, attacks of ‘the vapours’ are cute the first couple of times they get sprung on you. After that, they’re just annoying.

President Bush, while attending the closing meal of the G-8 summit, during what he thought was a private moment, told Brit PM Tony Blair — and I quote: “See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s*** and it’s over.”

Pretty accurate assessment of the situation, methinks.

Oh My Suffering Gawd. The sheer number of (metaphorical … I think) fluttering fans, wrists pressed to foreheads and artful swoonings that followed this pithy comment through the Main Stream Media and into Blogland has been…


And I say this as the proud son of a Southern Belle. Hell, my grandmother is still a Southern Belle, as are my sister, cousins, aunts, nieces and I still wonder about that one uncle.

I swear to God, I watched two reporters tip-toeing around, trying to get across to the viewers that the President of the United States used a shocking word — without using that word.

Judas Tap-Dancing Priest! Just say, “Bleep!” You’ve been doing it for years, we’ll get the point.

And then it hit BlogWorld.


Someone get me a vat of smelling salts, before I lose my ever-loving mind. Pass ’em around and be generous.

“The President used an expletive!” Artful sag onto chaise-lounge.

“I remember when American Presidents used diplomacy, instead of profanity.” Wrist pressed to back of over-heated forehead.

“We’re sooooooo embarrassed.” Frantic flutter of hands.

“Cursing like trailer trash.” Wow, I haven’t seen fan work like that since the last time Gone With The Wind hit TNT. Way to go, pseudo-Scarlett.

I can’t believe that the same people who made Deadwood a runaway hit series are honestly going to get their Hanes into a half-hitch because one frustrated man, during what he thought was a private conversation, said, “s***.”

Pull on your cowgirl panties and deal with it.

Listen up: Rockets are exploding in major cities in Israel. That’s ‘rockets’, note the plural. Artillery is hammering large parts of Lebanese real estate into something strongly resembling the face of the moon. People are dying. They’re dying slowly, quickly, painfully, shockingly, quietly, in public, in private.

Good men are dying. Bad men are dying. Women. Children. Innocents. Sinners. Dying.

And you’re outraged because your President said, “…stop doing this s*** and it’s over”???

You need to get your sodding priorities in order. There are plenty of other things to be ashamed/embarrasssed/shocked about.

This penny-ante melodramatic bulls*** is getting old.


108 degrees and counting.
Well, hello there.

13 thoughts on “Ah feel, Ah say, Ah feel faint.”

  1. I don’t see what the ruckus is about; that word was about the best way to describe the situation, IMHO.
    Maybe some of the press should start learning to say things right out, instead of pussy-footin’ around everything.

  2. I find it sort of ironic that you have no problem with Bush saying it, but you’re not willing to type out the actual word on your own blog.

    (By the way, I agree that his use of the word in what he thought was a private conversation is no big deal. I just found it amusing that you couldn’t bring yourself to use it.) 😉

  3. My ‘blog isn’t a private conversation between two adults; I didn’t tap-dance around the word for five minutes — I typed “s***” and everyone jolly well knows which word I meant — and I’ve already been on TeeVee in a dash-cam video using “s***” as both a noun and a verb, as well as other swearwords also not germaine to a (mostly)PG-rated blog.

  4. Right on! All those who are aghast at the President’s use of the word need to get their s*** together & be aghast at the REAL bad guys.

  5. I think the entire world would stand up and take notice if the President said this @#&* will stop or I will kick the living dog @#&* out of anyone that gets in my way. Especially if he did it on national television.

  6. Actually I find it rather interesting that the news reports I’ve read refer to the word in question as “profane”, “swearing”, “obsenity”. S*** (When a guest follow the house rules) is none of those, it is vulgar according to the all dictionaries I’ve consulted.

    Seems to be a bit of a problem in accuracy, should we send them a dictionary or two?


  7. Similar to the outrage generated by Cheney telling Leahy to perform an impossible anatomical feat on himself, in a one-to-one conversation, word of which got out only when Leaky Leahy blabbed yet again to the media: waaaaa, Dick told me to go f*** myself, waaaa.


  8. LawDog,
    We all know what mild expletive Bush used when he thought the microphone was turned off. The media “Mavens” knew we knew what word he used, they just thought they could pander to the prurient interest of one another and the Bush critics by blowing the incident out of proportion.

    The truth of his statement is so obvious they were trying to distract viewers attention from that by creating a diversion. I dare say it didn’t work for anyone with an iota of intelligence.

    Personally, I appreciate your inventive use of language to express outrage, anger, surprise, and other stong emotions rather than relying on the vulgar words we are bombarded with everyday in movies, on television, in magazines, and other media outlets.
    I’m no prude. I let loose with a 4 or 7 or even 12 letter word on occasion myownself, but I try to limit it to private conversations. When I started my Blog, I made a conscious decision not to use profanity. I made that decision, in part, because of reading your blog. Thank you for yet another inspiration.


  9. Y’know, sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

    W. picked out a fine, fine shovel and used it correctly and it harelipped those pussies.


    PC has been the undoing of us all.


  10. shit, shit, shit!!!!!!

    just wanted to see if:

    a) the first line will appear uncensored.
    b) if CNN is going to pick up this story, too.

  11. How ironic that these exact same critics are the same morons that applauded George Clooney for “breaking new creative ground” by using the very same word on prime-time TV…TWO YEARS AGO!

    Flintlock Tom

  12. ObIrony: I’ve also noted that the children of liberals are often the most embarraqssingly foul-mouthed individuals in the whole place. Makes you wanna kick the living qejgnw out of ’em.

  13. I too was amazed at the media making such a huge deal about the word “shit”.

    Cripes man I use that word as a shortcut to describe anything that needs no further description.

    The media people who made this comment into “psuedo-news” should be ashamed at themselves for being so childish.

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