Brainwash, rinse, repeat.

I know that the Gentle Readers are, no doubt, terribly concerned about Cindy Sheehan’s hunger-strike.

Well, in an effort to ease your concerns, we here at The LawDog Files have kept a hairy eyeball on the Queen Moonbat, and by way of The Age of Hooper, we have an updated photo of the poor, starving moonbat on Day 22 of her fast:

*blink, blink*

Only in the famous cotton-candy pink-ish fuzzy-bunny happy land inhabited by infants and liberals can you go twenty-two days on a fast/hunger-strike and not lose any weight.

You will notice that I have heroically restrained from Inserting Inappropriate Jokes Here even though under the circumstances that photo just screams for wicked commentary.

I probably deserve some kind of reward for that.


Not guilty by reason of insanity.

17 thoughts on “Brainwash, rinse, repeat.”

  1. the only satisfactory punishment for a person who would intentionally drown her children is being intentionally drowned.

  2. “I probably deserve some kind of reward for that.”

    I am officially nominating LawDog for the 2006 “I Kept My Mouth Shut” Award and whatever cash prize may or may not accompany it.

  3. Hey Dawg, perhaps you can use that Flabby Pink Commie pic to inspire your brain to finish the Pink Gorilla story! 🙂

  4. Someone call Ms. Sheehan and tell her you shouldn’t be showing rolls of fat if you’re on a hunger strike. And using the Ghandi image while you show off your zaftig frame from the “rolling hunger strike” just makes you into a fool.

    I swear, I could run Cindy Sheehan better as an anti-war protestor than the CodePink people are doing. Were I her puppet master, Sheehan wouldn’t be a laughingstock amongst the right side of the blogosphere. Then again, she might also be a bit thinner were I here handler about now.

  5. “I swear, I could run Cindy Sheehan better as an anti-war protestor than the CodePink people are doing. “

    Of course you could!!!!! That’s because you have an ability to use LOGIC and make rational decisions and EVALUATE things. Which is why your NOT part of CodePink or any other commie groups…. Makes sense, huh?

  6. Lawdog why are you wasting your time writing about this attention whore? Seriously if we just ignore her long enough she will go away,

  7. Lawdog,

    You could always make some appropriate jokes about someone who gains weight on a hunger strike…

  8. Didn’t I read somewhere that Cindy
    Sheetforbrains can only have fruit smoothies and protien shakes on her “hunger strike”?

  9. She just bought 5 acres in Crawford, Texas. I bet she wants to settle down there and live a quiet life with the remainder of her son’s life insurance money.

  10. Then maybe Ted Nugent can have a “hunting accident”since he’ll be right next door!

  11. This just in: Doctors want to talk to Cindy Sheehan to do research on her fast. The results could be groundbreaking in the treatment of women with eating disorders around the world.

  12. I move that Cindy Sheehan take Andrea “Crazy as a Rabid Frog) Yates’s place in prison. It’s always much better publicity to do a hunger strike in prison. 😉

  13. Just remember, folks; Cindy Sheehan just bought 5 acres in Crawford, TX and Casey Sheehan STILL does not have a gravestone. Maybe we on the Right need to take up a collection for Casey Sheehan’s gravestone, since this is another US trooper whom the Left has forgotten about.

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