Israel and Hezbollah: cease-fire?

William R. Higgins, Colonel, USMC
–Kidnapped and tortured to death by Hezbollah.

William Francis Buckley, LTC, US Army/CIA Station Chief, Beirut
–Kidnapped and tortured to death by Hezbollah.

US Embassy, Beirut
–Bombed by Hezbollah, 63 dead.

USMC Barracks, Beirut
–Bombed by Hezbollah, 241 dead.

Second US Embassy, East Beirut
–Bombed by Hezbollah, 22 dead.

Robert Stetham, US Navy, Passenger, Hi-jacked TWA Flight 847
–Beaten and executed by gunshot to the head by Hezbollah

This doesn’t even count the multiple Western hostages taken.

Some folks think that Israel ought to cease-fire. I figure there’s whole bunch of U.S. ghosts — who got that way courtesy of Hezbollah torture, and Hezbollah bombs, and Hezbollah bullets to the head — that might not feel kindly towards a cease-fire.

Bugger Hezbollah. They’ve been daring the thunder for too long. Time to dance with the lightning.

And I hope a whole bunch of pissed-off USMC squaddies are waiting to personally nail your wretched little rotten souls to Hell’s front gate.


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17 thoughts on “Israel and Hezbollah: cease-fire?”

  1. Why do the bleeding left never get it? is that why they are called the bleeding left, because their actions lead to Americans bleeding? at some point you have to just stop and kill them all, otherwise it just keeps going on and on.

  2. Edmund Burke said many years ago, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Let’s put this Israel – Hezbollah thing on a personal level. I’m living in a neighborhood along with my family where I am the minority. I built my house from scratch and made my yard into an oasis in desolate surroundings. I don’t want to leave my house due to all the effort and love I poured into it. My next door neighbor kidnaps two members of my family and then start throwing hand grenades over the fence into my back yard. I find out that they have tortured and killed those they kidnapped. I don’t call the police (UN) since I know they will just try and talk to the neighbors and ask them to stop killing my family and please, pretty please stop throwing hand grenades over the fence into my yard. I don’t go into the surrounding neighborhoods (rest of the world) and try and get them to help me since this is my problem. So I send a message to the neighbors that I will give them an appropriate amount of time to remove their family members (non-combatants) from harms way because I’m coming to retrieve those they tortured and killed, then I will beat them severely about the head and shoulders to teach them not to commit such heinous acts against my family again. And I will keep beating them severely until they promise they will not do it again. I will also promise them that if they commit any such acts in the future they will suffer the consequences of their actions.

    Now, you tell me if those who are calling for a cease fire wouldn’t do the same thing as the family described above. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t. And what does that say about them? Not much.

  3. The only thing these monsters understand is force.

    The response to terrorism has been inconsistant over the last 35 years. Negotiations, appeasment and empty threats do nothing to curb kidnappings, bombings and other cowardly atacks.

    Maybe if we took captured hezbollah
    to a hog rendering plant and televised each terrorist being boiled alive in pork fat….

  4. Lawdog, I almost kicked in my TV when I saw the UN Suckweasel Jan England sp? (same dude that said Americans were stingy right after the tsunami) saying that there were many “residences” destroyed by the Israelis.

    What does he think the rockets Hezbollah is firing at Israel are doing?

    The UN is totally useless and should be disbanded.

    The President should just sit back, not comment on the present situation, and say he is “analyzing”. Let it go for a year or so…

  5. Three weeks ago come Thursday, I was standing in front of the Beruit Memeorial, the tribute to those men killed in the Barracks. It stands, not in Washington DC, on the list of ‘must see’items for a tourist but hidden in a grove of trees just off the gate near Camp Johnson and Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC.

    On THAT wall, in letters over a foot tall is inscribed, “They came in Peace”. Now their peace is of the grave and memory. We have not brought their killers to an earthly justice. But I share that hope of heavenly justice.

  6. Time to dance with the lightning.

    Gott-damn, that’s good. I hope it happens that way.

  7. I heard a comment on the radio that said a Hezbollah official was surprized at the strenght and determination of the Israeli people.

    I think the terrorists take advantage of our (the civilized people) usual distaste for killing “innocents”. They’ve gotten complaicent it seems.

    Enough is enough. If the terrorists only understand violence as a correction or deterrance, then violence against them is mandated by the fact that no other response has worked.

    They shall reap what they have sown.

  8. I also read the Podhoretz piece…so true.

    I’m reminded that the French only won in Algeria after their troops were given permission to be as barbaric as the rebels. They they gave up the colony in shame for what they had done to keep it.

    If we can’t respond in kind, we might as well kiss our butts goodbye.

    Are there enough of us left to go Medieval on their asses…I don’t know. I hope so.

  9. – What’s a problem? YOU are half world away.
    – Wow, YOU have interest? It’s YOUR problem.
    – YOU _DO_ CARE? go on, enlist yo…

  10. I think you’re trying to say something, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.

  11. Hang on, you can’t give Hezbollah too much credit – we’re the US! We do everything better than anybody! Including torture – Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, right?

    Ah what the hell – let the Israelis bomb the guts out of Lebanon’s citizens, after all, it’s their fault for not being tough about harbouring terrorists in their midst. Never mind if that was because the terrorists had defended them against a hostile Israeli occupation – kinda like what we have in Iraq, dig it?

    You right-wing nut jobs aren’t much hack at complexity are ya? If it ain’t black and white, you’ll rearrange or omit the facts till it is. Then the rest of the world can go screw itself and you can crack open a beer in your living rom behind your white picket fence.

  12. I’ll retract that statement.

    I got no beef against you folks. I’m not crazy about the state of the world either.

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