Spice weasels

Hit my favorite grocery on the way home from work and discovered …

Spice Weasels!

This is just flat neater than puppy stuff. Somebody at McCormick needs to get a raise this year.


One Steakhouse Seasoning Spice Weasel*
However many rib-eye steaks you want
Fresh lemon
Olive oil

About an hour before you fire up the grill, grab your Spice Weasel and firmly dose both sides of your steaks.

Allow them to meditate undisturbed in their spicy glory, until your grill is good and hot, then bung your steaks onto the grill until medium rare.

Gently place your steaks on a platter, squeeze lemon over both sides, followed by a gentle drizzle of olive oil (between one-half to one teaspoon per side, according to taste) and let set on the counter under cover for about five or so minutes.

Serve with a salad and a good micro-brewed stout.


*In the cartoon Futurama there is a recurring minor character named Elzar who is a chef, and is followed by weasels. When Elzar wishes to spice up a dish, he grabs a weasel, holds it over the food, and squeezes. The ‘spice weasel’ then sneezes a cloud of spice onto the food.

Well, I think it’s funny, but my sense of humour is widely considered to be a bit … off.

Andrea Yates, part II

9 thoughts on “Spice weasels”

  1. Idunno, LD — those grinder caps have a way of going toothless toward the end of the bottle.

  2. YUMMMMM. And I just took delivery of a beef quarter this morning. Looks like it’s time to fire up the grill tonight.

    nathaniel – good point. Thinking that when it gets to that point, I can run the unground mix through my pepper mill or the food processor and use pre-ground.

  3. Spice Weasel?? That link went to the little peppermill style spice grinders they sell. I’ve used them before and they are pretty decent, but I could find no reference to the term Spice Weasel on the link…

  4. Which episode of Futurama had the Spice Weasels. I MUST see it. 😀


  5. Futureama…that explains it! I haven’t watched it much, and never saw a Spice Weasel in the few episodes I had seen. Thanks Dawg for the clarification!

  6. There are spice weasels in just about every episode Elzar appears in. “Bender Gets Made” is the only one I can name.

  7. Against our better judgement, let’s kick it up a notch. Bam!

    On the down side, I cannot find any actual spice weasels at the location indicated. 🙁

  8. Lawdog,

    Found your blog following a link from another gunblog.
    Fine stuff. I read a couple of months worth. I think you’re pulling your punches for the general reading public, but you are still coming in 5 by 5 at my location.

    Semper Fidelis,

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