I’d like to extend a paw of greeting to the readers from The Other Side of Kim, The Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, and The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

All three Internet heavyweights saw fit to mention my little scribblings on their respective pages today, and as a result my poor SiteMeter is probably running for its life right now.

Appreciate it, folks. Hope y’all enjoy the scribbles.


Shut up. Sit down. Be silent.
The Paw of Approval

3 thoughts on “Cor…”

  1. This. Is. Great. I love your blog! Papa Ray suggested I check you out, you are now checked and I am enjoying my visit immensely. Just laughed my ___ off reading You have the right to shut up! (below). Thank you! Needed that!

  2. Hey, LawDog, just ‘discovered’ you – Great site – I’m about 30 miles outside Houston – don’t be surprised if a few former Marines show up – one of’em was educated in the UK, which I figure you were, too – your spelling gives it away ……………..
    Semper Fi’

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