Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Not exactly sure who’s actually quoted there, although it’s most often attributd to Albert Einstein.

Looks like Israel is going to agree to a cease-fire.

Just out of curiosity, how many cease-fires has Israel agreed to so far? Have any of these cease-fires resulted in lasting peace?


Yet, here they go again.

There is one way that this cease-fire is going to result in peace. That way is for the UN Peacekeeping Force in South Lebanon to kill anyone in South Lebanon who points a weapon towards Israel.

That’s it, folks. Period. Full stop. End of story.

And there is no way that this is going to happen. The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces do not have the testicular fortitude to pull the trigger.

Hezbollah will be able to drive a 6X6 truck onto the roof of a UN bunker, load up 12 Katyusha rockets and then ask a UN troopie to give them a light for the fuze — which the troopie will do — bombard Israel and then drive off with nothing more than muttered protests from the Peacekeepers.

Oh, the Peacekeepers will fire off a memo to UN Headquarters, where the UN will debate the issue for six months, before signing yet another sanction, and snivelling to Hezbollah High Command. And the Hezbollah HMFICs will promptly make diplomatic noises, send the UN off with a pat on their little behinds, and then continue shooting at Israel.


Can anyone tell me what the UN is actually good for?

Other than giving Third World despots an official excuse to think they’re the equal of the civilized world — oh, and to give rapists official credentials to use when they’re extorting sex for food.

To hell with it. What will it cost to ship the entire UN building — lock, stock and piglet — from New York to Jerusalem?

I will happily pay — just this one time — double my yearly taxes, if the extra funds would be dedicated to shipping that pustulent pismire of parasitic political pudding-heads to Jerusalem, immediately.

Y’all want to futz around? Fine, you get to dodge suicide bombers and rockets for a while.

It’d do the UN, Israel and the United States a world of good for the United Nations to get a closer look at the problem in Israel.



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Oh. My. Gawd.

8 thoughts on “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

  1. “Can anyone tell me what the UN is actually good for?”

    ?Target practice?
    Only thing I can think of.

  2. Howsomever, it looks like the Izzies are confusing the hell out of everybody. While they’re making nice about wanting a ceasefire, they just intensified their efforts against the Hezzies, per a Intel update.

    izzies ain’t stupid. They know full well that a soldier, stationed at a border crossing checkpoint with Lebanon, was kidnapped within full view of a blue Helmet–who did nothing at all. I rather doubt (he said as a deliberate understatement) that the Izzies have any more use for the UN than any of us. After all, they have first hand knowledge; we’re all hearsay.

    Actually, where the Hezzies are actually winning the real propaganda war is not vis-a-vis the Western Liberals. It’s with the various Arab countries: This is the first time any Arab group has lasted more than a few days against the IDF. The possibilities/probabilities in the times to come is open to debate, of course–and I’m not an Arabist…


  3. Israel need some time to regroup and plan. The “cease fire” will help. Then they can continue destroying their enemies.

  4. I’ll also be willing to pay twice my normal taxes for a year to see that the U.N. building gets shipped to Jerusalem.

    I’d pay twice that amount to see it rocketed into the Sun, though.

    But it would be far cheaper just to have some competent demolition crew place the charges and bring the whole stinking building down. Preferably while the staff is at work.

  5. I’ve known people who thought the UN was just wonderful. When you asked the to point out just one thing that had actually been DONE by the UN, they’d generally start listing agreements.

    When you pointed out the agreements weren’t worth the paper and ink they were printed with, it didn’t matter; it was the fact that THEY’D MADE A RESOLUTION or AN AGREEMENT that counted. Always frustrated the hell out of me.

  6. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.” I don’t know where that came from originally, but I can tell you some folks who have been making good use of it for decades: The 12-Step Groups (Alcoholics Anonymous and their myriad spin-offs). It applies to a practicins alcoholic who knows his drinking is causing problems, really cares about the problems, but keeps on trying halfway measures–in circumstances where halfway measures avail nothing at all.

    “Halfway measures” for an alcoholic might constitute changing what you drink; drinking only beer; drinking only on weekends, etc., etc. It can also include resolving over and over not to drink too much. The mark of the truly full-blown alcoholic is that he does such activities not for years but for decades and still seems to believe that he’s just about to get it all under control and everything will be cool.

    The key in the U.N. and its deluded supporters is essentially the same as the truly deluded alchololic: Denial. They have practiced denial so long and so assiduously that most of their energy is in fact devoted to denial–convincing themselves that a problem does not exist and/or that it is not as serious as it actually is.

    What is the U.N. good for? For helping deluded head-in-the-sand fools pretend that the problem can be successfully addressed by passing resolutions and making agreements. People whose working philosophy of life–though they would be first to DENY it–is that the most important thing with the really difficult problems is to convince yourself that effective action is being taken, and therefore to DENY the true danger and cost involved in addressing the problem, let alone the appalling cost of leaving it unsolved.

    A grim assessment, but though I am not perfect in this regard myself, I refuse to DENY the seriousness of the situation or the extent of the cupability of all those people who prefer denial to truth.

    LogEyed Roman

  7. “…pustulent pismire of parasitic political pudding-heads…”

    Such wonderful alliteration. Another reason I read your blog daily, Lawdog.

  8. I keep hearing that Hezbollah has gained great standing in the Arab world by being able to stand up to the IDF longer than any other Arab military force.

    Hezbollah accomplished this by locating its installations and units amongst civilians thus vastly increasing the Lebanese civilian death toll.

    With friends such as Hezbollah, you don’t need enemies.

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