20 thoughts on “A lawyer?

  1. *GRIN*

    Ain’t the ‘Net great!

    Next thing you know Dawg will be accused of being a Pink Gorilla…



  2. To her credit (not that she needs it — she has much to her credit), she’s responsible for me finding this blog some time ago. And act for which I’m quite appreciative.

    And I must admit (and can hopefully safely say as a humble public servant myself), you write far too well for a new reader to believe you’re in law enforcement.


  3. I’ll tell ya though, my wife and I have been wondering about your education, both formal and informal.

    You clearly have a broad base of experience, knowledge, and education; but it would seem that more of your education is personal rather than formal.

    This would be especially true given your intelligence, native curiosity, and the experiences you’ve shared about your upbringing.

    My thought is that you’ve had a bachelors degree, but no further; and would most likely consider anything further a waste of time.

    Now as to what your major was… lord knows, but I’m guessing either history, or some type of engineering.

  4. What’s that saying, when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail? I think I found you when researching a legal topic, saw “law” in the name, and, well, since up until recently I worked with lawyers…. LawDog equalled “lawyer” more than “law enforcement” to my brain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have to admit that it took a while for me to figure out you were law enforcement when I found this blog. You seem to have a sense of humor and concern for your fellow man – not qualities that jive with 90% of my experiences with cops.

  6. Well, at least she didn’t call ya a Dodge Dealer.

    Who notes some insults are unforgiveable.

  7. You certainly took that observation with equanimity, rather than the expected and justifiable umbrage…

  8. This reminds me of the joke about the gorilla walking throught the woods and finding the lion eating elephant……

  9. I’m a paralegal working for a public defender’s office and I know that the cops are just about as informed as are the lawyers. They know what they can do and what the charging authorities can do with the info the cops come up with. The one problem I have is that the cops tend to push really stupid people into saying more than they really should. Yeah, the guy is PROBABLY guilty, but he’s too stupid to know that he should SHUT UP. And they usually don’t. Much to the delight of the charging authorities. However, I’m a republican/libertarian working in a liberal stronghold! Lawdog, you ROCK.

  10. She thought you were a lawyer?

    There was a time when such an accusation would have led to pistols for two, coffee for one.


  11. Ian, I walked into a juvenile probation office the other day to inquire about a job (they seemed interested). Having been taught good manners, I put on a clean pressed long-sleeved shirt and a decent tie that matched my brown slacks. No suitcoat or sports jacket. No Rolex or other jewelry. The enormous armed security guard just inside the door at the metal detector asked me if I were an attorney. “I didn’t come here to be insulted, sir!” I snapped.

    “Well, you look like a…” –he trailed off here. I scowled at him with that same Toshirรด Mifune look that Sanjuro gave the dog carrying a human hand in the street in _Yojimbo_. He went back to his magazine.

    –Matt G.

  12. I know the girl… I’m sure she didn’t intend the insult.


  13. That poor girl. She doesn't realize that this is a mortal insult to most people. Must be wary of such strong words, someone might be a little….miffed at this.

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