No Muss, No Fuss Omelette

Take three eggs, crack ’em and dump them into a ziplock baggie, add salt and pepper to taste.

Throw in a palm full of cheddar cheese, a palm full of chopped red onion and a palm full of cooked sausage or ham or whatever floats your boat.

Seal your ziplock baggie, and place ziplock baggie inside of another ziplock baggie. You don’t want a lot of air in either baggie, because heated air expands, and that could be bad for Domestic Bliss, but you don’t have to get paranoid about it, either. When you’re sealing the baggies, just kind of vent any spare air.

Seal and shake well.

Drop your ziplock baggies into a pot of boiling water, until omelette has achieved the desired consistency, usually somewhere between five and ten minutes.

Fish baggie out of boiling water, open and deposit omelette on plate, throw away baggies.



Oh. My. Gawd.
Cynthia McKinney -- again.

9 thoughts on “No Muss, No Fuss Omelette”

  1. put it just a bit of milk, say one teaspone per 2 eggs, or just a little bit of creamchease (same amount as milk) and it will have a richer flavor.

  2. In all the years I’ve cooked, I’ve never tried that before. There’s a first time for everything though!

    Sounds like an easy way to do it AND with almost zero clean-up! That works for me!

  3. Been doin’ this for more than twenty years. I use a Seal-A-Meal though, because you really do not want to risk one of these things springing a leak in your backpack.

  4. Every time I heat something in a Zip-Lock it tastes like plastic.

    Too picky?

    Flintlock Tom

  5. Great idea lawdog! That would be a good way to make several omeletes at once.

    Another trick I learned was the quick egg mcmuffin.

    You take a coffee cup spray the inside with non-stick spray or smear with butter. beat one egg in the cup fold in a piece of ham or pre-cooked sausage and top with a slice of cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds let it cool for 15 seconds then microwave for 30 more seconds

    It pops out of the cup perfectly and you can put it on a bagel, biscuit or english muffin.

  6. That’s a grand idea there; I’ll have to try it one of these days.

    Dagamore – I’ve noticed that adding milk also gives eggs a lighter texture (although I generally use a bit more than you suggest).

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