Verrry eenteresting…

The Gentle Reader may or may not know that there has been some controversy surrounding the death of civilians at Qana.

The controversy revolves around some photos of the rescue effort taken by a photo-journalist named Adnan Hajj.

In the eyes of your Humble Scribe, the photos I have seen seem a touch squirrely compared to crime scene photos I have seen — and testified to — concerning similar circumstances.

The photos — in and of themselves — are not enough to persuade me to scream, “Staged!” or “Faked!” without other independant evidence …

Guess who just got suspended from Reuters for a badly photo-shopped war picture?

Mr. Adnan Hajj submitted a photo to Reuters of the results of the Israeli bombing in Beirut. Alert bloggers noticed that the billowing smoke in the photo had a really odd repeating pattern.

And then someone noticed that the buildings in the photo had a really odd repeating pattern…


Tip of the Stetson to Little Green Footballs and

Kind of makes for a wee bit of suspicion regarding previous photos, hmm?


Oh, Judas Priest!
From the Comments: Misusing 'liberal'

6 thoughts on “Verrry eenteresting…”

  1. The man remarkably resembles Mike Moore. I wonder if he is using some of the latest makeup techniques and leading a double life?

  2. Just more proof that the media will resort to ANYTHING to make a buck.

    Talk about being slimey…

  3. I have been in EMS for 17 years, and I have seen my share of dead bodies (even children) and some of those kids do not look dead. One of them even looks fairly pink, especially for a corpse.

  4. I work in Adobe Photoshop professionally … while this amateurish crap is easy to spot, I can guarantee you that I’ve personally done work that would require experts with microscopes to figure out wasn’t real.

    So lets thank God that this particular propagandist is incompetent.

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