Okay, first things first: To the right, you should be seeing the first picture of the sprog.

The last time we did this, it was a wee bit more of a surprise. This one’s older brother still had a week or so left on the timer when he got a bit impatient and I got a phone call at work, saying, “Congratulations! You’re an uncle!”

I headed over to the hospital, hoofed it up to the maternity floor, asked for the room at the nurses station and trundled down to visit.

The fact that I was in full uniform didn’t really dawn on me until later.

The new daddy took the opportunity to go get some sleep, so I sat in the room for a while making appropriate noises at the kid while mama dozed.

I didn’t find out for a while that a couple of the nurses saw a fully-uniformed officer sitting in the room, and came to an understandable, yet completely erroneous conclusion: they assumed that new mama was a jail inmate.

Of course, once I discovered this, I didn’t help matters much — after the snickering stopped — by telling every staff member who walked into the room that mama was the prime suspect in a Federal Grand Mopery case.

What can I say? I’m shameless.

Anyhoo, I get off work for this one (wearing my S.O. uniform), drive over to the hospital, step off the elevator, and before I can even open my mouth, five nurses point down the hall and tell me the room number.

Apparently Little Mother fully briefed the nursing staff, so as to avoid a repeat of the “Grand Mopery Suspect” bit again.

Oh, well. Foiled again.

Life is good.


Bad victim! Bad, bad victim!
North Texas/Southern Oklahoma Public Safety BBQ Cook-Off.

9 thoughts on “Voila!”

  1. LD, I’m sure you realize not all babies are cute or good looking, but that one sure is! That’s one good-looking little tyke.

    I bet Brian already has the nurses all wrapped around his little finger. 🙂

    Job well done, and congratulations once again!

  2. OMG teh cute!!!1

    Seriously, he’s almost as cute as MY kids were. And my kids were the cutes babies ever in the history babyness. And that’s a completely objective, unbiased statement. So you know you’ve got a good one.

  3. Absolutely adorable! Hope he has his uncle’s sense of humor. Congrats to all!

  4. How adorable! Congratulations all around.

    (You have a problem now, Law Dog. Having posted one photo of the sprog, we will want more at regular intervals to check his progress. Too-sudden withdrawal from such cuteness — cold turkey — is too much to expect.)

  5. LD,

    You must be married to a Texas girl cause that is one pretty baby. I read somewhere that conservatives are having a lot more babies than liberals. I am glad to see you are doing your part.

    Thanks for making Texas a safer place and God bless you and yours.


    David Rogers

  6. This is the week for babies – friends of ours became grandparents for the first time – when ‘himself’ is a little older, might want to introduce him to Cadence Louise – both her Dad & Grandpa are former Marines ……………….
    Your newest nephew is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Semper Fi’

  7. Congrats, and PLEASE make sure he receives his own Tazmanian Devil T-Shirt!

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