I started this blog on 24FEB2006. On 5JUN2006, I finally bribed someone to hook me up to SiteMeter.

Today, according to SiteMeter, at 0910 local time my 100,000th visitor logged in by way of ComCast from Fremont, California.

100,000 visits.

It’s kind of humbling to think that folks have popped in to my blog a hundred thousand times just to read my little scribblings.

Thank you.


From the Comments on the Cooper article
A sample of the writing of Jeff Cooper.

16 thoughts on “100,000”

  1. People come here because you’ve got an excellent blog. You stories are fantastic and you write them well. You make this site a warm and welcoming place to be, and I thank you for that.

    Congratulations, LD. I hope many more visitors will stop by to read you and show their appreciation.

  2. No surprise here, Law Dog. News travels fast especially when it concerns an intelligent, witty, instructional and welcoming site such as yours. Here’s to the next 100k!

  3. Congratulations, LawDog. You have a wonderful site here, and it’s great to hear that so many enjoy your wit and wisdom.

  4. Congratulations, LawDog. You have a wonderful site here, and it’s great to hear that so many enjoy your wit and wisdom.

  5. We’re just coming back for the end of the pink gorilla suit story ;^)

    Your entries are well-crafted, thought out and informative. They make me both think and laugh.

  6. You had your readership set already from your stories posted on the highroad and TFL.

    They were chomping at the bit for you to start putting stories out there in a forum of your own.

    Here’s to the next 100k

  7. I checked your blog this morning about 7:10 PDT from my home computer thru Comcast, so I might have had the honor of being your multi-zero visit.

    Mr. Dog Sir, I’ve been a fan of yours for years — ever since I started visiting THR and TFL and discovered “the Lawdog Files”.

    I’ve eagerly followed your antics with Santa, Armadillos and Emus, and am still holding my breath over the Pink Gorilla tale.

    What I’m trying to say is, You’ve earned your following.

    Thank you.

    “Old Fud”

  8. LD, during these times of unrest, chaos and insanity, people are looking for someone that is uncompromising in their values and can see the humorous side in almost every situation. They are looking for a sane view of the illogical and bizarre things that occur in our upside down world and are in search of some relief from their frantic lives (such as me). Your blog site is such a place. I pray that you continue to keep us on track, entertained and informed as to what’s going on in your life. Thanks again.


  9. At least 5 times a week – more if I take the laptop home over the weekend.

    The family LOVED the series on the Ratel.


  10. LawDog, I find most blogs in the range from insipid to uninspired.

    Yours is the ONLY one I read and I have a shortcut for it on my desktop. You just can’t post often enough for me!

  11. Now don’t go gett’n all puffed up over yourself…I accidently happened upon your blog while surfing for dog porn.

    Flintlock Tom

  12. Congrats! I know I visit your blogs at least once a day to see if you have posted anything new and I tell everyone I know about your hilarious stories and awesome writing style.
    Please don’t stop! You’re on my “favorites” list…

  13. LawDog,

    I check your pade many times a day. I deal with stupidity on a regular basis and your writings make a bad day(most of them) better for me..and its educational to boot.


  14. I just keep coming back for pictures, only to find every time, there are none.

    I’ll continue to come back to look for them, I just know that one day ..

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

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