By way of Lady Tam and PDB I discover that the inclusion of certain … things … in your blog is a sure-fire way to increase your hit count.

*blink, blink*

In the interests of science, let us run an experiment to see if the number of hits here at The LawDog Files does increase:

Voila! One pair of boobies.

This practice is apparently referred to as “Tits For Hits”.

*scratch, scratch*

In honour of that apt description here is a bunch of young tits by way of a hidden camera.

I foresee some difficulty in getting them to read news or opinions, but since most of you just want to watch, I guess that’s not really a problem.


(I am so going to hell for this one.)


Lord, what fools these mortals be!
Oh, well

18 thoughts on “Booby-blogging.”

  1. LOL! I was pretty sure that this was some sort of gag, but I did not see that one coming!

  2. Okay, everyone step slowly back from the keyboard; keep both hands in sight. Now, take several deep breaths, and… Stop that laughing!

    Love them all. OldeForce

  3. Cute LD, very cute. Same for the jugs and ass in the comments. And the snatch was …well quite hairy.

  4. So that’s why people used to use the word “blue” to refer to all of that kinda stuff. {wink}

  5. I thought that was clever and responsible. I bet your hit count does indeed rise.

  6. I was just as curious (and not the least bit embarrassed) as everyone else. I clicked the links too. 😉

  7. LMFAO, I can’t wait to see the email about my internet usage at work for this one!!! Thanks LD

    (and to give you an idea about the type of email I am expecting my work email ends with a .gov so should be interesting to say the least)

  8. I’ve always thought baby birds were cute in an ugly sorta way. 😉

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