Boy, there ain’t nothing like …

… an 8 kb/s download speed. And I’m paying through the sinus cavities for DSL … why, exactly?

Do note that the numeral in the above sentence is an ‘8’. I’m given to understand that back in the late Jurassic, the benchmark speed for modems was 14.4 kb/s.


Let’s see if this is even possible.


Huzzah! We’re up!


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6 thoughts on “Boy, there ain’t nothing like …”

  1. Well Lawdog, the 14.4 kb/s modem speed you refer to is Kilobaud. The 8 kb/s speed is Kilobytes. They are pretty different in measuring speed, as bytes are the data, and as I understand it, baud is symbols representing data.

    This will explain the difference between them much better than I can.

    Keep up the good stories Lawdog, I look forward to reading them, once your ISP gets off their rear and fixes your horrible connection speed.

  2. I had to dump DSL when I moved to a new neighborhood that was at the far end of the exchange.

    I went from 384k to 15k and still paid $70 a month.

    Now I have Cable which is faster but prone to interruptions.

  3. LD,

    I know you mention the DSL problem, but do you do regular maintenance on your machine, such as:

    Adaware or Ewido
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    CleanUp! or Crap Cleaner (CC)
    Swyware Guard
    Spyware Blaster
    Panicware Popup Stopper

    Also, if you have too many programs running in the background, that can slow your machine up too. A program like StartUp Mechanic or WinPatrol takes the guess work out of messing w/ your System Config. options.

    Even though this might not have anything to do w/ your issue, it doesn’t hurt to have the necessary tools to help keep your machine running smoothly.

    Anyway, hope you get things in order w/ your PC soon.

  4. Geography made my ISP more expensive than the usual rate, and I had to have a second phone line because of aging relatives’ need for contact.

    I went to satellite and Wild Blue. Break even on the money, given my circumstance. Speed? Wonderful!

    Caveat: Thick clouds interrupt service, as with satellite TV…

    Worth it.

    :), Art

  5. DL speed is governed a lot by the server you’re DLing from meaning your ISP may give you a Big Pipe but if the wellpump is slow, the water will be a trickle. I supposedly have a 6mb/s connection here (cable) and very seldom have I hit those speeds. You can try an online bandwidth test like the one at cNet:
    Bandwidth Meter
    It’ll give you a better idea as to what your ISP is allowing you. Hope that linky thingy works.

  6. 8kb/s DL speed is actually pretty good as far as dial-ups go. Since I’m trying to switch to DSL, please tell me they’re normally much faster.

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