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Having a war and a simple good/evil us/them worldview is apparently what’s needed to get Americans all going in the same direction. Americans don’t see shades of grey… Only black and white, and WE are allways wearing the white hat, no matter what.

What direction are we going, LawDog?

Here is part of the problem: everyone I talk to says a variation of the same thing: Americans don’t see shades of gray.

Horse hockey.

All that we see these days is shades of gray — and it’s rendering us completely impotent.

Let me correct that: all that the Mainstream Media sees is shades of gray, and that’s what they feed to American households with every news broadcast, and every written word.

Don’t believe me?

Watch the evening news and then honestly answer — Israel: Good guys, bad guys, or just not quite as bad as Hezbollah?

Watch the evening news. For the purpose of this we will postulate that Terrorism is black. Now … America’s use of secret prisons to hold high-level terror Bad Guys: Good idea (White), almost as bad as the terrorists (Gray) or just as bad as the terrorists (Black)?

Abu Gharib prison? Black, White or Gray?

WE are allways wearing the white hat, no matter what.

When was the last time the Media showed us wearing a white hat in this? When?

Was it during the screams for War Crime Trials after the gun camera footage of the AH-64 Apache killing a pack of insurgents burying rockets in a field and hiding under trucks?


Was it when the Media insisted on showing a photo of Iraqis executed by insurgents, but labeling them as the victims of American Marines?


The last time we wore the white hats, we deliberately created a firestorm in the city of Dresden and burned between 35,000 and 100,000 civilians into cinders. C’est la guerre.

Now, some backstreet Baghdad beggar child gets nicked by a ricocheting round fired by an American dogface, and the Media goes into heart palpitations.

The last time we wore white hats, we introduced not one, but two Japanese cities to the wonders of their own, personal plasma fireballs. Invasion would cost American lives, so we punted the Japanese half-way back to the Big Bang. C’est la guerre.

Now, gun camera footage of an F-16 dropping a 500 pound go-to-hell message on a pack of rioting insurgents rushing American positions causes the Media to just about wet their purty pink panties.

I don’t know about you, cowboy, but anyone who thinks our own Media has been portraying America as wearing the white hat needs to wake up and smell the tabouleh.

Do I think we need to nuke some cities again? Hell, no. Do I think we need to create a firestorm in a populated area again? Hell, no.

What I do think is that we — and by “we” I mean the Sheol-be-damned Media — needs to grow a thick skin. We are in a war. Period. Full stop. End of debate. War.

War is hell. People who didn’t deserve it are going to get injured in a war. Innocent folks are going to die during a war. This is a Bad Thing, but the time to feel sorry about it, the time to apologize for it, is AFTER the war is over.

I feel sorry for the kids who catch ricochets. Let America do all it can to amend for this — as soon as the Bad Guys are dead. Not before, and not during.

I feel sorry for those folks whose houses get blown to kindling by American arty. We should help those people — just as soon as the last terrorist in that area starts his dirt nap. Not before, and not during.

We’re a kind and generous nation. We rebuilt Germany, we rebuilt Italy and we rebuilt Japan — after we finished the war.

Same rules apply — we will rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, but that rebuilding should wait until after the war.
What direction are we going, LawDog?

I don’t have a clue. I can tell you what direction I’m afraid that we’re going:

The Media is going to continue to tell the American people that if we hurt anyone we’re just as bad as the terrorists. They’ll continue to tell the American people that we can’t risk the lives of American military.

So, we’ll pull up our skirts and leave Iraq and Afghanistan.

And — with no handy place for budding jihadists to go die in — they’ll wind up in America.

Probably right over the southern border that the Media keeps telling us that it’s racist and a violation of rights to enforce.

And they’ll start dying here.

For those of you who don’t believe me, see World Trade Centre, 26FEB1993 — less well known as World Trade Centre Attack #1.

And, in retaliation, American will do the only retaliation that is Media-approved: We’ll use Tomahawk cruise missiles. Probably on another godsdamned aspirin factory.

And the Media will tell us how surgical, and good, and enlightened, and caring we were in that attack.

And they’ll hit us again. And we’ll slam another 20 million dollar missile into another ten dollar [deleted] tent. And the Media will tell us again how righteous this response is.

And sooner or later, a stolen Russian nuke (or a donated Iranian nuke) will go off in a port city — SanFran, San Diego, Houston, you name it.

And America will want to crush those who would dare — but those who would dare won’t be lining up in Iraq anymore. And those who would dare won’t be dying in Afghanistan anymore.

They’ll be in Quebec — where we can’t send troops. They’ll be in Mexico City — where we can’t cluster bomb. They’ll be in Madrid — where the 4th ID can’t patrol.

They’ll hit us with big stuff at will. And because the Media has given them enough time to get entrenched in the cities of our allies, we won’t be able to bomb their riots — we’ll have to arrest them. They’ll ram our skyscrapers and kill thousands — we’ll shoot one of them while he’s resisting arrest. They’ll crack freighters loaded with poison gas in our port cities, kill and maim uncounted innocents — we’ll arrest three of them.

Since you asked: THAT is the direction that I’m afraid we’re going.


Col. Cooper

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  1. Hey LD.
    Just passing the word – They just announced former governor Ann Richard’s death

  2. ‘Dog,
    I.too, am afraid we’re heading to a very hot place in an woven object for carring items to market.
    I’m just glad the Dearly Beloved has taught me how to shoot. Now he has to teach me how to handload.

    I’m also real glad I left “Space Town” back in ’76. I just wish our house was bigger, I’ve still got fam livin’ there and IF they get out in time, I want them to be able to come here. My Bro can pull his own weight in fishin’ and huntin’ and buildin’ custom furniture and decks.
    I hope we both turn out to be wrong.

  3. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.
    I liked and respected Ann. Right up until she vetoed the CHL legislation!
    Still, the big C is a tough way to go, wouldn’t wish that on anybody but my ex husbands.


  4. great post dog,
    You always seem to know what im thinkin but never saying.


  5. Thank you very much!

    I’m going to link to this, if you don’t mind.

  6. Damn LawDog, that was outstanding! And unfortunately correct. I think a lot of Americans feel the same way, but it’s an insidious spell the media cast…


  7. I see how easy it would be to float a barge or freighter up to the refineries just outside my window and shudder…what would one loaded of ANFO do? A smuggled nuke? We are still too soft and vulnerable.

    Keep sending out the message Lawdog, maybe it’ll get to the right ears eventually!

  8. You’ve hit it on the nail Lawdog: on target in one.

    I just listened to C-BS today, and they went out of their way to explain that the ‘murders’ (I thought deaths in war were casulties) now happening in Iraq are the indicator of ‘Civil War’ (huh?: what makes these deaths different form all the rest), and troted out experts that confirmed it was ‘uncontrolable’ (must mean the same as unwinable, their other favorite term), and that the ‘mission’ (another word now for war?) was 2 or 3 months away from ‘total failure’ (I guess ousting a genocidal dictator is a BAD thing now).

    Every quotation mark is just what they said, and not out of context.

    I really wonder just who’s side the media is on, anyway……sorry, I guess I really DON’T wonder.

    Thanks Lawdog: keep putting things into focus.

  9. Righteous Rant, Dawg.

    I’m really wondering how our society is going to be able to hold it together with half of our people acting like cranky 5 year olds who refuse to get it.

  10. Perhaps it would have all gone a bit differently if some truths had been told at the beginning of the Iraqi operation. That while fuel is too cheap, China can develop into a world class competitor to the USA too quickly. That the middle east needs to be controlled by the US for reasons of geo political strategy, and it’s time for the US as sole superpower, to be IN CHARGE and prevent any challenge to us from arising- anywhere, ever.

    People who lead us think about such things. They even say them amongst themselves, and publish them for limited circulation amongst themselves. Please do read the Project for a New American Century and look at the list of those signing on if you don’t believe this. The Iraq war was planned on a long time before Afghanistan, the WTC event or GW Bush’s entering the Whitehouse. And it’s going pretty much as planned. The number of people dieing and the destruction caused are considered worth what is gained by those who planned this. Besides, it’s not THEIR kids or fellow country club members who join the all volunteer armed services, It’s just poor and middle class people.

    America’s mass communications are owned by very rich and quite conservative people. They make business decisions based solely on PROFIT and RISK. Please remember- The communication industry DOES NOT exist to inform or educate the people, but to make money. And it does that VERY well. At the beginning of this, the communications industry owners saw a good chance for profit, and were rewarded with a sweetheart de-regulation package that allowed the biggest players to become even bigger and assert complete control of large markets. What opportunities do you think they’re seeing now?

    If you want to just believe US mass communications spin, hype and propaganda, you’re going to continue to be led around by your collective noses, paying for an agenda that can’t be openly acknowledged to you by leaders who think they know best. Digging out information on your own and forming your own hypotheses on just what the hell is going on takes time and effort, and the results probably won’t make you feel as good as the pretty lies put out for mass consumption. But it may help keep your children and yourselves alive and free. 25% or less of the US population stood up for something they believed in in 1776, the rest were willing to go along to get along. What would you have done? Politics on that level would certainly cut into time for TV and taking the kids to soccer practice. Move along folks, nothing to see here…

    Go ahead and call me a liberal again if you feel like it, it amuses me.

  11. LawDog:

    Hmmm…I hate to nit-pick, but up here in the frozen north the media DOES view things in black-and-white. Unfortunately, the equations that they use are:

    Democrat = Good (white)
    Republican = Bad (black)

    Case in point: The coverage of the primary election for the 5th Congressional District (mine, by the way). The Dem-wing has nominated Keith Hakim…oops, sorry, Keith Ellison-Mohammed…oops, no, now he’s calling himself Keith Ellison. The local “news” media is calling the bring-this-to-your-attention by his opposition that he’s an anti-Jewish, Nation of Islam, pro-Farakkan whack job “negative campaigning”.

    Bringing up somebody’s past public statements is now “negative campaigning”. Now THERE’s some objective reporting.

  12. >>America’s mass communications are owned by very rich and quite conservative people.

    This is a shibboleth of the Left.

    Masscoms are mainly owned by stockholders, about as diverse a group as you can imagine. Got a 401K or any sort of savings vehicle? Chances are pretty good you own a chunk of a masscom.

    The political beliefs of who owns or manages a masscom is entirely IRRELEVANT. One might argue it was relevant if it were editorial INPUT to a system affecting that system’s OUTPUT.

    What IS relevant is the content that is churned out, the OUTPUT, which most empiricle studies note as being distinctly biased to the LEFT.

    Here’s one example, coming from Berkely, of all places:

    However, contrary to the prediction of the typical firm-location model, we find a a systematic liberal bias of the U.S. media. This is echoed by three other studies—Hamilton (2004), Lott and Hasset (2004), and Sutter (2004), the only empirical studies of media bias by economists of which we are aware

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