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  1. In my humble opinion, you can count on legacy media to become more and more “National-Enquirer” like as time goes on.

    They are losing circulation and ratings on an almost daily basis. Fear sells. The more their bottom line declines, the more hysterical and ridiculous they will get.

    Heck, the local news stations now report on the results of television shows…like that is actually newsworthy. They are playing to their base, and their base is not the thinking, fact based, intelligent sector of society.

    You want to get people to spend that dollar on your newspaper or magazine rather than a lottery ticket? Scare them into it.

  2. Imhofe is an idiot (as are most politicians). Gore was not helping things either. As with most contentious issues in this country, the truth, and the solution, is somewhere in between.

    I’ve said this on my own blog, but I’ll say it here again. Global warming is not something to believe in, it is a fact. Global warming is not really a man-made phenomena, but green-house gases accelerate the process (the earth is right now in the middle of a global temperature increase, has been since well before the industrial revolution).
    The reason to pay attention to global warming is because while we can not hope to stop global warming, we can try to slow it down and to keep the top of the coming temperatire spike from getting too high. The best way to reduce green house gas levels is to limit the burning of fossil fuels and promote research and industrial development of cleaner fuels (bio-diesel has more potential than ethanol) or solar/wind/hydro power.


  3. http://epw.senate.gov/pressitem.cfm?party=rep&id=257697

    Imhofe is, unfortunately, not credible. I wish he were. Even his own party doesn’t back him.

    He has to main points:

    1. There’s no global warming. In fact, it’s probably cooling. I think I need a sweater.

    2. Even though it’s clearly warming up, these trends are natural, and happen without Man causing it.

    –Matt G

  4. Imhoff may be the most stupid man in Oklahoma not in an institution, oh wait, he is in Congress-prbly counts. But shooting the messenger to discredit the message does nothing. global warming is an issue each has to decide on for themselves as to whether it is man made, naturally cyclic or doesn’t exist and they should do it based on facts, not rhetoric prepared by an energy public relation company which is what his speech looks like to me.

  5. Have to agree with MadScientist. As I intrepreted his/her post, you betcha global warming is happening and reducing greenhouse gasses can only help our environment on a number of levels.

    HOWEVER, Ma Nature is a fickle little wench and changes her mind every thousand years or so…sometimes less often than that. The earth is in constant flux – earthquakes, volcanic activity, dought and flood to name a few of its moods. Poles shift! Glaciers advance and retreat! Hey, Chicken Little, duck and cover cuz the sky is falling. Gimme a break.

    Rather than hype theories one way or another, why can’t we band together and do a little bit to help our planet each day? Instead of allowing developers to clear cut areas for cookie cutter homes, why can’t city councils restrict the number of trees removed when building new homes? Or, if that’s too much of punch in the economic gut, put a covenant in that development permit that requires the planting of new trees to replace the ones removed? Instead of filling that bath tub to soaking depth when all you need is enough to rake of the daily grime, only fill it up enough to scrape off the gunk then rinse with a quick shower?

    Encourage mass transit vs. the drive alone concept. Yeah, I know, my car is my personal symbol of freedom blah blah blah. It’s a tool, people. At one time, Texas was considering a bullet train to link Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. What ever happened to that? Guess it would have put a crimp in the TX Dept of Highway budget to continue to “improve I-35”.

    Sorry for ranting but the alarmist only alarm – hence the moniker. Never any constructive suggestions on how “everyman” can do his/her own little things to make the earth more habitable and user-friendly. Guess doing that isn’t sexy enough for our “friends” in the media and the scientists who’d rather try to scare us to death than promote better habits. Phooey.

    And, yes, I car pool, recycle, and save a long soak in the tub for times when only a soak will quell homicidal thoughts. “Calgon take me away” indeed!

  6. Is Global Warming a fact?

    This is nowhere near as certain as many posters seem to believe, due to variables in temperature measuring methods over the years and the proven inaccuracies of the computer climate models.

    Still, even assuming Global Warming is happening (probably a good bet – although not a sure thing), the important questions that need to be answered are:

    1) Is there anything we can do to prevent or limit it (things that will not do more damage than the warming itself)?

    2) If we can prevent it, should we? (There is much evidence that the medieval warm period may have been a more favorable environment than today).

    The problem is, not much unbiased research is being done. Both sides seem more concerned with advancing their agendas.

  7. I suppose when the earth came out of the last ice age, it was the internal combustion engine that was to blame?

    Yep, manmade Carbon Dioxide IS contributing to global warming – a whopping .1 of one percent of the total greenhouse effect. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of “the most renowned climatologist in the world”, Richard Lintzen of MIT. To limit the massive .1 of one percent of the greenhouse gases that mankind is producing, you’re going to ram more expensive fuel down my throat that gets shitty gas mileage – OR – make me drive some piece of crap electric car and then when the car’s battery is used up, you’ll have me throw THAT battery into the landfill, causing another environmental catastrophy.

    Global warming is nothing more than the old Reds turned Green. Look at the responses generated here – people trying to tell me how I should live MY life; under the guise of being environmentally friendly. I mean, really – what’s next Komrade? You gonna tell me that enjoying a ceegar is contributing to global warming too?? Oh wait, didn’t Algore just do that today at the UN?

    “Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff on Thursday evening about the perils of climate change, claiming: Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!””

    Well, I tell you what, fellas – you can keep sellin’. But I ain’t buyin’.

  8. In dealing with liberals, the question must always be: “what am I supposed to give up to make YOU happy, THIS WEEK”.

    There will always be hysteria over something or other, this is just the latest.

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