Riffing on religion, part 2.

Last week, Pope Benedict was giving a speech, the subject of which was that violence is incompatible with the nature of God.

In this speech, he quoted a 14th century Christian emperor who remarked that spreading Islam by means of the sword was inhuman and evil.

And, as might have been guessed, radical Muslim groups promptly called for the execution of the Pope, demanded he be tried in International Court for hate speech, promised to suicide bomb the Vatican and swore to kill any Vatican inhabitants who didn’t convert to Islam.

Way to make his point, you sodding morons. “We’re a religion of peace, and we’ll by GOD kill, burn, bomb, beat, behead, imprison and tax anyone who says differently, so there!”

In response, the Pontiff said — and I’m paraphrasing here — “I am sorry that you got your panties in a wad.”

I like this guy.

Again — as might be guessed — the more radical of Mohammeds followers promptly promised to behead the Pope, burn alive any Christians they could find and probably arranged for the brutal murder of a Catholic nun who was, believe it or not, actively engaged in helping the local Moslems.

I wonder if the Children of Mohammed realize how how they look to the rest of the world?

On one side we have the Pope, white robes, benedictions and always smiling — and on the other paw we have the metaphorical equivalent of a pack of Alka-Seltzer chewing chihuahuas; little turbans flying off their heads while they spew foam in their berserk barking fury.


I’m going to give the Moslems out there a bit of advice, free of charge:

Y’all need to get your radical nutbars under control, and you need to do it sooner, rather than later. If your Militant Squirrel Brigades manage to hit the Vatican, stuff is going to go south in a big, bloody hurry.

And God forbid if one of your frothing idiots manages to twep the Pope. That Crusade y’all’ve been wetting your knickers over? Yeah.

I suggest that it would be in your best interests to take anyone who’s seriously considering a hit on the Pontiff out behind the camel barn and smack him firmly about the head and shoulders with an axe.

Just my two cents worth. Take it or leave it as you will.


Oh, boy! Hate mail!
Riffing on religion

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  1. You want to sell stuff? Fine, but understand that my ‘blog is not here to furnish you with free publicity.

    You want to comment upon my scribblings? Please do. Leave the advertising up to your paid ad agency.

  2. “a pack of Alka-Seltzer chewing chihuahuas; little turbans flying off their heads while they spew foam in their berserk barking fury.”

    ROFL, Hahahahahaha! Oh my! I died laughing at that comment. I can just picture it in my mind, too. Hee hee! I’ll be laughing for awhile on that one.

  3. The hypocracy of the islamofacists doesn’t surprise me. They’ve been doing the exact same thing for thousands of years. What does amaze me (and I know it shouldn’t considering the day and age) is how many in this great Nation roll over and restain their yellow bellies every time some grand poobah moolah gets the bedsheet it’s wearing stuck in the crack of it’s arse.

  4. Law Dog, I came in late to this party, so I didn’t comment on your first Riff on Religion, but I’m prolly gonna write my own on the CoC on my own blog tomorrow. You DO inspire me, often.

    Before I go any further, SSH, take a chill pill, a big one. You obviously ain’t been keepin’ up with current events. If you HAD, you’d know that JPII had, several yrs ago, repudiated all the acts of persecution committed in the NAME of the church by QUEEN ISABELLA and her hubby, the actually architects of the Inquistion. Try reading a History book. If that’s too taxing for your anti-organized-Christian religion biases, watch the History channel from time to time.

    Now, Back to LawDog’s most excellent Riff’s… Shi’a Baptists. I am sooo thankful I didn’t have a mouthful of liquid refreshment when I read that the first time, I hate cleaning spew off the ‘puter screen.
    AS far as what Pope Benny said about the faith of the Moslems and the proper methods of spreading that faith, no matter what he said, the radical elements would have found something to get their Vickies twisted about.
    They remind me of the radical liberals who take offense at every utterance that is not completely 110% politically correct. Or the “African-Americans” who want reparations because their great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother was kidnapped by slave traders and transported to America. What they fail to understand, or have failed to educate themselves about, is that in far too many cases, the actual kidnapping was done by rival tribes to settle land disputes or other long-running fueds. And these rival tribes were paid by the slavers. So Africans were profiting from the misery of their rivals long before rival crime gangs in cities large and small began to do the same thing here in the US. But I digress…
    I don’t understand why the followers of Mohammed think all the Christians are going to suddenly see the light and convert to Islam just because they threaten us with dire consequences. We can’t even agree on which form of Christianity is the right one! Joseph, Mary, and Chris on a Flamin’Crutch! What do they expect? A Miracle?!?!

  5. Given the Muslim habit of going into a violent hissy fit over any damn thing, I’m reminded of the gentle words my dead father had for me whenevery I got upset at not getting my way: “Boy, you keep that up, I’ll give you something to cry about!” Sonner or later, they’re gonna push us to the point where we just say the hell with it and carve 1.2 times 10 to the 9th notches on our rifle stock. They need to grow the **** up now before we provide the world with an object lesson as to why you shouldn’t honk off a society that produces engineers by the metric ton.

  6. Gah! dear father. Unless I’ve missed a staff meeting lately, he’s still alive & kicking. (Makes a flurry of warding gestures to avoid any ill omens from this) PIMF!

  7. Go to the link below.


    Scroll down until you see the interview with Robert Spenser about his book “The Politicly Incorrect guide to Islam & the crusades”. Listen to it. It’s free.

    After you listen to the interview & hopefully buy the book, you’ll understand that what the muslims said about the Pope is EXACTLY what their religion is about.

    Islam is not a religion where the concept is “live & let live”, it’s concept is “worship our god or we kill you”.


    If you want a religion of peace, be a Jehovah’s Witness.

  8. Please, PLEASE, someone find a picture, make one in Photoshop, or at least draw a cartoon of the “pack of Alka-Seltzer chewing chihuahuas; little turbans flying off their heads” and post it here!!!!!!!!

    I can’t get this image out of my mind!!!!

  9. that chihuahuas thing I gotta remember, what a visual! and so accurate

  10. Christians promote peace; Muslims promote hate.

    IMO, they (Muslims) are savages and they’re evil.

  11. I’ve made my own comments on my weblog in which I entirely concur with your opinion.

    I’m also terribly afraid that the Iranians will get the bomb on our watch, or that some silly little conclave of Pakistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia will manage to give one to some Taliban or Al-Qa’ida bad boy, who will set it off in Rome or London or New York or Washington. Then, the hummus will well and truly have hit the fan.

  12. (Quote)
    Christians promote peace; Muslims promote hate.

    IMO, they (Muslims) are savages and they’re evil.
    (end quote)

    IMO anyone of any religion who is willing to kill people who have done them (or theirs) no personal wrong is evil.

    I know some nominal christians who are savages. You probably do too, unless you’ve led a sheltered life. The wonderful concept that that Palestinian carpenter was teaching has been forgotten by a number of his (supposed) folowers- We wouldn’t be talking about “shi’a baptists” if this were not so.

  13. Let us not forget a muslim has already attempted to kill Pope John Paul not too terribly long ago.

    Imagine if the roles were reversed and a Catholic had tried to assassinate the ayotollah?

  14. A telling headline from Saturday:
    “Flames are seen at the entrance of an *Anglican* church hit by a firebomb in the West Bank city of Nablus, Saturday Sept.16, 2006. Palestinians wielding guns, firebombs and lighter fluid attacked four churches in the West Bank town of Nablus on Saturday, while gunmen opened fire at a fifth in Gaza, following remarks by Pope Benedict XVI that many Muslims view as disparaging. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)”

    We’re not violent! We’ll firebomb your churches and murder your nuns!

    Ugh. It makes it hard to remember that there are very good, respectable muslims out there cringing along with us.

  15. I ain’t Catholic but I sure like Joey Rats.

    …to steal a line fron Christopher Titus:

    “In America, we buld monster trucks for fun…we build top fuel dragsters that can go from 0 to 350mph in less than 5 seconds…piss us off and see what we can build.”


  16. You know, Peter was girt with a Texas Toothpick & his successor, Benedictus XVI has those snazzily dressed Swiss Guards for the same reason. It’s a sad commentary on the species that when people speak of peace, others want them crucified.

    I have read the “Holy Koran” & I agree with the Imperator et Basileus Manuel II Palaeologos. It is unfortunate that he had not the means to push back the Turks as his predecessors Constantine the Great or Justinian the Great or Basil Bulgaroctonos or Alexios I Comnenos would have. The “ifs” of history…

    I sure hope Benedict is doing some heavy recruitment in Switzerland right now & God Bless.

  17. “I know some nominal christians who are savages. You probably do too, unless you’ve led a sheltered life.”

    Yep, I know some right now and they are just itching for a Muslim to start something, almost anything within range of the weapons that they have. All of them are too old to get into the Military, most have already been there [military] and they are becoming more savage by the month.

    Myself, I was a peace loving (amongst loving women in particular)guy who had shucked his warmongering, gook killing ways and just wanted retirement to be one long session of chasing older, rich gals with the hope of having a confortable life after working myself to death for 40 years.

    But after 9/11, my savage tendencies have started coming back with every Islamic attack and the murder of innocents and our troops. I’m not foaming at the mouth yet, like most of my friends and I hope to maintain some rational thought but it is getting harder each month.

    If there is another attack on our country, I’m afraid that I and my friends will break the bonds of being law abiding citizens.

    This is not a good thing, as we should leave this sort of thing up to our law enforcement agencys and our government. But in many ways it looks like they can’t do what is needed because of the PC, liberal, socialist thinking that has infected our Republic.

    I’m afraid that Muslims very soon are going to find out that Islam is going to be not only their worse enemy but their downfall.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  18. If Crusade number nine is required, radiation suits will be required for crusade number ten … provided there are any moslems left alive after number nine.

  19. The Muslim world is, quite frankly, incapable of grasping the concept of irony.

    Their idiotic responses to the smallest criticisms leveled at them would be fall-on-the-floor hilarious if not for the fact that they tend to result in death.

  20. Since the current pope is german they could start something even worse: An German Crusade. And since the germans for once would not be getting in a war with US and co. Things could get interesting.

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