8 thoughts on “Snarky? Us?”

  1. *heh* I can definitely see the family sense of humor there LawDog.

    “Our dashing caravan boss, Clovis the Comely, has agreed to answer those questions which interest him, but fair warning, he may just decide to spit in your general direction, instead.”

    Now tell me there ain’t some of that LawDog influence there… 🙂

  2. This may step on a toe or two, I hope not, but if so….Enh? whattayagonnado?

    Isn’t there a Federal statute that reads something along the lines of “…defacing or destroying Federal currency….” that makes the manufacture of the ‘elongated’ pennies a Federal Felony crime? Wouldn’t the ‘elongating’ of federal currency to use in the manufacture fo these items, which are then sold for a profit, grab a hold of a few more federal statutes and wrap them up in there too?

    I’m just asking because that “..defacing or destroying federal currency…” thing has been stuck in my head for years. Not sure if it’s accurate or not, but it pops in my head everytime I see one of those tourist machines where you put two quarters and a penny in, and it mashes your penny out and imprints it with whatever the tourist destination logo is for where you are at the time.

    Anyway, great blog. I loved reading through the stories, though I almost snorted out beer at one of the ‘Big Mama’ stories 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and stay safe out there.


  3. Ummmm…I clicked through the Apparel link to the CafePress.com page for Copper Camel clothing, and I couldn’t help but notice the “Camel Toe Thongs…”

    PLEEEASE tell me your sister already noticed this, and left them up because of the aforementioned snarky sense of humor…

  4. Pre 85 pennies are the cheapest source of copper disks I can think of. Not sure if they enforce the defacing laws becuase every souvenier shop has one of those 51 cent pennie benders.

  5. They mention that in the questions section, Anon. Long story, short: It’s not a problem unless you’re trying to pass that penny off as a dime.

  6. I, too, can see the “LawDog” family humour at work. My favorite line was thus…
    “If you see an item you must have, but don’t have the time to make it, Clovis the Comely enjoys a good grovel, and is not opposed to outright bribery. He’s partial to deep-fried Twinkies.”
    Oh, LAWWW DOOGGGG! Where’s the recipe for DeepFried Twinkies??? LOL

  7. Dear Lawdog,

    I’ve just finished reading the whole of your archives. Thank you. I know you’ve discounted the notion, but you really should consider the possibility of writing a book – one about your childhood in Africa, for preference. Memoirs of that period in Africa tend to be about the raising of the writer’s consciousness – a tedious matter at best. The anti-colonialists gave everybody a case of the guilts and then up and ignored the reality of post-colonial Africa.

    Anyway, you remind me of many writers whose works I treasure; H. L. Mencken, Mark Twain, Eric Frank Russell, Rudyard Kipling. Tank you. Please keep writing.


  8. “PLEEEASE tell me your sister already noticed this, and left them up because of the aforementioned snarky sense of humor…”

    Like, someone’s sneaking tarted-up camel toes onto all-cotton intimates without the proprietrix noticing? Must be the Cameltoe Fairy. Get that image out of your heads.

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