Two years ago today

I’d like to introduce y’all to a sewer-dwelling little catamite by the name of Shamil Salmanovich Basayev, a/k/a Abdallah Shamil Abu-Idris. Or what’s left of him, anyway.

September 1 two years ago, a bunch of armed pismires invaded a school in Beslan, North Osseta, Russia and took about 1,300 hostages, mostly children.

During the takeover, several people managed to escape and notified the Russian authorities. Police responded and wound up in a fierce firefight with the sewer rats, killing one, but at the cost of the lives of five of the police officers. Not the best of trade-offs in general opinion.

As the police regrouped and yelled for reinforcement, the terrorists drove the hostages into the gym, picked twenty of the strongest male hostages and executed them in front of the children. Other hostages were forced to toss the victims out of the building and children were made to clean up the blood.

The terrs then mined the gymnasium with explosives and set trip wires throughout the building.

Forced to stand, denied food or water, the children began to suffer terribly.

On day 2, 26 nursing mothers were released, about half of whom had more than one child. Those mothers who had more than one child were made to choose which child to take with them, the rest of their children being forced to stay behind in the gym.

Later that evening, as stress, sleep deprivation and drug withdrawal pushed the terrorists even further into instability and borderline hysteria, the terrs fired two RPG rockets at security forces surrounding the gym.

On Day 3, God blinked.

Sometime after noon, local time, the terrs agreed to allow emergency crews to remove the bodies of the murdered victims from the school grounds — unfortunately, the Terr HMFIC forget to clear this agreement with some of his trigger-happy bunch of jackasses, and when the forces got close to the building the terrs opened fire and killed two of the emergency crewmembers.

At the same time, one of the terrorist sewer-swimmers got (even more) stupid and stumbled through his own goddamned trip-wire, setting off a bomb in the gym.

When the bomb went off in the gym, the Russians decided that they’d had enough of this [deleted], and breached the walls and roof of the school with RPG anti-tank rockets and RPO-A thermo-baric rockets, then went thundering in.

Unfortunately, the hostages — children — inside had been forced to remain standing for three days with neither food nor water. They were unable to move, either to take cover, or to escape through the gaping holes in the walls, as the terrs detonated the rest of the explosive booby-traps in the gym.

A whole bunch of Russian papas — also having had a belly-full of this and being heavily-armed theirownselves — hauled off and jumped into the fray with all four feet.

Two hours later, the Russians controlled most of the school, with some terrs and hostages having relocated to the basement.

Neither the terrs in the basement, nor their hostages, survived the subsequent rescue attempt.

During the battle, about a dozen terrs attempted to escape by disguising themselves as emergency workers. The disguise got them as far as a two-story building next door to the school before their cover was blown. And then so was the building they were hiding in, because the thoroughly pissed-off Russians used a couple of T-72 main guns and a whole bunch of the disposable RPO thermo-baric rockets to simply drop the whole sodding building on top of the terrs.

Pity about the building.

Three suspected terrs were snatched at the scene. One was taken into custody for a grand total of about two minutes before a pack of enraged Russian daddies lynched his dumb arse in front of a SkyNews crew.

The second was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries, which turned out to be a waste of time, effort and supplies because the daddies who missed their chance at Captured Terr #1 showed up at the hospital and beat Captured Terr #2 to death — probably with his own bits and pieces, if I were to guess.

Captured Terr #3 got dragged out from under a truck and was about to engage in a spirited dialogue with a whole bunch of hob-nailed boots, when he was liberated from the tender mercies of that mob of Russian fathers by the soft-hearted Russian special forces.

He was later tried, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison.

In all, 344 civilians died at the Beslan school two years ago. 186 of them were children.

11 members of Spetsgruppa ‘A’ and ‘V’ were killed at Beslan, including the commanding Officer of ‘A’, the highest casualty count ever suffered in a single engagement by those forces; an estimated 8 policemen died alongside them.

Over 30 more special forces soldiers were injured.

What has this got to do with the six-foot stack of fungus scrapings mentioned at the beginning of this article?

Well, on September 17, 2004, said pile of pig parts issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack on the school and informing the world that his own personal Martyrs Battalion did the deed.

Not knowing when to keep his mush shut, the moron went on to claim that his rump-rogering little pals were in heaven, while the children were in hell; that the operation cost about 8,000 Euros, and he thanked his old buddies Abu Omar al-Sharif and Abu Zaid for their financial assistance.

Dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

In February 2005, Abu Zaid “accidentally” blew himself to hell after being surrounded by Russian Special Forces.

In November 2005, Abu Omar al-Sharif “accidentally” blew himself to hell after being surrounded by Russian Special Forces.

In July 2006, guess what happened to our little buddy Shamil Basayev?

If you guessed something to do with explosives and acccidents, you get the kewpie doll.

According to his surviving retainers, Shammy was driving along in his staff car, when it hit a pothole and “accidentally detonated” some explosives in the trunk.

The Russians are sticking to the story that while they did, indeed, have Special Forces in the area, they were just keeping an eye on ol’ Shammy.

That’s the story I’d tell, too.

(As an aside, an autopsy performed on what was left of the mortal remains of the Shamster found that a large amount of barbed wire had been high-speed embedded in the carcass, however rumors that the explosive had actually been gaffer-taped to the face of Shamil the Sheep-Shagging Sodomite have not been confirmed.)

Remember the victims of terror, not only here in the United States, but everywhere.

Honour their memory by staying the course.

And — whenever possible, wherever possible — avenge them.


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  1. I have been screaming about what happened at Beslan to anyone who will listen. We know from the captured tapes from A’stan they will eventually try that here. American Police /SWAT in most cities are not ready. They have to immediately assault and be prepared to shoot thru a shield of children if need be. They aren’t Read the book Terror at Beslan for the best open source brief on this attack.

  2. Blowing up in your own car is a hard way to go. Folks who mess around with explosives need to be very careful. No telling when they will turn on you.

    Especially if you’re the kind of guy who rides around wrapped up in barbed wire.

    There’s something almost … poetic about that.

  3. “When the bomb went off in the gym, the Russians decided that they’d had enough of this [deleted], and breached the walls and roof of the school with RPG anti-tank rockets and RPO-A thermo-baric rockets, then went thundering in.”

    Actually, what really happened came out not long ago. Turns out the russians actually fired two of those RPO-A rockets into the gym, which cleaned out the room(terrs and hosties alike.)

    No terr bombs went off(were likely all fake.)

    Not that I’m in any way trying to detract from how big bad guys the terrs were, but putin’s boys aren’t really much(if any) better.

    Report(in russian):

    On a lighter note: Love your blogg, don’t always agree with your political views, but love the way you write.

  4. May God have mercy on the souls of the murdered hostages and the rescuers who died trying to free them.

    May God banish the souls of the terrorists, like the goats they are.

  5. Frankly, I’ve been shocked that AQ hasn’t tried to pull off a mass multi-state, multi school attack in the US in that style. While spectacular 9/11 style attacks are more difficult now something like that would be painfully simple. Hell, just use your imagination. Imagine them doing that across a dozen states or more on a single day with the horrific results. Not necessarily in large cities like NYC or Chicago or but in small suburban or rural schools. The psychological impact of that would probably 9/11 look trivial at least in terms of it’s impact on American’s psychology. The repercussion internally and externally could get really……interesting.

  6. This is part of why I believe in the War on Terror. Once you put aside who lied, who was misled, who was involved and who was just minding their own business by only abusing their own people, you’re still left with this question: Are we making the world a worse place by showing that we will not put up with terrorism? I don’t see how we could be.

    People need to know about things like this. They need to know about the torture. The deaths are bad enough, but terror is a psychological thing. Death actually releases you from that. I’d like to know how many people, putting politics aside, can honestly say they’d feel all warm and fuzzy toward someone who just forced them to decide which of their children will be brutally murdered.

  7. I’d been living in Southern Spain for about 2 months when 3/11 happened over there and was getting ready to move from there to Washington when the bus bombings happened in London. I recall watching in horror as Beslan unfolded on the CNN and Fox News feed on AFN.

    It seems the only folks who seem to heed the lessons of the horrors of terrorism and how to deal with the scum who perpetrate it are the Brits, Russians and Israelis. Appeasement doesn’t work–Spain’s history with ETA and our own past troubles with Al Qaeda are proof. Look at what we did after the USS Cole was hit. Lobbed a few missiles–didn’t discourage the monsters one bit.

  8. If, Odin forbid, this sort of thing ever happens here, I wouldn’t care to be the shmuck who first calls for “understanding why they did this”. I also would not care to be standing next to nor behind them as stress & anger negatively affects peoples’ aim…

  9. There were not ‘Russian papas’, but Osetian papas. The same motherfuckers like Basayev.

  10. One of the reason why we will probably lose this battle is exemplified by the inability to properly frame the battle in question. The term war on terror is itself ridiculous. When the US was attacked at pearl harbor did we declare A War On Aviation? A War Against Carrier Naval Aviation Tactics? The President after 9/11 couldn’t get to a mosque fast enough to find a mullah or imam fellate. Every time an expression ran afoul of some bizarre connotation of the enemy the US and Western Civilization drops to it’s knees and bends over and presents. Remember the original name of our Afghanistan op? Infinite Justice? Oh no can’t have that. Enduring Freedom was chosen instead so as to not upset the enemy. So the popular nomenclature for the operation impotent rage became the war against some sort of ill defined “Islamic Extremist”. Recently the world is all in a dither over the paxil popping CinC referring to the War On Terror and Islamic Fascists. An incredibly inaccurate analogy if there ever was one. If Dear Leader would open a history book and read through the platforms and principles of various fascist parties he could see they bear no resemblance to the goals or aims of the Islamists.

    The writing is on the proverbial wall for those who care to read it. The islamists have already won Europe. The game is over there. The demographics are in place and in a generation they will accomplish what their ancestors couldn’t conquer Europe and more or less do it without firing a shot. Take a trip to Europe. I’ve been there recently and it’s an eye opener.

  11. All of this, gentle LawDog, fellow readers, perfectly illustrates why CCW should be allowed in schools and GFSZA is such a bad law. Tango tries “something unbelievably stupid” to lift a phrase, and a CCW can drop ’em right there while Mr. Tango Whackjob’s still in setup on his pyro.

    Hmmm, maybe this is a good reason to go to blackpowder revolvers for CCW. Lubed with bacon-grease, of course…

  12. Cool writing, LawDog, as usual.

    Yeah. Putin is not exactly a saint, but the Russians seem to know when an unequivocal response is required. Recently some Russians were murdered horribly on videotape (“executed” the mainstream media keeps saying, which is an appalling misstatement. “Execution” is something done after due process of law, and it’s done only in pursuit of justice.) In a press conference Putin was asked if knew how he would respond. He replied that he had already responded. He had ordered “some people” to go to the Middle East, find out who had murdered the Russian citizens, locate the perpetrators, and kill them.

    Right out in front of the cameras and everything. Hee.

    Europe is, of course, lost, barring a rather unlikely turnaround.

    A lot of America is drifting into the same kind of sleepwalking trance as Europe has sunk into.

    As for such an attack coming here, I agree that we are wide open at the moment. To perpetrate such an attack, simultaneously at several schools, would have a huge effect on this country. America has not sunk remotely as low as Europe, and huge parts of America are still seething over 9/11 and all the rest, and such an attack is likely to make us boil over.

    Read “Carnage and Culture”, by Victor Davis Hanson. Asians, and Near Easterners and Middle Easterners, have been unable to correctly read Westerners for the past 2,500 years. Sometimes the Western countries or empires destroy themselves by internal squabbling and/or decadence (Europe). But otherwise squabbling and endless debate mislead the Easterners into thinking the West is weak. When the West finally decides to march, suddenly there’s a Salamis, a Gaugamela, a Lepanto, and the surviving Easterners are left wondering what hit them.

    But I suspect a different kind of attack might be the priority of our enemies. They are very shrewd about terrorizing people and manipulating the Western media (that last is not rocket science, now is it?). But they are also heavily concerned with how the Muslim world would perceive their actions. A major payoff they want is a loss of face for the West IN THE EYES OF THE EASTERN MUSLIM WORLD. To them, it’s not just the loss of life of 9/11 which counts. It’s what they consider the disgrace of having an important symbol like the Twin Towers destroyed. The Bedouin saying is that your “face is blackened” and you are disgraced until you “whiten” your face again. And the only way you can do this is to retaliate worse than you have been hurt. Even the destruction of the Taliban in Afghanistan may not have done this in their minds. If we do not “whiten our face”, in their minds, they will conclude we are weak and cowed.

    Now regarding the next attack, anyone who really wants the spotlight big time by hurting the West will have to do something much bigger and better than the Twin Towers attack. In the minds of the Muslim East, I mean. An attack on a dozen schools would be even more traumatic and outrageous to Americans than 9/11 but may be less satisfactory to the Islamic aggressors. I have been worried ever since 9/11 that there are a bunch of these characters who feel they MUST become the bull goose America-hurters over there, and the only way to do that is to do something that would eclipse 9/11.

    For decades, it has been said all over Islam that they need an “Islamic Bomb”–nuclear. Then, finally, they say, we will respect them. (“Respect” means do as we are told, of course.)

    Too many of these people, however individually careless of their lives they may be, see large scale conflict totally differently than we do. They see it as primarily scoring status. Egypt, oddly, though they had do surrender to Israel in the 1973 war, still see it as a great victory because of their initial success in crossing the Suez canal etc. The fact that they totally lost after their initial success, in their mind, does not change the fact that they “whitened their faces” by a victory agains Israel, and that’s part of the reason they felt able to make peace with Israel.

    I kid you not. There are people all over the Middle East who really believe that they could nuke America, then proudly come to us and demand some kind of agreement that gives them huge concessions, and we, weakened by our huge loss of face, would have to concede. That’s the way they do things, and they really have no concept that there are other people in the world who are that fundamentally different from them.

    Of course it’s more likely to get them attacked massively. A nuclear attack against America is liable to get them massive air attacks, with American air power finally being told just to flatten everything. No deliberate targeting of civilians, but no concerns for civilians to allow a single truck, bridge, gas station, pier; no boat longer than about seven feet, no airplane powered by anything other than rubber bands, no remotely suspicious-looking building, to remain intact. I would not want to be a mean-looking camel in those circumstances.

    If you have trouble believing they could be that stupid, I repeat, read “Carnage and Culture.” They have been misreading us for 2,500 years and they haven’t learned yet.

    LogEyed Roman

  13. Personally my guess is if we saw a Beslan style attack here in the US there would be a whole lot of folk that would take offense at that.

    Not all of them would be out wringing their hands and writing letters to the editor about how “evil George Bush” has done it again.

    I’d really not want to look like anything remotely resembling a muslim at that point, I’d imagine it might not be good for your health.

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