What are you?

I don’t tell a lot of people about my ‘blog — for a number of reasons — but I found myself informing a young lady of the existence of this tiny little niche on the World Wide Web.

She visited, found it somewhat interesting and then surprised me by wanting to know exactly how to classify it.

I responded that I really never thought about classifying myself. I think Robert Heinleins famous quote about specialization probably got brought up.

She became fairly insistent. Am I a gun blog? Milblog? Politics? Conservative? Liberal? Entertainment? Ego?


I’ll have to give that some thought.


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18 thoughts on “What are you?”

  1. I’m not so sure why it is important to classify what kind of blog it is; it is an expression of thought and individual personality; these things aren’t always of the right shape and size to fit into a bunch of pre-sized and pre-shaped holes, they just fit where they fit…if at all.
    Just my opinion.

  2. LawDog, you are technically a “gentlemanly observer of the eccentricities and perversities of the human condition, offering sage advice and comment for the edification of your grateful readers”.

  3. Sparky, I don’t know if Lawdog could have said that better himself!!!

  4. Probably a half-century back when Tom Lehrer noted that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with something unless they can put a label on it.

    Plus ├ža change and all that…


  5. does it have to be something? why cant we leave well enough alone?

    I say go hammer someone elses square peg into a round hole and leave lawdogs out of it.

    If I had to label it its like Sparky said.


  6. You can call it a “free range” blog
    and claim it’s happier, healthier and lower in cholesterol.

  7. Law Dog,

    Personally I dont care what you call it as long as you keep it coming.


  8. Stream of conscious blog.

    Pretty much standard, just much more interesting.

    Who refrains from blogging, as he has more than enough opinion available from Goggle going back to 1991. Sigh.

  9. If I had to pick a “spot” to fit you in, it would be HUMOR. Because even when you are writing about the injustices of the world or the idiots who inhabit it, you make me smile! The names you come up with to describe said idiots simply amaze me…

  10. She became fairly insistent. Am I a gun blog? Milblog? Politics? Conservative? Liberal? Entertainment? Ego?

    Answer: Yes!

  11. I ask people “Have you ever seen that guy standing on the side of the road, waving his fist and yelling incoherently at passing cars? Well, I’m doing the same thing on the shoulder of the Information Superhighway.”

  12. Let’s see. Raconteur-blog, maybe? Your blog isn’t a peg that fits into any stereotyped hole, since you bring up such a wide range of subjects, be they childhood tormentings of Nigerian officers, Critters eliminating themselves from the gene pool, court guns, recipes, and all manner of things in between. Keep it going. Sometimes it’s best not to affix a label on your intellectual property.

  13. Most people need to be able to put things into boxes.

    I only intend to be put in a box once.

  14. When one thinks of the stories you tell, Like the pink gorilla (which needs an ending!), I can see you consternation in selecting a category…:)

    But I like what Sparky said…

  15. I have you in a section I call “A Critical Eye”.

    I have blogs there that have a unique perspective on issues. Sometimes thought provoking, sometimes entertaining, always worth a read.


  16. Classifications are just shortcuts to make thinking about you easier. Don’t help them in this endeavor.

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