I need to write.

Unfortunately, my mind is spinning too fast to write anything coherent.

Marc MacYoung’s book came in. It’s interesting. I’ll have to read it again before writing any sort of report, though.

At lunch, I wrote an article concerning using slungshot technique with your MasterLock-on-a-belt. General consensus around Rancho LawDog is that I need to lighten up a bit, so that one will stay in Drafts for a while.

Polished a short piece about fighting a 10-96 EDP — Emotionally Disturbed Person (PC-speak for ‘pyscho’) — who tried to kill me with a steak knife. Graphic and brutal. Felt good to get it on ‘paper’ — so to speak — but I think I’ll drop it onto a CD and file it.

Looks like the Main Stream Media has no interest in possibly treasonous activities by sitting US Senators. Sodding hacks. Bush get a DWI ticket 30 years ago and the Media is all over the story like a pack of manure-flinging monkeys. Nine-day wonder it was, too.

The Frogman Of The Chappaquiddick may have given aid and comfort to an enemy state during the height of the Cold War soley for the purpose of unseating his own President, and the Media is too busy picking lice off of each other to give a tinker’s damn.

Bugger ’em all.

Gran is not handling the post-surgery recovery period well. The last couple of days she’s spent over 18 hours of each day in bed. We’re almost having to bully her out of bed to eat, and all she wants to do afterwards is go back to bed.

I’m not having good feelings about this development at all. We’ve told her doctor and the nurses about this — all they do is shrug and say, “Well, she’s 99 …” — like that’s an answer.

I see that David Zucker of the infamous Madeline Albright advert has another one up.

If military rifles interest you, Lady Tam has started an on-line repository for her encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject. Go pay her a visit.

Political polls and various pundits are forecasting a Democrat win this mid-term.

I’ve just one question for these folks: have your political polls and forecasting actually had better than a 50% success rate over the last ten years?

I’m too restless to write. See y’all later.


Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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  1. While working on your book reports, you might note that there is a new Pratchett book out. About the wee great hag, ye ken. This is the third of a series; if Grandma can and likes to read, as mine did, you might want to try these on her. The wee great hag (age 13 in the third book) might at least get her to sit up a bit. And if there are youg-ins about that like to be read to… OldeForce – who sends his, “Be well!”, to your Grandma.

  2. That ad by zucker really hits the nail on the head.

    Hope Gran gets to feeling better.

    The media hasn’t touched the Kennedy scandal. To quote Gomer Pyle: SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE

  3. Hope your Gran gets better. My Grandfather had a really hard time recovering form back surgery. You all will be in our thoughts.

  4. Hope your Gran recovers well, and that you escaped the 10-96 without injury. (And also hoping that it wasn’t Benny giving “suicide by cop” a go…)

    If you’re a PTerry fan, I’d point out that he’s going to be guest of honor at Midsouthcon this coming March. Not sure if I mentioned that here before or not. (I know that I did on one of my daily reads…) You do go and see a big guy dressed like Mad Max at the con, stop me & say “Howdy”.

  5. LawDog, sounds like you’re suffering a bit of textbook “mania”, take two Topamax and call me in the evening.
    As to the Gran situation, would goading her pride work? ‘If you want to lay around in bed like an old Woman, Fine! We’ll just let Mrs. SoandSo and Mr. Such and Such know that you’re not up to snuff and….’ A little gig to her pride might work wonders, or not I could be full ot it. You certainly know her better than I do.
    As to Kennedy and the rest of his cabal of would be traitors… it WAS 22 years ago, it WAS a failed attempt, and he has always been a Media darling. Expecting the Mainstream Media to run with this story was a forlorn hope.
    They’ve got fresher fish to fry. I’m not trying to excuse what he and his cohorts tried to do, in the name of political expediency, and to furthur the goals of the Democratic Party in the Era of Rampant Regeanism, I’m just trying to inject a note of cold pragmatism, disappointing though it may be, to the views expressed here.

  6. hollyb,

    Kennedy is a big deal for the same reason that police keep records on Goblin’s “priors”.

    Bad Guys tend to repeat their crimes. Known associates learn from their fellow gang members expierence on what you can get away with and what you cant.

    As a society we need to send the right message. You let Kennedy slide on this cause it was 20 years ago you’re giving a green light to Pelosi to start backchannel communication with OBL to subvert the WOT.

    Party comes AFTER citizenship and oath of office, NOT before; democrats need to be re-educated on that concept. I suppose it shouldent suprise anybody that a Kennedy cant keep their partying in check sufficiently to behaive like a responsible adult.

  7. Wulf

    Republicans need to learn the same thing about party coming last. Too many rubber stamp republicans out there making only token noise before doing whatever our Glorious Leader says (no, I don’t like Bush, but then, I don’t like most politicians, and the more powerful, the less I like them, you should have heard me when Clinton was president and I was in the Navy).

    As for Teddy K., the MSM has been getting dick slapped lately about rushing ahead with stories before doing any kind of fact checking. Maybe someone bought a clue and is actually doing some fact checking before launching a firestorm, or they are waiting for an election to be over.

    Personally, if I was an editor sitting on a story like that right before an election that could rebalance the power in congress, I’d sit on it too, because a rubber stamp congress is not a congress working for our best interests, it is one working for its own.

  8. The difference between a “rubber stamp” and a properly proposed and approved policy is more in the bias of the comentator than the policy process.

    You can suppose that a properly balanced story on this issue with appropriate comments on the unconfirmed portions of the story may sway some voters in the upcomming election, and you may be right,and in fact I would agree with you.

    But I’m even more sure that rhetoric from Ted’s party over the last few years has given aid and comfort to our enemy and has surely resulted in unnecessary American and Iraqui deaths. This story suggests that Ted has subverted American foregin policy in the past via back channel communications, for personal political gain. Communications that exceeded the authority of his office. If he’s involved in similar communications with our enemy now, I cant think of any higher priority to be addressed, reguardless of where we are in the election cycle.

  9. wulf

    True, IF he did it he is likely to do it again if it works for him (again, this is true of almost any politician) and he should go under the microscope, and possibly the gallows.

    Of course, Teddy has been around for a LOOOONG time, it may be that the reason his fellows in the senate are not running with this is he knows where the cars went in the river.

    My arguement for term limits, right there.

  10. Term limits are great as long as the staff and bureacrats leave with the official. Otherwise, the asylum is run by the patients while the staff muddles around trying to find their butts.

  11. Polished a short piece about fighting a 10-96 EDP — Emotionally Disturbed Person

    My Main Lady (ML) is a psychologist, and has to deal with violent crazy people on a regular basis. It might interest you to know that ML and her peers receive self-defense training courtesy of the State twice yearly. ML was chastised for being too rough during class.

    Anyway, ML has interacted with LEO’s who are forced to arrest violent crazy people, and some LEO’s are absolute saints about this, but few know what to expect before the confrontation. We’d both be interested in your story, so I really hope you publish this one.

    My old mother-in-law (AKA, the Wicked Witch of the West) went through hip surgery some years back, and the pain didn’t phase her much. What really knocked her out was the anesthetic. She was probably a year or so getting over the side effects of the anesthetic, and it was over a month before she had any energy to do anything.

  12. I’d like to hear the 10-96 story sometime; war stories save lives!

    Good luck with Grandma, my mother is doing the same thing after recovery from illness, just kind of given up.

    Best wishes,

  13. LD, I’m praying for your grandma, and if you would, spin the prayer wheel for my mom. Stroke a couple of weekends ago – I found her collapsed on the floor on Monday morning.

    But she was flirting with the EMTs and firemen – one was the dad of one of her current pupils (yep, she’s STILL teaching piano at 86) and two others were former pupils. Docs are ‘optimistic’ re a full recovery.

  14. The Grand Admiral of the USS Oldsmobile, Chappaquiddick Fleet, got a freebie and continues to sail unmolested and untroubled to this day. And now we find out about aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war.

    It is a shameful chapter in the history of the State of Massachusetts and the US Senate.

    But there’s nothing new here. How about the Big Dig? Will we ever know how many bodies are stacked up to conceal the political ambitions and graft of Massachusetts politicians?

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