Do not read this.

Anyone who is faint of heart had best scroll on down to the next post.

Anyone left, y’all’d best get a rag for the inside of your monitor, because I’m fixing to vent my spleen.

I have just now read a transcript of the supposedly male American by the name of Oliver Stone shooting off his cakehole at the San Sebastian Film Festival on 29SEP of this year.

The quote that caught my attention goes like this:

“…Terrorism is a manageable action. It can be lived with,” said Stone.

Goodness. Terrorism is a “Manageable. Action.” Terrorism can be “Lived. With.”



Who the f…

You are a poncey little hackneyed arse-wipe poseur with delusions of adequacy — who the hell crowned you expert on any-godsdamned thing other than the proper creation of suck-arse movies?

Terrorism can be “lived with”? Tell that to the innocent dead, you sodding cock-up! Holy Mary, Mother of God, I can’t believe that someone managed to stack horse dung tall enough to pass for an actual human being!

Who the hell was the jackass that gave your vomitous mass — spewed forth onto a handy rock by some nauseated, parasitic flatworm — a birth certificate?

You listen to me, you fungus-scraping: You are a sodding has-been. You got lucky with one movie, and you’ve been by-God coasting on that ever since, you miserable, fatuitous hack.

Tell me, truly: what part of “talentless, incompetent, posing artiste” qualifies you as an expert on terrorism? Hmm? What? What part of “failed, washed-up schmuck” gives you this wonderful insight?

Is this truly what it takes to become an “ex-spurt” in terrorism? Film a couple of embarrassing, slip-shod, art-house, box-office failure crap movies, and all of a sudden you’re a flaming terror genius?

Sweet shivering Shiva! Why the hell didn’t someone tell us sooner! Sink me, the pornography industry must be an un-tapped extravaganza of counter-terror specialists!

Oh, wait, maybe not. Unlike your efforts, people will actually pay money to see porn. Hmm … Is complete and total failure an absolutely necessary part of your anti-terror expertise, you arrogant little pismire?

“Live with terrorism” — I have never heard such addle-pated, doltish, simple-minded, obtuse, vacuous, drivel in all my born days.

You don’t “live with terrorism”, you lack-wit. “Living” has not one sodding thing to do with terrorism. Terrorism is about death, you cocked-over simpleton. Yours or theirs — and they’ve already decided.

How the hell — you drooling, lily-livered, mono-synaptic, gutless, pea-brained, spineless imitation of a lick-spittle toady — how the hell do you “live with” people who want to kill you?

How the hell do you “live with” people who want to see your entire society wiped from the face of the earth?

Huh? How?!

You buggering cretin, I swear to Loki, I’d back-hand the dentures right out of your gums, but I don’t want to splatter manure over half the Left Coast.



Meditations on the Combat Mindset, part 2
Oh, hell.

36 thoughts on “Do not read this.”

  1. So, are you going to tell us later how you really feel about this?

  2. Give ’em Heck, ‘Dog! I agree totally, but am not as **ehem** “descriptive” as you are. Which is precisely why I enjoy reading your blog!
    One “lives with” a bad hair day or one “lives with” a pimple. One cannot “live with” or co-exist with another being who wants to KILL you! It’s just don’t work!

  3. I always wondered why th eopinions of celebrities mattered when it came to politics. Why should I care what a grunge-rock guitarist thinks about the war in Iraq? Why should I care what an actress thinks about gun control?

  4. One must remember that they are the *elite* of our society, and therefore special.

    Besides, they have no need to worry about terrorism because they have mansions with loads of security and, when out among us *rabble*, are surrounded by their entourage, which often includes bodyguards/security personnel.

  5. This is the official lib party line, as promulgated by Kerry during the 2004 election campaign. As such, it is to be spread far and wide until it becomes accepted as truth . . . the ever increasing body count notwitstanding.

    Funny, but no country has ever been able to just “live” with terrorism. They’ve either been forced to crush it or to give in to its demands.

  6. He will decide that it cannot be lived with the moment the terrorists decide to attack Hollywood itself.

    At that point, maybe some of us might consider that it isn’t so bad.

    What a (deleted) sack of stinking (deleted) with a (deleted) of (deleted) (deleted).

  7. Can we assume that the Dog is slightly, ‘disturbed’ with Mr. Stone(d)?

    I bow in awe at your mastery of the english language….WOW, and not one of the seven you can’t say on TV: I repeat, I am impressed!

    divemedic said it best: they can sing and dance and make pretty in front (or behind) the camera….so how does that get them the PhD in political science, psychology, sociology, penology, and every other -ology they appear to believe they are expert in. Expert enough to pass on there fount of wisdom to we lower life forms.

    I guess we just have to learn to ‘live with’ the Hollywood elite/wacko nut jobs.

    (There are days that I truly believe that turning Kalifornia into a glowing green glass parking lot is an idea worth pursuing….except that it would ruin the fishing.) ;-D

  8. Lawdog:

    Don’t waste your God-given time criticizing Hollywood types, especially immoral secular progressives such as Oliver Stone… they are really not worth the time or the frustration. At some point shortly, when a natural disaster befalls the entire liberal, anti-American 31st state in the Union, you and I will own beachfront property in Nevada and be very happy…


  9. You need to live with terrorism. It’s a fact of life, and will never go away. Someone, somewhere, will want to kill innocents for some reason or another.

    You kill them, hopefully before they can carry out their plan, and you live with it.

    Like many things in life, it just is. You do what you need to do, and you live with it.

  10. I am totally in awe of the dog’s ability to creatively describe others, while “pack of alka seltzer chewing chiluahas” remains my favorite there were some dang good uns in this one, gonna stufy it some and take a few notes.

  11. Just curious – if you DID splatter manure over half the Left Coast…how could we tell the difference 🙂

  12. the German judge gives it a 9.5. You missed some of the compulsories, like “Penguin squicking felchtard” and “The festering ball of putrescence you call a brain”. Otherwise, perfect rant, good dismount.

  13. In all fairness stone did go on to say 9/11 conspiracies are BS and he was critical of constituional liberties stepped on in the name of the war on terror.

    Otherwise he is a blithering fool. Ashamed of America? Live with Terrorism? what a tool.

  14. Anonymous said: You need to live with terrorism. It’s a fact of life, and will never go away. Someone, somewhere, will want to kill innocents for some reason or another.

    You might need to live with terrorism if you wish. I don’t think the rest of us want to play that kind of lottery. Good luck with yours.

    Believing they can live with terrorism is something only sheeple do. Some of us are just cranky enough not to want to.

    Of course, maybe you meant that we can live with terrorism as long as it’s not us being terrorized. Planning on being the last one the crocodile eats, are we?

    After reading Stones’ diatribe, I feel I know exactly what he means.

    Stone said: “It’s a waste of energy away from things that do matter which is poverty, death, disease, the planet itself and fixing things in our own homes rather than fighting wars with others. Mr. Bush has set America back 10 years, maybe more.”

    The director of blockbusters such as “Platoon,” and “JFK” said the U.S. reaction to the attacks was out of proportion.

    ‘Out of proportion’ right now might be giving the A-rabs two weeks to evacuate Madina and Mecca prior to crispy critters and alpha bits.

    Set off a dirty bomb in a Western city, and I don’t believe proportionality will ever enter into it. Hell on Earth comes to mind.

  15. Yep. I agree with every word you said. Some people you just can’t reach. That’s what bullets are for. It really surprises me that nutjobs like this don’t get killed more often. What is it with the lefty nitwits that they seem to live forever and spew their filth.

  16. Ya’ll aint from round here are ya? Dont matten none, ya shur can write a blue streak. Purrtiest job of cussin’ out I done seen in a coons age. Recon I can only add one thang.


  17. Hey, Oliver.

    Stalking is a manageable action. It can be lived with.

    Ditto plagarism.

    Ditto paparazzi and the tabloids.

    Hope this has been helpful to you.

    – NF

  18. The more & more I see terrorism explode in the world at large, the more I believe that these people are POSESSED. The only remedy is Exorcism: cast those demons out!

    For someone allegedly sane & educated to say that people could live with it as though it were only noisy neighbors is to me the depth of lunacy. If this twit thinks that one can live with terrorism, I suggest that HE MOVE TO IRAQ.

    Then he’ll either come to his senses or we’ll be well rid of him & his ilk.

    And I thought that Nevelle Chaimberlain was a twit.

    Time to get some tea.

  19. Umm, why is anyone even asking a director his opinion? Since when was he an expert on matters like this?

    I haven’t been on this dirtball long enough to see two decades go by, and even I know he doesn’t have the expertise to be an authority anywhere outside of movies.

  20. Constitution getting trampled, I understand. Even I bitch about that. But not “living with” people who want nothing more than to see you wiped off the face of the earth. Already been through that on a smaller scale. Can’t really imagine what it’s like on the scale he’s talking about.

    Damn fine job of cursing him out, Lawdog.

  21. Everyone has a right to air their opinion.

    But Holy Mother Mary and Joseph what a nut-job.

  22. I’m reminded of the old adage that “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” I guess Oliver missed that memo.

  23. Of course, you can always check out what practices occured under the UK’s 1974 Prevention of terrorism act.

    * Authorities could arrest suspected terrorists without a warrant and detain them for up to a week without filing charges against them.Suspected terrorists could be deported from England to Northern Ireland.
    * “Hooding,” in which detainees would be isolated and forced to wear hoods over their heads.
    * Food deprivation.
    * Sleep deprivation.
    * Noise bombardment.
    * Forced standing at attention.

    It all sounds terribly familiar. Oh. There was plenty of covert action and use of the military as well.

    So he may have a point, albeit quite the reverse of the one he intended to make…

  24. Bit different if you compare 1 week without charges and over 4 years without charges…

  25. Looking through a list of his so-called credits, I find that I’ve only watched 2 of his movie’s. “Platoon” eeh, not that good and “The Corrupter” that I watched because of Chow Yun-Fat. I never knew that Stone directed it and it wasn’t that good anyway.

    I never understood what was supposed to be “so great” about Stone.


  26. ‘Dog,

    Don’t hold it in just let us know how you feel about that

    (callous anatomical reference deleted)


  27. “‘We have destroyed the world in the name of security,’ Stone told journalists at the San Sebastian International Film Festival prior to a screening of his latest movie, ‘World Trade Center.'”

    “In the United States’ favor, Stone posited that it’s not responsible for all the world’s problems.”

    Well make up your mind, Ollie.

    Good grief.

    Consider the pain of losing a loved one who woke up one day, went to work, and was killed because someone from another land wanted to prove how much they hated your country. Let’s make that loved one, say, your MOTHER. Your FATHER. Your WIFE. Or try this one: your CHILD. Yep– babies died because of terrorist attacks on this nation. Can you just “manage” the drain on your life when they bring you the srap of identifying clothing that proves that your baby perished?

    Have we mismanaged? Yep– it’s our Government, after all. Does Stone have a place to stand when he claims that we should just live with it? Not. One. Bit. 🙁

  28. Bit different if you compare 1 week without charges and over 4 years without charges…

    Not to me, but that is probably due to a slightly different world view.

    I’m simply making a point that the UK didn’t actually hand out fairy floss and ‘live with it’ as Stone suggests. Their management style was strict and low tolerance.

    Though it was very gentle compared to the Spanish approach to the seperatists (The article mentioned those, not the ‘fold on the spot’ response to more recent train bombings).

    Read up on the “Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación”, financed by the Interior Ministry of Spain. You can find tales of their hijinks at Amnesty International. Rape. Torture (not the belly slapping kind). Murder.

  29. The above was a response to the Anonymous comment:

    Bit different if you compare 1 week without charges and over 4 years without charges…

  30. While I am not a fan of this sentiment, I can agree to the extent there are some lengths I am not willing to go to protect myself from terrorism. If they are required, I would rather live with it. There is no such thing as a situation so bad that anything is justified to combat it.

    Saying that, why can’t anyone figure out that the plane passengers would have been better off with eveyone armed?

  31. I understand your anger. But please permit me to remind you of your calm. Yes Stone is an idiot if he uses his line to preach unilateral surrender.

    But the anger you experience and wrote about hurts you moe than it hurts Stone.

    Stone hasn’t suffered any wrist slaps while you shortened your life span with that spleen venting. And I want you to live long and prosper.

    So please meditate on your breath. Turn the energy around to the positive. How do you write a response to get more people to resist terrorism with intelligence and compassion?

    In the long run, hating terrorists breeds more terrorists. We want to use compassion to dry up their recruits in the long run. While we will certainly not lie down and let bad men do their evil in the short run.

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