What happens when the “longtime Democrat” who gave us the movie “Airplane!”, “The Naked Gun” series and the “Scary Movie” series and other movie wonders has had enough of the leftist bushwa?


Well, I had the video right here, but it seems that YouTube has yanked it. Oh, well. Click on the above link, and it’ll take you to the Drudge site, where he has his own copy of it.

Spread this. Don’t let it be buried.


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18 thoughts on “HOLY [DELETED]!”

  1. I’ve seen this on several blogs so far today.

    Great stuff. I think it will get a lot of attention as an underground ad.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch it–can’t view videos at work (sigh). However, I emailed myself a link and look forward to seeing it tonight, and probably sharing it with everyone I know (g).


  3. In other news Zucker is also working on a movie version of The Onion!

  4. Video no worky for me. But it could be MY Majic Elf Box (TM).

    In any case, I’m posting the link to Drudge on my own blog.

  5. Forwarded the link to my husband. Not sure if he’ll be able to see it at his shop.

  6. Go to it at the link LD posted, it works there and is quite funny and gutsy. Chickensh*t GOP groups.

  7. Damn shame I can’t download that and keep it on my computer, to spring forth every time a guest thinks we’d be better off voting Democrat.

  8. I saw it on Hannity&Colmes tonight too. Even though it comes across satyrical in ways, it’s very accurate. No wonder they didn’t want to use it.

    mustanger98 on THR

  9. I saw it on another blog, too. This is a riot!! I loved the part where is showed her skirt splitting changing the tire. That is about the highest level of dignity that Albright(ironic last name) could muster.

  10. too bad it is nolonger avalible, but it might be my filtered connection at work too.

  11. I had to go thru the “This” link to Drudge’s site to get to YouTube’s video, the link on the freeze-frame didn’t work anymore.

  12. Wow. I’d seen blurbs before but not the whole thing. Now I understand why the RNC dropped it like a hot potato…it is one!

  13. The video is still available on Youtube. Standard practice there is that users can flag a video as “inappropriate.” If enough users do that the video is temporarily taken offline until someone at Youtube can review it. The video is unblocked again.

    Obviously enough DU types decided to go through flagging the video inappropriate. Temporary blockage ensued.

  14. BryanP

    Actually, according to a YouTube rep, that’s not how it works. Flagging a video tells them to look at it but all blockage / droppage decisions are made by actual humans – or at least YouTube staff.

    Means they have no excuse for the bias in their blocking.

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