Well, better than nothing, I suppose …

Allow me to introduce Lynn Stewart.

Actually, we really should begin with Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. You probably know him by his nom de sleaze: The Blind Sheikh.

Omar is doing life at Club Fed for ‘seditious conspiracy’. He is tied to the first bombing of the World Trade Centre, numerous terrorist acts, but has only been convicted for planning to detonate five bombs throughout New York City.

Well, Omar the Putz seems to have needed the services of a lawyer — enter Lynn Stewart, stage Left — pun intended.

Ms. Stewart is a proudly self-acknowledged radical.

Anyhoo, when she took the case, she was informed by the U.S. Government that her new client was the leader of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Group), that it was a terrorist organization, and she was given a notice — in writing — that she could defend Rahman — as long as she understood that she was not to:

“use meetings, correspondence, or phone calls with Abdel Rahman to pass messages between third parties (including, but not limited to, the media) and Abdel Rahman”

Fairly straightforward, yes? Omar Abdel Rahman is a terrorist, and he is the terrorist leader of a known terrorist group, so it would Be In A Lot Of People’s Best Interests to not allow him to give orders to his rampaging pack of Islamic Idiots.

Unless, of course, you are a self-confessed radical leftist lawyer who believes that Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman is actually an important political leader who needs to be allowed to express his views to his radical leftist killers.


Apparently from the beginning, Ms. Stewart happily channeled press releases from Rahman to his pack of terrorists, and she chanted gibberish and sang nonsense to prevent prison listening devices from over-hearing Omar Abdel Rahman giving instructions to Ms. Stewarts’ co-conspirators.

She was accused of providing material aid to a foreign terrorist organization, making false statements, and conspiracy to defraud the federal government — re-indicted for material support to a murder conspiracy — and convicted of same.

Now, sentencing guidelines for providing material support for a murder conspiracy call for about 30 years in the clink.

The judge stated that Ms. Stewart’s past service off-set her crimes and sentenced her to 28 months.

28 months.

Not only that, but the nice li’l ol’ judge said that Ms. Stewart didn’t have to actually, you know, go to prison until she finished appealing the sentence.

That’s going to be another year.


Ms. Stewart steadfastly maintains that she is “Not a traitor.”



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19 thoughts on “Well, better than nothing, I suppose …”

  1. Well, of course you gets 28 months, if you can go judge shopping….like she apparently did.

    I am about as disgusted as I have been in a while and there is nothing I can do about it.

  2. O-kay, the orders were pretty clear, here…you’d have to be damn dumb to violate them.

    Maybe the judge cut it short on the basis that she’s most likely to hurt herself from being so idiotic.

    – ISU Tinkerer

  3. Well, when have the strictures of the law ever prevented leftist whackos (cf. Lynn Stewart) from serving their pet causes?

    There’s “vigorous defense” and then there’s “aiding and abetting”.

    Perhaps they should follow the lead of the Gadahn case and charge her with Treason. That’ll bring in a better sentence. too bad it’s no longer the age of the long drop and the swift stop.

  4. But the judiciary’s independence is ‘threatened’ by over-harsh criticism, so sayeth Sandra Day O’Connor in the Wall Street Journal.



  5. According to a blurb I saw earlier today, Ms. Stewart’s lawyer told the judge that his client would “die” if she went to jail. Somehow I doubt it’s that simple…

  6. According to what I heard on the radio on teh way home tonight she stated she was pleased with the sentence. She announced 28 months was nothing and that “she could do 28 months standing on her head”. She also announced she would appeal.

    This foul fucking toad should be dangling from the end of a rope. Doesn’t anyone know how to tie a noose anymore? If anyone needs instructions I’d be glad to teach a class.

  7. Stewart is definitely a bag of human excrement. 28 months standing on her head? Hopefully in her own sewage.

    At least we can take some consolation in the fact that she is disbarred.

  8. Dog, Islamic fundamentalists are not leftists. Plenty of correct disparaging things to call these people…

  9. The same people who defend this bag of slime are chanting about how “Bush lied, people died”. How many people will die because she allowed her “client” to communicate with the outside world?

    There was a time when she’d have been stood against a wall and shot.

  10. Dr.’s prescription:

    one (1) M9 ball
    prescription strength: 124gr

    To be taken to the back of the skull once (1/day) until cured.

    She’ll die in prison? Bless her bleeding heart. Almost makes me want to shed a tear, or blink, or something else once I stop laughing.

  11. In my (non-lawyer) view, that’d be close kin to conspiring with a known enemy of the union. Last I knew, that could also be called treason. Again, last I knew, that was punishable by death.

    Now, that’s just my opnion. Gods know that I do not go about claiming to be as all-knowing as our *cough* esteemed *cough* elected judges…

    What was it that Master Shakespeare have to say on thae matter? Oh yes. Now I recall.

    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

  12. Most people didn’t take notice when the Supreme Court ruled the federal sentencing guidelines unconstitutional term before last. Now the guidelines are merely advisory, rather than mandatory. Sentences such as this are what led to the guidelines, which reduced judges’ discretion and specified the grounds upon which they could increase or decrease a sentence. One of my frustrations with the party currently in power in Congress is that they let the matter slide, rather than passing a revised version of the guidelines that the Supremes would have more trouble overturning. While the sentencing guidelines weren’t perfect, they were better than the alternative.

  13. 1 swamp
    1 stump
    1 rope
    1 gator

    I’m becoming rather disinclined towards leniency in sentencing traitors.

  14. my understanding is that she has cancer and that is why she’ll die in prison (although her supporters would make sure she had access to better healthcare than any other prisoner by being all loud and annoying)

    as much as I disagree with the current attituddes of the Bush Admin, this woman went over and above the common level of stupidity we can tolerate and commited treason, she should get life w/o parole at the very least.


  15. 28 months for what is actually treason? That is absolutely the worst sentencing I have seen in a long time.

    Time to round up Lynne, her cohorts “Hanoi” Jane, “Hanoi” John, “I’ll Have Another” Ted, “Screamer” Howie, “Muffin” Murtha, et al and do as Toby and Willie suggested.

    “Gett all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree.
    Round up all those bad boys and hang them high in the street, for all the people to see.”

  16. “Gett all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree.
    Round up all those bad boys and hang them high in the street, for all the people to see.”

    Yup, Toby and Willie nailed it.

    “She deserves justice.
    Murder is not justice.”

    We’re not talking murder. We’re talking about a legal execution after due process of law. Anyone who aids and abetts terrorists is a party to the murder of Americans, Israelis, and other people who weren’t “asking for it”. There’s only one way to deal with them so they never try it again. Allowing them to plot, plan, and commit suicide bombings and aid and abett same ***ain’t it***.

    mustanger98 on THR

  17. Hanging is a perfectly acceptable form of justice and one that has been used in the United States since our birth and before. It was done in colonial times and during the revolution and even in prisons as a form of execution up until the very recently. Justice would be well served by using hanging as a form of punishment especially for certain heinous or capital crimes. Treason or aiding and abetting the enemy being one of them. Performing them in public wouldn’t be a bad idea either. While your mansons dahmers and other twisted fucks might not persuaded by seeing one of their ilk being strung up your prospective gang banger or school shoot ’em upper might reconsider their choices if they seen one of their contemporaries being marched up the gallows and being hung by the neck until dead.

    As a form of frontier justice no more than a mile from where I sit there are a couple of locations where horse thieves were hanged after being caught by the local farmers and settlers before there was anything resembling a constabulary. Thievery wasn’t tolerated as it could mean a death sentence for the victimized family. The locals formed up their posse or militia and rode out to track down the thieves. Property was retrieved and the thief or thieves were hung or shot depending on the level of resistance. Happened a few times. Not with locals generally but with hooligans passing through looking victimize isolated settlers.

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