Ancient Chinese curse:

“May you live in interesting times.”

And how.

Well, Texas held on to the Republican party quite firmly (sodding Trans-Texas Corridor and all), unfortunately the same can’t be said for the rest of the nation.

I have heard that a large percentage of the winning Democrats are so-called Blue Dog Democrats — probably more conservative than some of the Republicans they replaced — I sure hope so.

I am strongly pro-gun-rights, and I am cautiously optimistic that the Democrat take-over of the House will have little or no lasting effect upon the Second Amendment. This optimism is shared by Gun Owners of America and Dave Kopel, while the NRA is apparently still thinking about it.

This sense of optimism is further buoyed as I realize that the Democrats are only holding onto a slim majority in both Houses — and as far as the Senate goes, the Democrats will be unable to muster the two-thirds necessary to overthrow a Presidential veto.

I am also comforted by the fact that the last time the Donks were in power the World Wide Web was still a figment of Al Gore’s imagination. The Democrats have never been the majority power with the entire Blogosphere breathing down their necks, analyzing their every move, and (metaphorically-speaking) going six feet up their fourth point of contact with a microscope when required.

The whole tent starts teetering after that.

Iraq? Well, here’s hoping for the best, but I’m willing to bet that the Iraqis might as well lather up and shave their bums, because I think we’re about to do them dirty.

Immigration and a sealed border? Har. Har har. Look. I’m laughing. Enough said there.

War on Terror? Yeah. Remembering that the chosen Democrat response to a terror attack is to hold conferences where everyone says, “Harumph, harumph, harumph” (unless, of course, one of your high-muckety-muck Democrats accidentally got his wedding tackle caught in an intern; then the proper response is to slam cruise missiles into aspirin factories) — you’ll forgive me if I’m not too sanguine vis a vis the Democrat Plans for The War on Terror.


One tiny bit of whimsy: it’s been easy for the Democrats to throw rocks at the Republicans running things. Now it’s the Democrats turn in the barrel. It’s their turn to do the catching while the other party does the pitching.

See how they like being on the other end of things.

If nothing else, it’s going to be interesting (and probably a bit fun) from here on out, folks.


Chin up, stiff upper lip and sod 'em all.
More duty.

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  1. One silver lining – if the Donks screw up at all they can kiss 2008 goodbye. I got the election really wrong – I actually believed that the American people were not suicidal. I had to eat crow this morning and not only that; I was quoted by major news sources as well – let the trolls and hate mail roll. I shut down the comments – having said that, I believe the US is in real trouble and bad things are coming. I am a conservative and will stay that way – we will keep our arms and ammo, stock up and protect our home, family and loved ones no matter what. The borders are going to be thrown open even wider still – I believe the terrorists are already here. Bummer of a day, but I will keep fighting the good fight – interesting times indeed…

    Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

  2. LD, because the Dem leadership, though I don’t believe such of the mainstream Dems, will not do it at a federal level, we may need our guns and ammo to fight our own war against terror and against illegals/undocumented/unidentified beating down our own homes’ doors in the next few years. Let’s hope we can still buy both in the interim. Seems to me the war on each front just got a whole lot closer to home.

  3. I am not optimistic about so called “conservative” Demos and gun rights.

    The Criminal Party has a history of beating the members into accepting group think on the subject.

    Case in point John Dingell (D) MI voted for Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban, and Dingell was an NRA Director at the time.

  4. It’s their turn to do the catching while the other party does the pitching.

    The only problem is…judging by history…Republicans throw like girls.

  5. I should be used to it by now, but I’m still suprised every time I see you make a Discworld reference. Just doesn’t fit in with the mental picture I have of you, but you sure do have a good sense of humor.

  6. Gridlock is good. Gridlock, (R) in the White House, (D)s controlling one or both houses of Congress without enough votes to overturn a veto, is awesome when compared to the spending spree we’ve been on the past 6 years, especially the last 4. Spend like there’s no tomorrow while getting exactly nothing done. Yes, we’ve kept the war on terror outside of borders, but we’ve done nothing up to now to secure those borders. Oops, forgot about that 1,300 dollar per foot fence we’re going to put up that only covers 1/3 of the border in question.

    Bring on gridlock and start planning for ’08.


  7. “Bring on gridlock and start planning for ’08.”


    That $1300/ft. fence… that sounds a lot like $50K for a toilet seat I heard about some years back. Or $10K for a hammer. Classic overspending. I think they can build just as good a fence a lot cheaper. And in the meantime, I recall hearing some Democrats want to roll back the tax cuts, yet I just heard Schumer say they wouldn’t.

    Yup, that gridlock… that’s exactly what we need about now. And as I said on another board, if the Democrats screw up, and they will, it’ll cost ’em the Presidency in ’08.

    mustanger98 on THR

  8. We are so screwed. The far left won’t be restrained long.Look for Gay rights, Political Correctness drama, Warm fuzzy thoughts and long walks in the rain with the people who want to kill us by the dems with the muzzies. Gun Control and Socialized medicine, and a liberal application of all those wonderful laws to be used against terrorists only tobe applied to the conservative s in this country. You will be an enemy of the state for believing in the constitution or Christ. I lived thru the Clinton years and i fear the civil war we just missed out on then is a coming,hard and fast.

  9. “Ancient Chinese Curse”?


    I hope everyone has their chain-mail knickers, Kevlar Vests, and Tin-foil hats… Cuz I fear we have effectively placed ourselves in a free-fire zone. Be it hard-kills from without, bureaucratic beat-downs from within, a leaden economy and/or death rays fired from the overactive imaginations of wing-nut movie-directors, actors, writers, wrappers, screamers, and the like from the entertainment/music/media industries – we have surely stepped in the fecal matter this time.


    This isn’t much of a saving grace, but Utah also maintained its’ own standing as a republican state. Utahs Seats in the House and Senate had ONE DEM (incumbant) win this year. The rest went red. Not entirely unheard of here (it IS a red state, after all; as well as being one of the most conservative states in the country), what was interesting was that Hatch (R) was re-elected. Long story. Too long for a comment section on your blog.

    On a lighter note, however; 3rd District Court Judge Leslie Lewis lost her job when hte results of the votes were tallied. In case you aren’t familiar with Judge Lewis (and, I wouldn’t expect you to be)… Well, here’s a taste.

    Click on the you tube link in the article… or …

    One other neat little item about her… For whatever reason, she recently CHANGED the sentence of a sex-offender WITHOUT informing the Defense. uh-hum. Now, granted, few criminal offenses irk me more than sex-offenders (particularly when children are involved) but, c’mon Judge; didn’t you have to take some sort of an oath that was based on fairness, respect, professionalism, ethics, and good moral judgement… BUH-BYE!

    Sorry for borrowing your soap-box DAWG, I hope that the recent election results in TX and UT are enough for hope for us, and hte future of our children…

    I fear not, however. Still the greatest country, but MAN is it getting interesting.


  10. I fear Grunt may be right. If the bulk of the Dems can’t restrain their looney left leadership then the rightwing nutcases are going to start performing rooftop recalls and that’s never a good thing.

    The world’s too small, crowded, and unfriendly a place for us to be replaying 1864 – or even 1964.

    (amusing side note – my ‘confirmation word’ is “Pfizl”. Sounds like the results the Republicans got in the election, doesn’t it?)

  11. I have boundless respect for Dave Kopel, but I think he’s whistling past the graveyard a little here. Rangel is already talking big in the Times (see Michelle Malkin), and some of those NRA “A” ratings don’t stand up to close inspection (see David Codrea for examples).

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