And may the Lord take a dump on him from a height.

The Iraqi court has rendered a verdict against Saddam Hussein:

Guilty. Death by hanging.

Goodness gracious. I honestly thought that the Iraqi court — running kind of short on judges these days — would have taken the weasel way out and banished him.

The Iraqis have got some stones, I’ll give them that.

Give my regards to Shaytan, you murdering bastard.

Call me vindictive, but the best part of the verdict was the Chief Justice tossing Ramsey Clark out of the courtroom.

I’ll be grinning most of the day over that.


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16 thoughts on “And may the Lord take a dump on him from a height.”

  1. I note with interest that Hussein has expressed a preference for being shot. That brings the question of how to manage what could easily be a multi million member pool of firing squad applicants. I suppose old So-Damned-Insane could be tied to a post in the center of a large stadium filled with lottery winners armed with rifles, but you would need to be awfully trusting of your fellow executioners (literally an awe filling trust.) Of course, with the right selection process, the whole thing might prove happily Darwinian.

  2. Triumpf of democracy my ass. Question of how many paid for that with lives is scenseless.

  3. Well, either way it’s not as bad as the treatment some of his people got. Some of the descriptions of torture gave me nightmares.

    I know you’re not supposed to advocate a fellow human’s death, but it seems some people go out of their way to renege on their membership.

    – ISU Tinkerer

  4. i’m truly surprised the trial was ever completed. Completion is one of the best parts of the entire trial.

    I have a feeling there won’t be any ten year period of appeals.

  5. … be hanged by the neck till ye be dead, dead, dead….

    Hope it happens quick, the hanging that is. Wonder if we could bribe someone to “botch” it. I wanna see him flop.

  6. My only question is is Katie Couric going to have the execution on the nightly news or will we have to settle for some blury internet video, or perhaps pay per view.

  7. God, don’t let them botch the hanging. I am sure somehow that would turn out to be Bush’s fault too.

  8. I agree with NOT botching the hanging. Put the noose behind the left ear so it’s quick and final. Be sure the rope is the right length for Hussein’s weight. (I guess ya’ll can tell I know something about hanging… it comes from seeing enough episodes of “Wild West Tech”.) In my opinion surprises created on purpose are ludicrous. No matter what he *could* be put through, there’s really no need to cause more suffering or extra visual horror while bringing closure to the suffering he did cause. Done right and it’s justice. Done wrong and it’s just more attrocity.

    Now, how to deal with the onset of upgraded sectarian violence is a real good question.

  9. Another vote for “Get it done”. As the character said in one of the Fifth Millenium books, “Kill him and be done with it!”

    And yeah, the idea of Clark being kicked out made this rainy day brighter.

  10. Whatever you’re feelings on the death penalty, some people just need killin’.

    Do it quick and move on. The sectarian violence needs to run it’s course one way or the other also. And then move on.

    There is much in the world to worry about now, but Saddam is no longer one of them.

  11. LawDog, This is off-topic for this one, but I’m looking for the one you wrote about most people, after an altercation, saying “I can’t beleive they hit me”. The principle applies to a discussion I’m following and I was thinking of referrencing it if that’s okay with you. Thanks in advance.

    mustanger98 on THR

  12. We live in too civilized an age. Saddam’s had his day in court. Everything aboveboard & all that. Even a few judges & lawyers from which to choose.

    Time was, when Babylonians executed their murderers, etc., these were sat on a greased pointed pole in a public place and the public was forced to watch their agony as said pole slid up their tailpipes and out their mouths. Makes one think of a spitted pig.

    Anyway, there are several thousand Kurds etc. who would be more than happy to revive this particular form of punishment for this particular felon. Their surviving relatives might be willing to pay-per-view for this. Or at least offer free goat grease for the pole.

    Alas, this is too civilized an age for Hamurabi the Lawgiver.

    Might give CERTAIN neighbors a think or two about their own “nucular” activities, too.


    Bloodthirst aside, get it done fast & PUBLICLY, then off with his head to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is truly dead.

    Then announce the next person in line for it.

  13. ***”I can’t believe he just posted that.”***

    Yeah, right… can too believe it… just didn’t need the mental image. Not that hangin’s *always* so neat and clean either. But I agree that justice needs to be swift, public, and final.

    The scene as I’d recommend carrying it out, not that that’s how they’ll do it, but… I’d set up that gallows like Judge Parker had in Fort Smith, Arkansas and put ’em all up there at once and be done with it.

  14. Ulises,

    According to Dante, such was the fate of evil rulers in Hell, only they had to walk around a huge circle as it worked it’s way loose before they were re-impaled. Lather, rinse, and repeat for all eternity…

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