3 thoughts on “Incoming!”

  1. Well Law Dog, well done blog. Gonna have to favotite this one. Oh and BTW, thank you for being Law Dog as Law Dawg is mine…has been for several years. Can’t find a single thing I disagree about on your blog, except that California Lawmen have all been turned into sissies. Some of us still behave as real man cops. Screw the lawyers.

    My bio;
    23 year vetran Deputy with the Kern County Sheriff’s Dept. Husband first and foremost (33 years) and second dad (22 years). Active on http://www.pashnit.com (a motorcycle site).

    Keep at this, you are a credit to your title.

  2. Damn, I owe Dvorak another beer – I’d never have found this blog but for his link. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. A bit of common sense goes a long way these days. Keep up the writing – and if you ever do a book, I’ll be in line to get it signed! (BTW – bookmarked this one, I’ll be reading it regularly. One bright spot in a web of crap.)

  3. Wow. Have never seen such vitriol so elegantly expressed. (That’s Verbose for: Well Said.) But, idiots will be idiots. It’s not their fault, it’s the fault of a cruel, exploitive society, or some such lefty drivel.

    Is it just me or have others also noted that college students and other humans of about that age, seem to generally have a problem with honoring contracts that have been voluntarily entered into?


    Anyhow, nice going, keep up the good work.

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