16 thoughts on “This is God’s way of saying, “Don’t do it.””

  1. I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

    Criminals are like roaches. They just won’t die. Anyone with a clean criminal record and an IQ over 60 would have been killed instantly by that second fall.

  2. You gotta wonder just how long a rap sheet that lad has. I mean, you seldom see that degree of dedication in an amateur criminal. He MUST consider himself some kind of professional second story cat burglar.

    Don’t you just love watching a true craftsman ply his trade?


  3. The best part is the fall off of the ladder.

    “And… he comes back down!”

  4. You know, comparing this to your last post…I just wonder HOW some smartypants lawyer is going to call police brutality on THIS one. OR better yet, sue the poor shopkeep for having “dangerous ceiling tiles” or “precarious Shelving”.
    This critter IS too funny for words, though. 😀

  5. When I sent it to you I didn’t expect you to post it on your blog, but I’m happy everyone’s getting a laugh out of it. I certainly did.

    I know it’s wrong to laugh at someone else’s pain, but in this case … *buahahahaha*

    I’ve watched it half a dozen times now all told, and I’m still laughing.

  6. It is NOT wrong to laugh at this moron’s pain. This video and the clarified portrait should be on prime time for a month. It should be a continuous loop on a monitor in his cell so he must watch it all day every day while he’s in jail.

    How anyone that stupid has the ability of simultaneous mastico-perambulation is the mystery of the ages.

  7. I gotta be honest, this smells like a fake to me. I have trouble believing anyone would pick themselves up after that second fall.

    The alternative is that the dude was absolutely stoned out of his ever-lovin mind. Enough heroin will do that to you…

  8. I actually recall when this arrest made the news a couple of months back. They gave his name and everthing. Unfortunately, they didn’t show the entirety of the stooopid debacle, thereby denying us the true glory of this video. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts, here. It’s the fact that he keeps on keeping on that makes this so very funny.

  9. I vote to make the continuous loop available to the entire cell block. His fellow inmates should see how professional he truly is. I hope he isn’t lodged on an upper tier! Grin!

    Thank you BryanP and Lawdog for a deep belly laugh.

  10. This just proves once again that what goes up must come down.

    Dumb crook video’s are one of my guilty pleasures.

  11. Sad thing is the idiots probably already working on a law suit against the store owner for faulty ceiling construction or the ladder manufacturer for dangerous product.

  12. I like how after playing on the ladder, he just seems to resign himself to his fate & sits on a beer keg by the door smoking until the cops get there.

  13. Breaking in is sometimes easier than breaking out!
    Damn that was funny!

  14. Was I the judge in this guy’s court case, when the laughter in my courtroom had quieted down, I’d fine him $10 plus costs (to the court AND to the store owner) and tell him “You really earned that bottle of booze. Enjoy it. Go now and sin no more, unless you want to find out first-hand what having the book thrown at you means.”

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